Poll: Turmagar and the Tuska's: Which designs should be followed?

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by ThunDerianRoyalGuard, Feb 23, 2016.


Turmagar and the Tuska's: Which designs should be followed?

  1. Season 1 Turmagar

  2. Season 2 Turmagar

  3. Season 1 Tuska Warriors

  4. Season 2 Tuska Warriors

  5. I dont care, I like both designs

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    I was thinking about this as I was watching ThunderCats Ho! the other day. There are a number of characters that have different design in season 2. Now I dont mean Hammerhand & his crew, but guys like Turmagar and the Tuska Warriors.

    Season 1:

    Season 2:

    Season 1:

    Season 2:

    I prefer the Season 1 look for both the generic Tuska's and Turmagar. Thoughts?
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  2. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Season 1 Tuska Warrior.
  3. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I like the S1 Turmagar and the S2 Tuska Warriors.
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  4. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist TC.org Staff

    Season 1 for both is my preference! :)
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  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I remember finding the LJN Tuska Warrior in a Poundstrechers shop here at Easter 1994, and when I played with him to me he was Turmagar.
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  6. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Have to say season 1 for both
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  7. Jorge Luis

    Jorge Luis Junior Member

    Turmagar Season 1 and later in the line Tuska Warriors Season 2.
  8. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I really don't need Tuska warriors in this line! (folks will have to army build the Ljn version! lol)
    I voted Season 1 Turmagar, though I'm shocked at the difference between them! They look like 2 different characters! :eek:

    Though you could actually probably combine Season 2 Turmagar and the warrior into a single release (and include a 2nd generic warrior head)
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  9. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I voted for season-one Turmagar and the season-two Tuska warriors. :)
  10. Wakko

    Wakko Junior Member

    Turmagar and the Tuskas have always ranked among the most boring of the supporting characters, and the Tuska Warrior figure was my least-played-with figure in the vintage line. Sorry! Having said that, I prefer the season 1 designs.
  11. Mindless-Focus

    Mindless-Focus Junior Member

    Season 2 on both.
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  12. Mad Bubbler

    Mad Bubbler Glass Walker

    Season 2 both
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  13. Gerrit

    Gerrit Berserker

    This is nice, we got to do more of these ! maybe we will force the hand ... ;)
  14. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    Well, if you have a good subject to do a poll on, please do! :) Team Matty has shown a great interest in fan input, so let's give them some!
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  15. Ancient Spirit of Evil

    Ancient Spirit of Evil Junior Member

    Season 2 Turmagar, Season 1 warriors.

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