ROCKS 13B: Visionaries - The Price Of Freedom-Feryl Steps Out-The Power Of The Wise

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    A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    This month we're covering another 13 episode show in its entirity, one of the best. Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light (or just Visionaries for short).

    We'll be dealing with the episodes in continuity order, which is slightly different from the order they appear in. This will only affect weeks two and three, however. This week we are watching the following episodes:

    - The Price Of Freedom
    - Feryl Steps Out
    - The Power Of The Wise

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    Three great episodes.

    The Price of Freedom.
    This episode had a rather nice message in it about how people should not rely on slaves. Darkstorm took advantage of people who were just used to having robot slaves. Yet on of the Kamirites changed her way of thinking about slavery and the others followed. I really enjoyed the scene with the Darkling Lords having their tournament for the staffs.
    It was quite interesting how Cryotek could sew and offered to do it because Galadria could not sew. Usually people wuld have just assumed the female character would have been able to sew yet Cryotek the largest and most muscular of the Spectral Knights is the one who could sew.

    Feryl Steps Out.
    A great episode that really highlights Feryl and Leroic. After doubting his abilities compared to Leoric, Feryl leaves, but when Leoric is captured, it is up to Feryl to use all of his abilities to free Leoric. My favourite scene is when Lexor, Cindarr and Cravex are searching for Leoric and Feryl and destroying Darkstorm's castle.
    There is some great visual scenes on this like Leoric on the horse and Virulina at the tree. I also liked how Darkstorm had a spy in Leoric's castle and how Darkstorm and Cravex sneaked in to use the power of fear on Leoric.

    The Power of the Wise.
    After overhearing the Spectral Knights fearing Darkstorm's power of decay the Darkling Lords trick them and use the power on Leoric making him very old. The awesome thing about this episode is that Leoric is still far from helpless and uses wisdom to help him the battle against the Darkling Lords. I especially like that instead of relying on the eternal spring that Merklyn told them about they used their abilities to force Darkstorm to undo his magic. Although it was also nice that after the spring was destroyed they used their wisdom to find an area in the cave that still had some of the water from the eternal spring. Both options are still a lot more interesting than if the writers had taken an easy way out like a lot of episodes of Thundercats became known for with the power and magic of the sword solving everything.

    After watching these episodes I just want to point out that it is a rather refreshing change compared to some other 80's cartoons that the Darkling Lords are still formidable opponents that pose a challenge for the Spectral Knights.

    In comparison to Thuindercats it is nice that instead of one character having all the abilities and power all the characters have something unique to them.

    A really great bunch of episodes. :D
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    These three episodes are probably the most standalone of the series. There's a little bit of connection between the latter two, regarding the relationship between Leoric and Feryl, but that's all.

    The Price Of Freedom
    An interesting episode with the lesson about not relying on anyone or anything else to do your work for you. It's a lesson some people never learn, and which will therefore never go out of date. It's a lot better than the equivalent episode of Defenders Of The Earth, "Ming's Household Help" which is one of that show's very weakest. The Khemirites are a ragtag bunch, with a variety of characters: Orzan, their leader, is committed to the old ways, and only learns the lesson at the end, Rone, the old man, is even more committed, perhaps a stick-in-the-mud, he doesn't get any lines after they get to New Valarak so how well he learned the lesson we'll never know. Incidentally, I can't work out who is doing Rone's voice! Can anyone else even guess? Normally with this show I can tell exactly who voices the guest characters, but this one I can't.

    Further with the individual Khemirites, the young girl Marna is the one who is most open to the idea of them doing the work for themselves, and as such learns first. Belizar is equally young, and more impressionable, and he is the first seduced by the technology of the Darkling Lords, but also the first after Marna to start helping the Spectral Knights. Darkstorm's plan is very effective, and the heroes are really caught off guard. If Cindarr hadn't dropped one of the power staffs, the Spectral Knights would have been captured in their sleep.

    We also get to see some of the individual character traits at work again here - Feryl's nose is extremely sensitive, as he can smell rusted metal! Also, the point about Cryotek sewing because Galadria can't is a nice reversal of assumed gender stereotypes. Even more curious is the fact that Reekon actually stops the Dagger Assault at the start to offer help to Belizar. Odd behaviour for a villain, but in Reekon's case he is always looking for a way to make a profit. He'd have got on well with the Ferengi in Star Trek!

    The original script for this episode has only one slight difference, in the middle, when Leoric and Darkstorm fall from the Sky Claw, and Darkstorm lands in the water, Leoric's landing was a little different. In the episode he lands on Lexor who had just knocked Witterquick to the ground, in the original script, Witterquick sees that Leoric is hanging from a ledge, and bounds up between two towers to rescue him. Also the script for this episode spells his name as two words, "Witter Quick", and also spells Galadria as "Galadrina".

    This episode has one of the biggest animation errors in the series, when the Spectral Knights are handing out food and blankets etc to the Khemirites at the beginning, Arzon is among their number, even though he and Feryl are still en route to New Valarak.

    Of note, the very end of this episode was the first I ever saw of Visionaries, apart from the title sequence on the end of a VHS tape.

    Feryl Steps Out
    Another episode with a typical moral lesson for the kids. This is the "believe in yourself" episode. Every show has one like this. Thundercats has "Snarf Takes Up The Challenge", Defenders Of The Earth has "The Sleeper Awakes", both of which are excellent. This episode has its ups and downs.

    Those pirates at the start of the episode are intriguing - that land ship with wheels is a fascinating contraption, and it's a shame we never got to see anything like it again. Had the show got another season . . .

    I recently discovered that Feryl and Ectar's characters were originally going to be the other way round (the character information on the toy boxes has Ectar as the young one and Feryl as the more experienced too). And this episode was originally going to be "Ectar Steps Out". In some ways this would have been better. As the Capture Chariot appears out of nowhere manned just by Feryl and Leoric - why not bring Cryotek or Witterquick along too? If it had been Ectar and the Lancer Cycle, this wouldn't have been a thing. (The same question possibly exists for the previous episode too.) But the bigger clanger is that when Feryl leaves the Spectral Knights, he says he doesn't want to endanger them, yet takes the Capture Chariot with him! He leaves his friends, claiming he doesn't want to put them at risk, and yet he takes away their best defence against the Darkling Lords!

    While I'm having a mutter about things here, when the Dagger Assault is returning to Darkstorm's castle with Leoric as prisoner, who's driving? Reekon is sat up in the Dagger Dart, and Darkstorm and Virulina are in the main compartments. So I guess Virulina must be driving, as the second episode made it quite clear that knights with staffs couldn't breathe magic into the vehicles. Certainly, Virulina has been seen flying the Dagger Dart (although that's equivalent to the Capture Chariot's Hover Pods which anyone can fly), and next episode she flies the Sky Claw.

    Also, how come in this episode it takes forever for Leoric's totem to be restored in the magical dungeon? Normally it doesn't take this long. But perhaps the silliest clanger here is when Reekon shines a torch down when he hears Feryl!

    OK, now for some plus points. The fight sequences are superb. And a favourite moment of mine here is when Darkstorm uses Leoric's staff, and the owl says, "tonight, a great many warriors will taste bitter defeat" - and then vanishes, and Darkstorm doesn't know which warriors the owl meant. This has historical precedent in ancient Greece, with (I think) the Oracle at Delphi telling the emperor that a great civilisation would fall . . . but not saying which one! The emperor assumed he'd be victorious but his side got slaughtered.

    The scene with the Darkling Lords accidentally-on-purpose destroying Darkstorm's valuables is indeed funny. But the best line is Darkstorm - "heroes have a nasty habit of getting loose when you don't want them too!"

    An interesting point it that at this point in the series, the Darkling Lords are not all living in Darkstorm's castle yet. They evidently move in properly during the series' run.

    I also like the way that Cravex's staff can affect even a sleeping victim. A conscious victim will hallucinate (as with Orzan in the previous episode, and Galadria in the establishing story), while an unconscious victim will have his or her dreams manipulated. Quite an interesting power.

    This is an episode of ups and downs. The good points are very good, but it could have been better. OK though.

    The Power Of The Wise
    The first of only two episodes not to feature any scenes in New Valarak. The dialogue at the start indicates that this episode belongs early in the show's run - in the normal episode order it's episode 8, but in continuity terms I have moved it forward accordingly. I'd be tempted to move it even further forward but for the fact that the previous episode belongs before it, as Feryl is much more confident here.

    This episode is nicely scripted, the way things all work in it - we see Reekon spying on the Spectral Knights at the start, so we know why the Darkling Lords know what they are doing (although how they managed to mobilise their own vehicles and get ahead of the Spectral Knights is another matter). Darkstorm's plan is well-thought out. He called the Spectral Knights "predictable" in both the previous episodes, and predicts Leoric's behaviour here with a view to isolating him.

    The sequence with the giant scorpion is also well done. While the other Spectral Knights are fighting the creature itself, Leoric looks at the problem from a different angle, why is the scorpion fighting them? It's protecting its baby. So make it think the baby is under threat from a new quarter and it will leave the Spectral Knights alone. It's the classic "thinking outside the box" formula, and sets up the finale nicely. Later on, when Leoric says his weakness prevents him from climbing up to the cave but his wisdom tells him power will be found by going down - if the direct approach doesn't work, think of a different solution.

    Also this episode contains one of my favourite inspirational lines. Leoric again: "My staff spoke of a power in wisdom, and the wisdom I'm beginning to learn is not to fight my weakness but to look for the strength hidden within it!"

    And most significantly - compare this episode with Thundercats' "Trouble With Time", where Tygra (who, like Leoric, wields a whip) is turned into an old man. Tygra is stuck in the cave, and Lion-O has to call for Cheetara to get him out. Here, Leoric is able to function despite being deprived of his strength. Defenders Of The Earth told this same moral lesson with the episode "One Of The Guys" although that concerned a boy in a wheelchair rather than an old man.

    The only real question mark is the way the Darkling Lords destroy the spring willy-nilly - not tempted to take a sip themselves and become younger? I'll be generous and say maybe the Spectral Knights were too close behind.

    Also, we know little about the hierarchical order within the Spectral Knights, but this episode has a few pointers suggesting Witterquick and Ectar are the next most senior. Witterquick is the one who is keeping things going most while Leoric is physically weakened, leading the way and keeping the others in check. Ectar does a bit of that at the start in the digging sequence, although Leoric and Witterquick weren't doing any digging there.

    All in all, another good episode.

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