Possible Super 7 ThunderCats line

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Sebastiaan, Dec 27, 2016.

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  1. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    I like Super 7 a lot and I think they would have been a sure improvement over Mattel. There is a clear reason why Mattel has been slipping for a long time now.
  2. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Whelp, sorry guys.

    The wording is interesting though. "We can no longer give you guys the license."
    Saying it like that means there had to have been a reason that came up for them to deny it.
  3. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I learned on Twitter about Super7 not going forward with ThunderCats. It's a shame. :(
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  4. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I am disappointed to hear this. I really was looking forward to collecting this line. As the video brought up, what are the chances WB has something else in the works for Thundercats?
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  5. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Wow, after all the waiting and delays for info I really do not care for the attitude of the guy in the Super 7 video at all. I get he's trying to be funny, but he comes off as just taking the piss out of everyone who wanted the line to continue.
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  6. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I doubt there's a reboot so soon after the last one, but they could've possibly sold the licence to someone else. *shrugs* Not getting my hopes up though.
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  7. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I'm utterly distraught. I couldn't sleep as a result of the news. It's very disappointing. What bugs me about this is two things: the demeaning "so by the way" manner in which BF made the announcement. I understand it was meant to be a bit of fun and it was clever, but S7 should know they had a huge following who would've bought their TC, and dismissing them in such a disrespectful manner is appaling. Sorry S7, that was tasteless.
    The other thing is the apparent refusal from WB. You can't blame S7 for not getting it, but with rights being handed out to LS I don't see why S7 didn't get it. There must be a reason for it. Have they sold it to someone else? Is there really a new cartoon on the horizon? Does Mattel still have the rights?
    Perhaps SDCC will reveal something else TC related by another company. I'm just super disappointed that my 7 awesome figs won't be getting official mates. Booshman I will be in touch...
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  8. Fandabidozi

    Fandabidozi Junior Member

    R.I.P Thundercats line, 2016-2016
    We hardly knew ye.
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  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I found the way Brian Flynn announced the news to be in very poor taste.

    It would be nice if WB had something else in store for Thundercats like a movie or new cartoon.
    Although there is the possibility that the lack of sales for the MOTUC pre-orders may have played a part in Suer7's decision in as to how much they wanted to invest in the licence.

    Maybe one day a superior toy company like Hasbro, NECA or Diamond Select Toys will make some proper cartoon accurate figures based on the classic cartoon.
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  10. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    This is what I thought when I saw the dates on the head stone in the video. 1985-2017 really is no reflection on just how little was done with the license between Matty and S7.
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    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    First of all im extremely disappointed on the news...I thought Super 7 was getting the license and continue the line. I too dont really care for super 7 guy's attitude. Its hard for me to believe that he had no further info other than just ..we received a letter saying no. He didnt demand any further info on why the license got denied. Anyway....hope WB has something in store for Thundercats franchise....not sure how these things work, but why would a company just want to hold on to a license and let it die? if they had granted the license to Mattel and Super 7 is now continuing Mattel MOTU, why would they not let Super 7 continue TC....i hope WB does something with the license...but who knows...guess time will tell
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  12. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    I do agree S7 did a couple things in poor taste - number one leading things on in a way that made it seem things were moving forward, and number two playing a little light with the news. But they wanted this thing before Mattel, so I don't doubt their commitment to it and doing it right. What they have done for MOTU so far I think is really quite spectacular. I would have been in heaven to see TC get the same treatment.

    Has someone else stepped in? While I wouldn't rule it out 100%, I also wouldn't get on this bullshit train again. It is much more likely WB is just terrible with this brand because that's their track record to date. They couldn't make their own show work on their own network. They have let two good Classics line die before even getting a chance to get off the ground. They have communicated in no way with the fandom and they allowed Mattel to get a license when at the same time Mattel knew they were exiting the business. I do not have faith in anything until I have it in my hands at this point. And as I said before, I have zero interest in buying a Lion-O for the 3rd time. That's a corporate scam.
  13. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    One minute Super 7 was close to acquiring the license and a now it's dead! Something is definitely up! My Matlock senses are tingling...
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  14. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    That is also what I don't fully understand. There was never any hint of it not going to happen. So something major must have happened now. A higher bidder? Mattel not willing to let it go if they still have it? Who knows?! Give us answers Brian Flynn, not sarcastic announcements. I think the fans deserve a proper explanation. We might be upset at the wrong party in the end.
  15. Serval

    Serval Crabman

    Perhaps, Mattel gave the license to 4H?
  16. That would be fine with me, but I doubt it. Mainly because the Four Horsemen would probably need to buddy up with a bigger vendor for distribution like when Super7 did ReAction through Funko. They can barely manage their magnificent Mythic Legion lines which take a long time to get to all fans.

    I also think Brian Flynn would have mentioned something positive like "stay tuned elsewhere" since they and the Four Horsemen are business partners. In the video, Brian gave the impression WB doesn't want to license anymore retro ThunderCats stuff for now. That is baffling to me from a WB point of view because retro stuff only adds more money to their pockets.
  17. plexxrock

    plexxrock New Member

    Don't get all the conspiracy theories. Warner Brothers was going through 'massive restructuring' which is why the license got put on hold. More likely that the new people in charge of 'licensing' looked at the numbers and concluded that it wasn't a profitable venture enough for WB to issue the license for the purpose of making 6'' toys.

    A smaller 'license' would inadvertly in the end ''cost'' more than it's worth in terms of staff hours and what not for WB.

    After the treatment given by WB time and again with this license though, i really think it's time the fanbase said 'screw it' and got together to explore a '3rd party' option, look at what companies have been doing for years with 'Transformers' there are loopholes in the toy manufactoring business big enough to jump through. It's really just a matter of creating a 'brand' , headhunt sculptors (there's TONS to be found on customizing forums) and then funding it all with kickstarter.

    You either band together and try to explore this route, or you can wait and hope that you might see a new 'show' developed down the line, and that they might explore the option of 'classics' again then. But at the end of the day the reality of things is this, the fanbase for Thundercats is only growing smaller for each passing day, it's not a 'current' trademark that have been kept alive throughout the years like Transformers or G.i.JOE (or even MOTUC) so since new people aren't exposed to the brand, for every late 70 and 80's baby that gets 'to old' the fanbase shrinks.

    My (i guess a handfull of cents)
  18. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The problem is Thundercats and MOTU have done very little to attract new fans and keep older fans interested. Unlike Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, TMNT, MLP, Voltron, Macross/Robotech etc.
  19. plexxrock

    plexxrock New Member

    I agree completly, which further just cements the fact that if you want to have a 'realistic' shot at making something happen with this, it'll probably have to be on the back of fans taking things into their own hands and making some sort of '3p' solution happen, possibly through the aid of kickstarter.
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  20. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    3rd party is definitely a viable way to go. Once again corporate greed and shortsightedness has created a market. I say go ahead and take advantage. TMNT is doing it to amazing results. TF has done it to amazing results. We will pay more, but we will get what we really want. If they can pick up where this latest line left off, even better. I would support that without question.

    Bottom line on this situation is we just want answers. If this wasn't financially viable, which everyone always said it was, but if it wasn't, then just say so. Explain this. That's all fans want. You will never assuage everyone, but there are enough rational people that eventually it gets through as truth. But it's all smoke and mirrors which to me is a pretty clear sign it has a lot more to do with incompetence than business sense.
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