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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by brollicon, Nov 26, 2009.

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    sword of omens

    hi my name is mark i would like to buy a sword of omens sword does any one here make them anymore
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    Moved thread as it isn't anyone looking to buy/sell/trade with other members...

    The links Lynx-O posted a year and a half ago still come up. However, the first one is sold out currently. The second link takes you to a site that actually has four different swords to choose from (plus a shield and shield/sword combos):

    I've been thinking about getting the Light Up! version, because it looks the most like the original design. See images below. The issue I see with #1 is that the Eye is an oval, not round. I like #2, but I always think of the full sword having the "eyes in the hilt" as opposed to the curl down like the dagger form. Same issue with #3, even though the Eye is bigger. #4 looks the like the best overall design, my only complaint is that it looks like the Eye logo is reversed.

    Has anyone dealt with this company, Twiggy's Samurai Treasures? They are based out of Florida.

    #1 "Original Series"

    #2 "New Series"

    #3 "Small Version"

    #4 "Lights Up!"
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    That same company should make a real metal claw shield.
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    The pommel I assume is the stand. It's included I believe. What I want is the claw.
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    Edited because I misread your post.

    No the pommel is not the stand, thats... Well the stand...


    The pommel is the rather ornate bit at the end of the hilt below grunes hands

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