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  1. I didn't mean it to be harsh, trust me, that was not my intention and Catamountain is a good friend of mine so I would never want to hurt him; I value his friendship and his opinion very much, however after some thought from your reply, I guess it does sound a bit harsh. I guess after being so used to how my professors speak to me like that and dealing with hotel managers often, I didn't take into consideration that it's not a good way to get my point across to others that are not used to that.

    Catamountain, if my post bothered you in any way, I apologize and I'm sorry. I was only trying to help.
  2. MarianaTCdreams

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    I applaud Catamountain's initiative in actually starting something to change the availability of villain collectibles from Bandai Ltd. :thumbsup: In my opinion, starting a petition is better that complaining. Anyone can complain about anything, but it takes something special to start doing something about any issue.

    Now, I see some criticism towards the potential. Criticism can be good, but the delivery of such criticism is (pun intended) critical. Instead of degrading others' efforts, constructive criticism should be given, when possible, and in the best possible way.

    How great it would be if participate to further this petition instead of complaining and mud-slinging each other! (I can dream, can't I?)
    By the way, I did visit the petition page.
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  3. I never meant to mudsling. If that is how I am perceived, I feel horrible. I never meant to degrade him. I was just trying to help. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I really feel bad right now. It breaks my heart to think of the trouble I have caused.
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  4. catamountain

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    you haven't upset me Lynxana, i have just been pre-occupied with other things to be honest.

    I always welcome feedback and constructive criticism.
  5. MarianaTCdreams

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    Oh, no! I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, and I'm sorry to come across like that. :oops: (understatement) :(. I was thinking about the thread in general, not one person.
    On another topic entirely, hi, Catamountain! How are those other things going?
  6. catamountain

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    what other things MarianaTCdreams?
  7. Thank heavens everything is civil. I thought the worse and avoided this site for a few days.... just quickly popping online and quickly getting off, grateful there was no PMs.

    Look.....let me do some research, let me look up Bandai and it's stock shares as well as it's history. In the next few days I'll write up a nice business letter stating your point of this petition. I know you want the villains to be produced, as do I and everyone else. But one thing I have noticed about Bandai.....they don't give a rat's a$$ about the fans unless they talk legalese....aka legal terms and business talk. I did take a business law class last semester so I know some nifty terms. If we want to get their attention, we have to use the big words.

    I gave you a quick two minute off the top of my head preliminary letter on facebook.....since you live in the UK, I wrote it from your perspective....

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    It has come to my country's attention and the United States attention that you have no interest in making the evil forces of the Thundercats in your line of merchandise. Despite having to deal with avid collectors of this line, you are also forgetting the younger generation of your target audience.

    I can do soooo much better after some careful thoughts and some research. Bare in mind, I wrote this in about two minutes....and also after a bit of vodka.........imagine what I can do sober..........yep I have a high GPA for a reason LOL.

    I do have a College English II class tomorrow at 12:30 pm my time, but after that, I'm free and I want to look up Bandai and it's financial practices......People never look at the financial practices stuff.............that is always what get's their attention. Give me a day or two and I'll give you one helluva petition letter to get their attention.

    Yes, I do follow the stock market............LOL why do you think I sold my old broken gold jewelery while the stock market for 24K gold was $1785 per ounce last week? It was higher than last November. I just sold two extremely light weight 10K gold rings and got over $100. But to be fair, I did remove the emerald stone in the one ring. But I always look at the stock market before making decisions.

    Yes, I'm a true Thundercats fan from the 1980's but I'm also business savvy.
  8. MannysCollectibles

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    Off track..oh do we have a precious metals trader here. Just a little gold and silver., watch it very closely. Silver will break $40 IMO and gold will be close if not break the $1900 barrier this year.

    Ive been buying silver and gold since the lows of 2008. Go ahead look it up to see how low it was. Need tips, let me know. I follow precious metals news and trends and Ive done rather well for my family. Its become too predictable in the last few years, easy enough to make good money on the swings. Beware though that once you dip your hands in the shiny stuff you'll be turned to a precious metals bug forever.

    Ok back on topic. Sorry for the long winded post
  9. lol speaking of that, does anyone ever remember batman the animated series from the early 90s? Ive never seen a toy line that spawned sooooooo many batman variations...lightning batman, ninja star batman jeez there were so many more.

    Back to topic, i really hope we get more 6 inch figures, i think the 4inch figures are not collector worthy, not a fan of them at all.
  10. Lordore

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    Yep loved the show, i had a few of the Batman Toys,i remember the market was inundated with this line and the many Batman figures. Generally i am not in favor of many releases for one character, it spoils the exclusiveness of one piece.See what Hot Toys has been doing with all the BATMAN releases lately, they even announced an Arkahm City Batman. It's better to produce one great product and making it as great and time lasting as possible instead of many variations.I think it's something the old LJN Thundercats Toyline had and made their toys so successful.
  11. Michael

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    Catamountain, I'm relatively new to the forums, so just tried to sign your petition, but for some reason it isn't coming up on my browser???
  12. Rizefall

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    These ones only help in great number. Maybe..? Worked once for Dark Souls MAYBE. As they have not got an answer yet.

    When it comes to a tv show you would probably need a million signs. The petition is a waste of time but nice try anyway.
  13. MoonKnight

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    I think most people here would def get a Kaynar figure :P
  14. cloudraker19

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    just a suggestion, never make an online petition that requires personal information in order to digitally sign. no one wants to do that.

    try and find a way to just accept votes such as a "poll" or something along those lines.
  15. Daremonger

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    I signed the petition.

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