ROCKS 14E: The Man Called Flintstone

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    We're going back to a really old classic for this set of discussions - and when I say old, I mean old in more ways than one, as we're covering The Flintstones.

    This week, to end our Flintstones discussions, we're watching the feature length movie adventure "The Man Called Flintstone", made just after the series ended in 1966.

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    I had this movie recorded off TV when I was very young and watched it numerous times.
    The story kind of reminds me of one of the episodes we watched in the R.O.C.K.S. discussions.
    The story worked very well for a movie.
    The Man Called Flinstone is a very enjoyable movie for fans of the cartoon.
  3. LiamABC

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    I saw this once as a kid but had to leave a few minutes before it got to the end. It was about the time when Fred discovered the mask.

    I only saw it through in full for the first time about 4yrs ago, and then again now for this.

    I have mixed feelings about it. The plot is OK, a little contrived but enough to hold the interest. I'm not sure about the musical numbers though - I suppose it was the principle of putting in a bit of everything, some comedy, some drama, some music so as to have something for everyone. But some of the songs are a bit gratuitous and don't really serve the storyline. Especially the sequences with the kids.

    That said, some of the songs are definitely worth a listen. "Spy Type Guy" is definitely fair enough as far as the plot is concerned, capturing as it does Fred's thoughts on "hey, I'm going to be a real life James Bond!" - or "Jay Bondrock" as it was in that episode you're thinking of Mark! Also "Team Mates" sounds like the sort of thing Morecambe & Wise might have sung at the end of their shows. For those of you who don't know who I mean, Morecambe & Wise were a British comedy double act, arguably the best we ever produced (it's a very tough call between them and the Two Ronnies), and at the end of each show, they would sing a song, most famously "Bring Me Sunshine", Fred and Barney's duet here sounds just like something they would have song. Incidentally, Fred's singing voice here is provided by Henry Corden (I think because Alan Reed couldn't sing), and Corden would later take over the role of Fred in its entirety after Alan Reed's death.

    As per usual we get to see plenty of stone age tech - the plane, powered by pterodactyls, the woodpecker camera etc. Always guaranteed to raise a smile. It was the main gimmick of the show after all.

    The story itself - yes, Fred as the double of a spy, it had potential for both comedy and drama (and was recycled in Disney's Duck Tales episode "Double O Duck" with Launchpad being the double of Bruno Von Beak). Some of the scene/location shifts were a little random - like why shift to Rome the minute they arrive in Paris? Also it's quite a while before the villains appear at all. It could have been integrated a bit better. Oh well, some details - like the necklace - were done very nicely indeed.

    To sum up, I do have issues with it, but it's still fun.

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