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    I know i've been little random with the threads, but like one or two posters have said, i'm just trying to keep the spirit of the Thundercats reboot alive, particularly because i'm writing a fanfiction about it.

    Anyway, like the title says, this is about pointing out the pros and cons to each of the main characters; good or bad


    Pros -


    Fair-minded (he never looks down upon other animals)


    Open-minded (he's always willing to try new things)

    Responsible (he never blames someone else for something he did, he always takes blame when blame is due)

    Cons -


    At times, easily swayed by the opinions of others (he briefly allowed his guilt over what happened to his people cloud his better judgement (even though it wasn't his fault to begin with))

    Too emotional at times

    Lacks self-confidence


    Pros -

    Is there for his loved ones when they need him

    Cunning and clever in a fight


    Cons -

    Insensitive to the problems of others

    Racist towards other Animals

    Proud to the point of never admitting when he's wrong (a major failing of his kind)


    Self-serving at times

    Tries to hard to make himself look superior at Lion-O's expense

    Virtually unsupportive of his Brother's goals and needs


    Pros -

    Calm and collected




    Cons -

    Tries to hard to defend Tygra, even though he's not the one who she should be defending

    I too flirty and intimate, even when she's not really interest (it sends the wrong message)


    Pros -

    Loyal to those around

    Never lets his personal ambitions blind him to what he knows is right

    Fatherly at times

    A technological prodigy

    An experienced soldier

    Cons -

    Too gruff and unrelenting

    Has too many phobias

    Too vindictive and unforgiving

    Not easy to please

    Too introverted and unwilling to share

    Wily Twins

    Pros -



    Fair-minded (since they're pretty low on the pecking order themselves, there's really no reason for them to be cruel to other animals)



    Cons -

    A bit Naive

    A bit impulsive

    A bit impatient


    Pros -

    A fierce combatant

    Doesn't go down easy

    Cons -






    Pros -





    Cons -

    Evil (duh)


    Loyal to no one but himself


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    Oh god, another "I hate Pumyra and Tygra" thread.
  3. srebak

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    No, this is a thread about the pros and cons of each character in the show, postera are free to take shots at all of the characters (even Lion-O and Cheetara)
  4. hammy0924

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    The focus is obviously on Tygra and Pumyra, though. The cons for them are made to look a lot more detrimental in your words. And, even if it is the type of thread you say it is, it's already been discussed too many times to count. It's not illegal or anything to talk about topics multiple times, but you seem a little obsessed with pointing out certain flaws to specific characters and blowing them up, even asking how we would "torture" said characters.
  5. Dragon78

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    At least someone mention the twins for once.
  6. Mark M

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    All been said before multiple times over......but if nothing else at least it's keeping a little bit of activity on the forum, although I don't think these same threads will keep fans interested or interest new members.

    Since you've already listed all the pros and cons there really isn't much more for anyone else to add.
  7. Originalthundercatroar

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    Do Snarf and the Thundertank (the 'Tank alone has a lot of potential pro and con) too! (they are great characters all on their own) :thumbsup:

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