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    Sorry but I need to rant about this episode.

    Yes, I am very certain some people like this episode but it just left me feeling very ARGH!

    First off Ii need to say this. The animation in this episode is all better than other episodes in the series but that doesn't save it from being awful.
    You know the plot vultureman breaks out of jail, wants revenge, decides to steal something from mumm-ra, gets it, losses it the thundercats come along and everyone's happy. blah blah blah.

    I am NOT happy! First off! How in the world does a random computer have ANY kind of information on MUMM-RA anyway?! Do the shnooks in the galactic federation or whatever it is keep tabs on our favorite undead mummy? It just feels like somebody got lazy and wanted to do an info dump in the cheapest way possible. Going from there it gets even more confusing and contradicting into third earth history. When did Mumm-Ra and Zaxx share the planet? Did all of this happen AFTER Mumm-Rana took Queen Luna's belt and AFTER Wiz-Ra got banished? Also if Zaxx had control of the southern hemisphere of third earth that would INCLUDE ancient Egypt along with Mumm-Ra's pyramid! If he's only in the north part of the planet how in the world did he manage to get back to his pyramid every 24 hours to recharge himself?! and since when did mumm-ra's sarcophagus have a secret door in it? Wouldn't Lion-O have seen that thing when he PICKED UP MUMM-RA'S COFFIN AND THREW IT INTO HIS CAULDRON?!
    Also WHY does Mumm-Ra's THUNDERA SARCOPHAGUS have all the items and passages from the one on THIRD EARTH!?! That one was destroyed and the evil spirits rebuilt the one on Thundera not the one on third earth! That medallion would have been DESTROYED!
    Don't even get me started on how off the wall everything else in that episode was. So Zaxx can only have a normal body is he possesses another one and then eradicates the soul of his host. Oh well that's a lovely thought there. No wonder Mumm-Ra hid that silly piece of junk, though he should have destroyed it completely to rid himself of that creepy four armed parrot.
    Going from there the episode shouldn't have even really had the thundercats in it really because they just felt like they were intruding on a private matter. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They have to add them and they have to have lion-O do the catch phrase but it just felt like they were getting in the way and utterly unwanted! There's also the fact Mumm-Ra told snarf to get the thing off himself or he would die. Why would mumm-ra care if Snarf died anyway? Snarf humiliated him millions of times in the past.
    Why was Mumm-Ra in his every living form anyway? As far as I'm aware of he wasn't even bothering anybody that day, just hanging around at home and minding his own business.
    The ending wasn't any better. >_< How many times does Mumm-Ra have to be "destroyed" before these braindead cats realize "as long as evil exists mumm-ra lives"?! Every single time he's been defeated so called "permanently" in the past he comes back.
    Lion-O, fellows, get a clue already. He's ALWAYS going to come back. Accept it already.

    ARGH! If you'll excuse me I'm going to bang my head on a wall now.
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  2. Daremonger

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    That episode kinda felt like a William Overgard one, even though Matthew Malach wrote it.
  3. thezaxfactor

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    You're right, there's a ton of things that make this episode a real head-scratcher. Don't take my handle for implicit love for the episode—the only thing I actually like about it is the bookmobile shaped like a book. Ha!


    One thing you forgot to mention—the ridiculous notion that Snarf could fall into a pit beneath the Churning Rocks and pop out of the ground in front of the Pyramid! WHAT?!

    Egypt actually is in the Northern Hemisphere, so Matthew Malach and Peter Lawrence got that one right.

    And while I agree that Mumm-Ra coming back at the end after an apparent defeat is old hat, there is something special about the moment when the roof gets blown off the Pyramid and daylight enters. It really does feel final in a way that previous Mumm-defeats did not.
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  4. mumm_ra_n_rana

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    and then he climbed out of the cauldron and laughed like the crazy old undead wizard he is.

    I can be excused from the thing with snarf since new thundera seems to have messed up geography and I'm assuming there might be a portal under that place.
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