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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Blackwing, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Blackwing

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    This is more of a question than an ad, years ago I collected like mad all the Thundercats production print material I could find. Promo photos, marketing plans and advertisements, catalogs, scripts, newspaper & magazine ads, characters sketches and designs, LJN catalogs, storyboards, etc etc. I copied it all into 5 bound volumes for my shelf. But now I sit with all this print material, a lot of it rare and original. I tried selling some on ebay a while back and it didn't garner even close to the price I paid. No one seems to care about print/production thundercats material, well no one that wants to spend money on it. If a catalog from 1985 with thundercats in it, can only be sold for 15 bucks, I'd rather keep it, knowing I'll probably never see it up for sale again.

    I was just wondering if that was the general sentiment, like print/production material is cool to see but nothing you would pay for. Seems like toys are the only thing that gets ppl excited.

    I have 2 kids now and it would be awesome to be in the green for a little while if I could. Was just looking for some opinions/advice.

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    Hi Blackwing! :) I am by no means an expert in this matter, but I would be happy to offer you my two cents.

    From what I have seen in all my years of being a ThunderCats fan, is that there are many different types of collectors with different tastes. Yes, the majority of collectors prefer to collect the toys, but there are also quite a few who aren't really interested in toys. There are some who prefer to collect just the merchandise, some who collect just comics, some who prefer only animation cels and some, like you, who collect print materials. Again as I said, it's a matter of personal taste. I have seen a couple of members here post their collection of rare and original print materials and they are fantastic!!!

    So if you want to sell your print material collection, then you'll have to seek out someone who is actually interested in collecting those. I'm sure you would get a good price then.

    You can continue to post on EBay, but don't expect to get your desired price on the first go. Many times I have seen even rare ThunderCats toys not get a decent price on their first listing. You would probably need to continue re-listing the item until you get an offer of your liking. Maybe you could post the item with a fixed price and an "On Nearest Offer" option. Of course you are welcome to post in the Marketplace section as well and see if you can find someone who can offer you a good price.

    Best of luck! :)
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    I collect pretty much everything ThunderCats, as long as it enhances my collection. So, yeah, that included print material. As I collector I obviously dont mind a bargain, "rare" doesnt necessarily equel expensive, but I'm always willing to pay what I think the item is worth. I agree with @Wilycub, just hold out for a decent offer or only sell for a fixed Buy It Now! Also, IF you have a have-list with prices, I'd love to take a look!
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