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    I believe she was called Panthera or something like that.
    One thing I really disliked was how the Cats/Thundera were a dominant ruling power on third earth yet other races had technology and didn't conquer them. It really did lead to a dull and characterless third earth compared to the original.
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    As a fan of the tmnt, i don[ t compare one version to another, if i like a new version, cool, if not, whatever.

    I can not compare the new thundrcats with the old toon as i am not a fan of the old series, yes, i was a kid from the 80's, but didn't pay to much attention to it at that time.

    If i think of it, there are some stuff in every movie, toon or series that i'll go like "i' d have changed this or that", but those changes are not vital, and the stuff you have mentioned maybe could have been changed or shown if we have given another season.
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    They were all Schitzo if you get right down to it. Character consistancy was sacrificed to the great god "Plot" and his lesser cousin "conflict" in an effort to make a spicy story. They just made the characters whatever they needed to be episode to episode. This makes them seem needlessly spiteful. Tygra and Lion-o don't fight because it make sense for their character to fight.... they fight because they are supposed to fight to move the plot along. They frequently seem to even switch motivations. This is either: writers with zero instinct or training in in depth character writing or (what is more likely) poor communication between the different people writing the scripts. Which makes this exstra irksome because after figuring this out just a few little details would have fixed it. "dangit you were almost there"

    The premise is okay. Subverting the old one.... sorta. with a racism angle, novel... not terribly original, but novel.
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    Nuudoru pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  5. NuudoruNoMasho

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    Thanks, sugar^^ It's nice to feel so much less full of carp. Man this show has a way of getting me goin'. I would absolutely suggest this show to anyone who wants to write stories in a similar genre, as it exsibits what can go wrong if you ignore an element as unimportant. Every detail is key, even if it doesn't seem like it is in the grand outline. I might just even sashay of to the "what could have been done to make this better" thread as it is good practice. Goes to show, even broken things can be inspiring.
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    It really is an interesting show to discuss. There is so many good things going for it that either ended up going against it because of such pure execution and coordination.
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    This is my first post on this board; I just joined recently.

    Just some brief history: I'm an '80's kid, i.e. I grew up during that decade & do clearly remember the original Thundercats cartoon at the time. I never got into, however - I found it repetitive & formulaic. I wasn't a huge fan of the animation, either.

    So, when the reboot was announced back around 2010, I wasn't sure I would like this & didn't bother watching this for many years. However, recently I decided to watch these newer Thundercats cartoons on DVD to give them a chance. And, I really enjoyed this show! I ended up watching the entire series (all 26 episodes). Great stories, animation (really like the anime-inspired aspect), and characterization. Mumm-ra wasn't overused (like he was in the original), there were plenty of great continuing story arcs & stand-alone episodes, all within a very fully-realized universe.

    Without going into a full-fledged review of each episode, here are some comments:

    -Really liked the tech in each episodes; the robots/mecha that the Lizards/Mumm-ra's army had was very cool, and reminded me of Japanese anime - intentionally, of course

    - One of my favorite episodes was "The Duelist and the Drifter" (hence my screen-name). It reminded me of an old western, and the Drifter character was interesting as someone who was much more than they appeared to be.

    -Another great episode was the one where Lion-O and his companions encountered a group of flower-like creatures who were born, lived, grew old, and died all in a single day. Very sad episode, but uplifting as well.

    My only complaint about the series was that it didn't last beyond one season. I would have really liked to see more episodes, i.e. at least as many as the original series had. Too bad this will never happen.
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    Can't we ask Warner Bros to Stop Wasting too much time on DC and Legos stuff, and do something for Thundercats again, our fanbase is dying, I don't care what people say about the reboot , it's way better then the currents shows and reboots, WB should give the rights of IDW comics, they should pickup where both the 80s series and the cancelled 2011 series left off , they just don't know the potential the series had.
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