Rise of a threat Chapter one-The birth

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    I'm going to rewrite the fic I had in the mature section minus the mature stuff.

    Back at Mumm-ra's pyramid

    "Darn those thundercats! I had enough of their interference to last me a lifetime!" Bellowed Mumm-ra as he paced around the cauldron of his tomb. "If only there was some way to kill them so I may be rid of their god-damn existence for once and for all." He continued on.

    "Don't worry you'll find a way Master. You're smarter than they are. Plus you have one of the stones. Plus you have the sword of Plun-darr. So no way you can be defeated now." Said Pumrya as she appeared walking up behind her master. "AHHHHHH!!!!" That lightning struck her as she fell to the ground.

    "Fool. One stone means nothing have you forgotten the other cats have two of the stones. No I need something. Something that will forever destroy the thundercats once and for all." Mumm-ra said looking at his slave as he brought his hands down.

    Suddenly the Ancient spirits of Evil's eyes started to glow red as if they heard Mumm-ra's words as the water of the cauldron started to spin around as a red glow came out of the water. "Master look!" Shouted Pumrya. Mumm-ra turned and looked at his cauldron and stepped back.Than a beam of light shot out of the water into the air. Bones shot out of the water as a loud roar came as the bones started to come together forming a body. A black cloak came over the body as the feet touched the ground. The beam of light disappeared as the cloaked figure just stood there for a few moments.

    "What is this?" Mumm-ra said looking at the figure as the figure lifted its right hand up in the air, you could seed the hilt of the sword of Omens. "Lion-O! But why would the ancients send you here? No matter I will destroy you boy! Now die!" Mumm-ra lifted his right hand up in the air as he shot lightning at the figure, It struck the figure's other hand which turned out to be the hilt of the sword of Plun-darr. The lightning was sent to the right as a explosion occurred but as the smoke cleared there stood the figure and the face was revealed.

    It was male. It had the fur and red and brown hair of Pumrya but the blue skin of Mumm-ra. Its ears were pointy. On its back was a pair of black bat-like wings.The left eye was Amber and the right eye was red, glowing somewhat. He wore black armor over his body. On the chest of the armor was a half symbol of Mumm-ra's symbol and the other half was the Thundercat symbol.

    "What.... What the hell are you?!" Mumm-ra exclaimed stepping back looking at the abomination.

    "Can't you tell Father?" Said the figure. "I'm your son."
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    Woah, wish I could've read this sooner! Couldn't get the password, though. Look forward to the next part!
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    Okay, you've got my attention and I'm looking forward to where this story goes.

    Now I really want to get that password and check out the mature section.

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