Real-life dwarf ThunderTank ever attempted?

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    I've been thinking a lot about the ThunderTank this year. About two weeks ago, I spotted a Bobcat tractor being transported down a highway. I'd only known Bobcats to be wheeled vehicles, but this one surprised me with a set of tracks that bore an uncanny resemblance to those of the ThunderTank! Naturally, it got me wondering about whether it's possible to use them on an actual home-made version of the tank.

    Obviously the whole thing would have to be scaled down -- probably just one or two cramped go-kart seats up front, and the engine taking up the entire rear compartment. Even if it's not suitable for high speed, it could certainly get some cheers in parades and such. A metal chassis and plywood shell would suffice, but all-metal would make it much sturdier. Whether the front end's wheels are supported on spring-loaded arms or a more mundane setup, probably depends on cost.

    I'm not in a position to blow ten grand on some tractor tracks, and I wouldn't know how to hook them up even if I did. However, I do know that people have built some pretty impressive personal tracked vehicles (e.g., the mini-Ripsaw). So, I'd like to ask anyone here with mechanical experience, is a dwarf ThunderTank possible?

    (If anyone wishes to attempt this, I would like to be involved to whatever degree distance permits.)
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