Poll - What do you think of the Lion-O statue (Hard Hero)

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Your reaction to the Lion-O Statue (retail price $229)

  1. Loved it, blew my mind. Would buy two!

    4 vote(s)
  2. Thought it was well done, would buy one if my budget allowed

    10 vote(s)
  3. It was nice, but too pricey, probably won't buy one

    6 vote(s)
  4. Wasn't very impressed and I'll pass on buying one

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  5. If they made minor changes I'd want one (redder hair / cream skin)

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  6. If they made minor changes I'd want one (different pose)

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  7. I'll wait till they make a Mumm-Ra

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  8. I'll wait till they make a Cheetara

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  1. Lordore

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    The bad thing with us,Thundercats fans is that we are doomed to compare and contrast anything new that might come out in the near future, to the original toyline of LJN because we deeply loved and closely identified the action figures with the original episodes. Hard Hero's Lion-o statue is the only merchandise-related item produced for the Thundercats after nearly 25 years! I don't quite agree with some aforementioned points of view over Liono-o's first appearance as a Cold-Cast porcelain Statue and whether he should be less orange tinged or with white trimmed boots and belt. Without a doubt, judging by the pics he looks truly magnificent at this dynamic pose and exquisitely detailed features. Paul Bennett's fantastic work on sculpting and masterfully depicting Lion-o from the opening scene speaks volume about his craftsmanship. Some very small differences don't detract from the beautiful outcome at all and i call it artistic freedom. Really what else would someone expect from a statue? :thumbsup: As an avid Lion-o fan i am very delighted with the final product and glad i managed to pre-order it despite the fact that shipping costs were too expensive for delivery in my country.
    Actually, i preferred that after such a long absence a statue is made rather than a new toyline as MATTEL is striving to do. Nowadays, toys have been replaced with statues,busts,dioramas,12-inches scaled figures which have the highest quality showing true resemblance and museum-like representations with the respective source material (movies,anime,VG,comics).
    In 1985 companies didn't have the means to manufacture action figures featuring authentic character likenesses as well as expertly crafted detail. However, i strongly believe that Thundercats toyline,one of the few, were an exception paying homage to the series. Certainly not the whole set but some protagonists like Lion-o&Bengali were intricately made outwardly reminding the animated counterpart. In my opinion, Thundercats old toys were kind of the first and premature aesthetically produced "statues". Their unique characteristics singled them out from the lot. Just look at their imposing height as opposed to the midgets g.i Joes or the limited articulation maintaining so a unique silhouette bestowing an even more faithful realization of the characters as seen on the original work. Lion-o for instance had been recreated with face-modeling equal to the episode's image. MOTU&TMNT were good but their bulky and poor shape clearly fell short of some standards.The accurate design and vibrant multicolored paint appliance accompanied by,up to the same level, gears and weapons justifies Thundercats position today. Even the eye-catching, exclusively developed artwork of the cards and the blister perfectly delineating the placed figure were created with the prospective collector in mind.Hardly did any other toy of that time have display worth matching today's standards.
    I would understand a toys resurface in order to appeal young kids unaware of the Thundecats, but that more often than not occurs only to support new TV cartoon series. Personally i wouldn't mind at all if only statues are to be solely produced.:liono
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    And by the way,:confused: i was wandering when the final release date of the statue will be? the official is March 30 but a few sites say for late December 09. Does anyone know? thanks
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