ROCKS 14C: Flintstones Season 3-4 picks

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    WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE THIRD DISCUSSION IN THE FOURTEENTH STRAND OF "R.O.C.K.S." - REWATCHING OLD CLASSIC KIDS SHOWS! A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    We're going back to a really old classic for this set of discussions - and when I say old, I mean old in more ways than one, as we're covering The Flintstones.

    The show ran for six seasons originally, so we're going to cover two seasons each week, and two episodes per season.

    This week's picks are:

    Season 3
    The Bowling Ballet
    Dial S For Suspicion

    Season 4
    Dino Disappears
    Daddies Anonymous

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    I remember watching the two episodes of Season 3 chosen in this thread so I'll talk a bit about them. When I get a chance to watch the two Season 4 episodes, I'll add to my review. One thing that I (and I'm sure a lot of other folks) have always loved about "The Flintstones" are their gadgets and the ingenious ways in which they use stone age stuff to imitate our present day technology. I think the writers deserve a pat on the back for coming up with these funny gags that augment the main story. So I'll try to mention any such gadgets that I found amusing. :)

    The Bowling Ballet
    Fred being off his game is a feeling that we all have experienced in our various jobs and hobbies. There are just times when we can't seem to get anything done the way we want to. Usually time is the best solution for such a problem but if Fred had simply waited for his game to return then it would have made for a rather boring episode. The writers did a good job of adding the pressure of the tournament as well as Fred's boss and his (rather pugnacious) co-worker betting on him. Now Fred just HAS to get his game back on and quick. The answer? Ballet lessons.

    While Fred taking up ballet pretty much guarantees a humorous scenario, the idea is not that far-fetched. I've seen and heard of many athletes and artists taking up activities which are completely the opposite of the vocation in which they are trying to improve. For example, boxers taking dance lessons to improve their balance and rhythm, actors taking singing lessons to improve their diction and enunciation as well as increasing their vocal range.

    Cool Gadget: The bee powered clam-shell electric shaver.

    Dial S For Suspicion
    The title is a pretty obvious homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder". The story is a funny one, in a slightly morbid kind of way. All the coincidences that keep on feeding Fred's paranoia are hilarious. And Wilma's old boyfriend is a caricature of caricatures! I'm sure I've seen quite a few cartoon and sitcom episodes which have a similar basic plot, but unfortunately I can't recall any right now. Barney, as always, has some of the best and funniest lines.

    Cool Gadget: The hot and cold mammoth shower. I feel sorry for the poor pachyderm!
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    I know what you mean. The stone age versions of modern technology is the whole hook of the series. It's not simply a show about cave people, it's a show about cave people with all the conveniences of the 20th century - after a fashion! And what that fashion is for each gadget is the fun part. Usually they involve animals of some sort, like camera powered by the woodpecker sculpting the image onto a slate, or the aeroplanes powered by pterodactyls. Exactly how their phone, TV and radio work, I don't think is ever explained - those are the ones we just have to suspend our disbelief over.

    The Bowling Ballet - I agree entirely that the scenario does make a certain about of logical sense as well as being guaranteed comedy gold. There is a particularly strong tie-in between ballet and fencing, I think they use pretty much the same steps, and gather the one was inspired by the other. It also gave plenty of scope for Wilma to wonder what Fred was up to, and think he was having an affair (there seem to be quite a few episodes where one or the other is concerned about the other's fidelity come to think about it - makes you wonder how the marriage ever lasted!).

    Dial S For Suspicion - yes, an obvious to two Hitchcock films, Dial M For Murder, and also his earlier film Suspicion from the early 40s. There was another episode based on Rear Window where Fred thought his new neighbour "Alfred Brickrock" had murdered his wife, and plenty more movie parodies (especially in season 5 when they began resorting to more outlandish storylines).

    Dino Disappears - this was a nice episode to have focusing on their pet dinosaur, and all the doppelgangers Dino had. Ultimately it was Pebbles who identified the correct Dino, the love a child has for an animal (and indeed vice versa) being the giveaway.

    Daddies Anonymous is an episode I have strong memories of, the club where the dads go to get away from their wives using their babies as an excuse to not do any housework. The classic plot device of having them get the wrong babies from the pram-park was obvious but ultimately not the tipoff that we might have expected it to be, the wives - and indeed the police - find out another way.

    Seasons 3-4 were probably the high point of the series, they'd found their rhythm without feeling the need to resort to more extravagant plots. (And moreover they had finally got the classic theme song, missing from the first two seasons.) Season 5 has a lot of movie parodies, and the final season introduced the alien Gazoo as a recurring character, and it got a bit too wacky with all those extra bells & whistles.
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    I have never gotten a chance to watch the series in its entirety, only random episodes (but quite a lot of them!). I don't recall watching the episodes featuring Gazoo, but I've read on many sites that his appearance was when the show "jumped the shark".
  5. LiamABC

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    Yeah, I've included his introductory episode for the season 5-6 picks. His appearance in the final season may be the signal of the show's demise, but it's still a significant episode for all that. I've never seen the series in its entirety either, just random episodes like yourself - but over time I've probably seen quite a few. That said, apart from watching a few to make selections from this year, it's been a long time, and a few of the episodes I watched were ones I remembered - or thought I did. Although not all the ones I've picked. Some of them have been episodes I've never seen before.
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    @LiamABC a great selection of episodes. Thoroughly enjoyed all of them.
    It's really hard to pick a favourite from the bunch.
    If I had to pick a favourite I would say ''Dial S For Suspicion'' as I recently watched ''Dial M For Murder''. That's a classic that really should be watched in movie club.

    @Wilycub I completely agree. It's quite amazing some of the hobbies and interests people do to improve other vocations and hobbies/interests.
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    Yes, we definitely need to do a few more Hitchcock movies this year in Movie Club!

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