Possible list of Characters Super7 can make

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  1. Coptur

    Coptur Berbill

    Bad guy characters that didn't have original toys and aren't in highly demanded sub groups:

    Top Mumm-Ra disguises
    Nether Witch (tv version)
    Red Lion-O

    Other Bad Guys show only
    Mirror Wraith

    Mad Bubbler (large fig)
    Two-Time (large fig)

    Amortus (large fig)

    Demolisher w/dirge figurine??
    Baron Tass w/mr grubber figurine??

    Queen Tartara (maybe a two pack with a guard???)
    Ta-She (maybe a two pack with a guard???)
    Scrape (maybe a two pack with Dr Dometome???)

    Ratilla (a suggestion from another thread maybe a two pack with Young Jaga???)

    Boatman (with Incubi figurine??)
    Kymera (two pack with Terrator??)
    Ninja & Automation (Hachiman baddie two pack??)
    Rhinosauran & See-Thru (Crackers helper two pack??)
    Evil Knight
    Baron Karnor
    Mudhog King

    (yes I do love a list)
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  2. Ianm1225

    Ianm1225 Moleman

    I'd like to see them go pretty deep with this line. Trying to be realistic, but other than the characters that already had a toy in the 80s, I'd like to at least see The Lunataks, Snarfer, Mandora, Willa, Nayda, Demolisher, Claudis, Jaguara, Mad Bubbler, Pumm-ra and Snow Meow. Reaching for the stars, I would love to see Mole Master, Mumm-rana, Turmagar & Gomplin, Ta-She, Young Lion-o, Quick Pick and Plutar.
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  3. Sword Breaker

    Sword Breaker Crabman

    Me, too. I'm a big cheerleader for B and C List characters.
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  4. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    I'm all here for Ratilla but - Ugh at the idea of a two pack. (Figuring a 2 pack would probably cost close to $100 from Super 7) I'd have a real hard time paying another ($45) for another Jaga with the only difference being the head. If they wanted to give the one coming another head it should be that one, not the Jaga on his deathbed head. And if they still decide to go that route then slap the young jaga head in as an accessory with someone else.
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