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    One of the things that has always bugged me about the otherwise excellent "Thundercats Ho!" is the giant plot hole of the Thunderians being held at Fire Rock Mountain. Lion-O says to Tygra and Cheetara that he is going to confront Mumm-Ra at his pyramid to learn what Mumm-Ra has planned for the Thunderians. When Lion-O goes to the pyramid, he doesn't talk to anyone. When he frees himself from the mummy wrappings in Part IV, he somehow just knows to head to Fire Rock Mountain. Lame.

    But check out this book and tape set:

    There is a very brief explanation given around the 12 minute mark, right after Cheetara and Tygra save Panthro from being pinned under the tank. Panthro tells them that the Mutants headed toward Fire Rock Mountain, and he surmises that is where their compatriots are being held. Granted, this still does not explain how Lion-O learned of it, but at least it puts the information into the hands of the heroes somewhat.

    So I am left wondering; Was the relevant dialogue present in the script that the book and tape people adapted from, and somehow it was edited out of the episode, or did the adapter for the book on tape notice this giant plot hole and hastily write in an explanation? What do you all think?
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    That's fascinating! I just checked the script, though, and while there are a few extra beats and lines of dialogue related to the ThunderTank, sadly there's no moment like the one in the book-on-tape. Perhaps an earlier draft had something? But I'm afraid this plot hole remains as egregious as ever. ☹️[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing that! As someone who has the script, I assume the plot hole we're discussing isn't explained anywhere?
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    Unless Lion-O being wrapped in mummy bandages gave him mind reading powers and he got linked to Mumm-Ra's brain for a few minutes.., but that would be stupid.
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    I always figured that Leonard Starr intended to have the picture writing that Lion-O comes across to somehow lead him to Fire Rock Mountain, but Leonard forgot. I mean, we know he forgot either way to include this part of the story. But the scene where Lion-O comes across the picture writing has absolutely no point to the story otherwise. Granted, the way it stands, Lion-O's whole trip to the pyramid was pointless. Lion-O even admits this by saying "That was useless..." in part IV. Oh hell, but if Lion-O agreed that the whole trip was pointless, then maybe he wasn't suppose to learn anything while in the pyramid.

    Its so funny - I never noticed this plot hole when I was a child, but as an adult, it almost spoils the whole five parter for me.
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