Pictures of Thundercats mini-busts.

Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by Vlad Dracula, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Vlad Dracula

    Vlad Dracula Junior Member

    I'm personaly not into collecting stuff like mini-busts and whether these actually ever get released or not, who knows. But I thought people might want to have a look at them.

    Warning to dail-up users: This page takes a LONG time to load. Gallery.html

    Quick link to the Thundercats.




    Panthro, Lion-O and Tygra


    Wilykat, Wilykit and Snarf
  2. tcatartist

    tcatartist Crabman

    Yes, how very exciting! A friend showed this to me not long ago and I just fell in love with these.

    I'm not into collecting the toys for this series, but I can see myself getting into collectin busts. This is some fine work, FINE work. I hope there are more products to be released. I would very much love to see the "new" Thundercats in busts.

    They are all my favs, but I have to say even the Cheetara bust is my most favorite out of them. I'm usually a Lion-O fan but this Cheetara piece is...there's something there that helps it to feel as if there was really a Cheetara in the universe...brought her to life.
  3. Cheeta

    Cheeta New Member

    I've been to that site before, the sculpter posts on forums. Personally I think his Thundercats are the worst sculpts he's done on the site. He's an amazing "realism" sculpter, something of McFarlane caliber (I think some of those are McFarlane toys). When I think Thundercats I'll always remember the cartoon, so while these are nice for what they are, if I was to drop $50 on busts they'd have to be cartoon accurate.

    I though Cheetara was the worst of the bunch, and Slithe was the best.

    You can sort of tell he used real people's faces for the Thundercats, which is why I think it hurts them. Slithe, Mumm-ra, and Snarf really can't be based on humans whatsoever, which is why I think they work the best.
  4. Tygra

    Tygra Thunderian Legend

    That is some nice work there. I would consider buying one if they were ever for sale. :shock:
  5. Rath Montchar

    Rath Montchar Moleman

    That Cheetara bust is just incredible. I hope someone can do a decent job on painting it.

    Mumm-Ra's was awesome too.

    Tygra's looked like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine! :lol:


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  7. Kansas_Jones

    Kansas_Jones Guest


    No seriously, my jaw dropped when I picked one of the links and clicked (Tygra, Panthro, Lion-o).

    Yes, I would plunk down the cash for the busts. Tygra and Panthro are rockin, but all looked good IMO.

    I'm telling y'all, we need to start seeing some new ThunderCats merchandise. From a franchise perspective, the TCats scream "toy and memorabilia line". If I walk into my local department stores, and see GI Joe Sigma Six, GI Joe, TMNT and the like retro 80's re-do explosion...I want the 'Cats to grace the shelves also.

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