ROCKS 17B: The Legend Of Prince Valiant early season picks

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    The next few weeks we're covering one of the best shows from the early 90s, The Legend Of Prince Valiant. This show had much stronger continuity threads than most, and so is difficult to distil down to the bare essentials. I've reduced it to a shortlist that still covers most of the first season. I promise you it'll be worth it.

    This week we're covering key episodes from the first half of the first season:

    - The Gift
    - The Singing Sword
    - The Trust Betrayed
    - The Secret Of Perilous Garde
    - The Visitor

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    Some wonderful episodes and characters.
    I do remember watching some of these back when they were on TV.

    The Gift is one I definitely recall watching.
    Really great episode exploring the relationship between Valiant and his father.
    I liked Rolf's character. It is a pity they killed him off.
    As much as I liked the episode I would say it seemed a little predicable that he would be killed in the battle with the knight.

    The Singing Sword was really good. I liked how it showed the friendship between the three of them and how they got the upper hand against the Baron.

    The Trust Betrayed was great. I like how it linked back to episode five and how it was Mordred who was responsible for the attack. The fight with Mordred and Valiant was also pretty cool.

    The Secret of Perilous Garde was very fun. It was nice seeing Sir Gawain in a more featured role.

    The Visitor was very good and quite an interesting theme. We see Arn have confidence issues being around nobility with his peasant background.
    It was nice that Harold helped him with his confidence.
    It was quite interesting seeing Harold pose as a heroic knight. From the first meeting at the table when he told of being in the legendary battle it was obvious Gawain seen through his story as he himself had fought in the battle alongside the man whose armour Harlod was wearing.
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    I did try to cut this selection down to four episodes, but even the less essential ones were still useful for character moments!

    The Gift
    If the first episode wasn't enough of a clue, the death of a featured character here is a reminder that this show isn't treating its audience like children. It's not screening them from the harsh realities of death. I couldn't believe it when I saw it the first time. Watching it through adult eyes, yes, Rolf's fate is pretty obvious from the start - the way Valiant keeps putting off seeing him until it's too late, to remind the audience that you have to make the time for what matters - but it's still a moment to bring a lump to the throat. It also introduces Valiant's horse Caliburn, and Arn's horse Crux, which he inherits from Rolf.

    The Singing Sword
    And from introducing Valiant's horse to introducing his famous blade, the sister blade to Excalibur. This is yet another good example of how this is not just another cartoon, it shows actions have consequences, and here we see the change that has taken place in Bridgeford since Rowanne left with Valiant and Arn. This is the "stand up to the bullies" episode of the show - it's worth mentioning that while the show was very different to most cartoons in terms of its strong character and story arcs and continuity, it still incorporated subtle lessons for the kids to learn. It's good to see Duncan and Robert again, the former still very menacing, the latter still the closest thing this show has to comic relief.

    The Trust Betrayed
    Enter Mordred - or rather, re-enter, because sharp-eared listeners will recognise his voice from episode 6 as the plotter who had our heroes arrested. Valiant recognises his shield as being the same as the one in Tor's cave, but I can't say I spotted it in episode 5. Maybe the scene was edited out, I don't know, because I doubt it would be a deliberate omission. Mordred went on to become the big menace in season 2, but this was his first proper appearance, so this episode was included for that reason. The talk between Arthur and Valiant at the end is also good to remind us of where the characters have evolved from.

    The Secret Of Perilous Garde
    This episode is one of the least subtle in the series in terms of the moral lesson it is teaching the viewers, but no worse for it, as it's one of the biggest lessons anyone can learn. Privilege can become something people take for granted. My favourite scene though is probably Rowanne with the archery tournament, her line "well if it's inspiration they want, far be it from me to disappoint them!" - before firing her arrow dead centre. This episode is a good showcase for Gawain in full laughing cavalier mode. (Bryant got a couple of good episodes in season 2.)

    The Visitor
    This is another good episode for Gawain, although for very much the opposite reason of the previous one. He's in an odd mood for the whole of the episode, but as we eventually learn, there's an excellent reason for it. Harold's arrival as a kind of alternate father figure for the orphaned Arn is a great way of reminding him and us that it's not where you start, it's where you finish that matters. He takes Arn under his wing and acknowledges his own peasant beginnings, to help give Arn some confidence. Then we discover that he's not all he seems. The duel at the end with Gawain is also well handled. Harold faces up to what he did and takes his punishment like a man. "You're no coward, I'll give you that!" as Gawain admits. Harold is another character who resurfaces in season 2.

    Overall, these episodes show that our young trio are still learning. But they are learning well enough.

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