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  1. Mark M

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    @Wilycub yes the Anointment Trials were great for not depending on the sword.
    The Problem with Power and even The Dragons Gift really didn't need Adam to become He-Man.

    I believe in one episode She-Ra's sword even turned into a space helmet.

    The lack of characters was a real problem. Characters like Ram-Man Mossman, Meckaneck, Buzz-Off, Fisto, Sy-Klone, Man-E-Faces, Zodak and Roboto should have been featured in a lot more episodes.
    Of the several episodes I seen growing up the only heroic characters aside from the regular characters I seen were Meckaneck, Buzz-Off and Ram-Man. Some others I think we're in the Christmas special but if I recall correctly it was just a brief blink and you miss it background appearance.
    In the New Adventures and the 2003 series they featured a bigger cast in almost every episode.
    She-Ra also featured a lot more characters.

    It is strange Mattel didn't want the characters featured more regularly in the Filmation cartoon when the toys were so easily available.
    Ironically it was the opposite that led to the the failure of the 2003 cartoon and toyline. The cartoon featured lots of heroes and villains in nearly every episode yet Mattel's poor distribution and marketing tactic made it nearly impossible to find any character aside from the multiple variants of He-Man and Skeletor. There was over 10+ variants for both He-Man and Skeletor such as battle sound, samurai, martial arts, jungle attack wolf armour, bat armour, mech gear, ice armour, fire armour, snake Hunter etc.
    Mattel made collecting the 2003 action figures like an Indiana Jones quest.
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  2. Wilycub

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    LOL! :roflmao I'll have to watch that episode some day!

    Yeah it was a very strange decision by Mattel and Filmation. You guys are creating a cartoon series only to advertise your products and yet you only feature a few of your products? Why not feature all of them? That's like an Argos catalog only having 5 pages!

    And because Filmation used to recycle animation and same body for most characters (simply traced the body and changed the outfit and head) and the Mattel characters used the same buck, it would have been very easy to include more characters in the show. Unlike ThunderCats where every new character had a unique design and would require the animators to do more work to get the look and movements of the new character right. With He-Man, all the movements had already been set in the stock image so very little work for the animators.

    I watched the pilot of the 2002 He-Man series and liked it quite a bit. They had retained most of the same designs (only improved upon them), the setting was also familiar but updated the story. The moment anyone sees even a screen shot of the 2002 series, they can immediately recognize the characters and the show, unlike the ThunderCats reboot which I felt strayed too far from the original.
  3. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    The animation was certainly the main problem for the 2011 Thundercats. Lion-O's Sonic The Hedgehog hairdo was annoying, and they made Cheetara's outfit even skimpier for no reason. And made the characters too young. Panthro's line about a babysitter/nursery/whatever was not far off the truth.
  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    If I'm not mistaken the She-Ra episode also featured He-Man. Something to do with a spaceship and She-Ra was in space with her sword helmet and He-Man was n Etheria holding the rope.

    In Transformers and G.I. Joe and Thundercats and pretty much most other cartoons, when the new characters came along they regularly featured them to get the toys to sell and stopped featuring the older characters whos toys were no longer available on the toy shelves. Man-At-Arms, Teela and Orko weren't exactly the most exciting looking characters on the show and their toys were pretty bland compared to Man-E-Faces and Ram-Man etc.
    Ironically after the He-Man cartoon finished to be replaced by She-Ra the toy line kept going until 1987 and in 85-87 there was a lot better toys that would have made far more interesting characters on the TV show like Extendar, Stonedar, Rokkon, Clamp Champ etc.

    I definitely wasn't a fan of the designs of the 2011 Thundercats. I liked some aspects of the designs but found the overall designs very boring and far to different from the original.
    The He-Man 2002 cartoon definitely got the designs right.
    As far as the writing and story goes the He-Man 2002 cartoon is vastly superior to Thundercats 2011. I liked aspects of the Thundercats story but there was far too many filler episodes and most importantly the characters were just plain boring and unlikeable.
  5. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    There were apparently a few She-Ra episodes that featured He-Man (and other characters from his show). John Erwin and Alan Oppenheimer were credited on the She-Ra voice cast but the only characters they played came from He-Man.
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Considering how ''cost effective'' Filmation were with voice talent that is really surprising. I read that there was a law that only allowed one actor to voice no more than three characters in one series. Hence why Lou Scheimer aka Erik Gunden and his daughter Erika provided many of the voices often uncredited in He-Man, She-Ra, Bravestarr etc.
  7. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    That wouldn't surprise me. James Doohan did so many guest voices in the animated Star Trek series, he said in his autobiography that he got paid double if he did more than three characters an episode. Given that all but about two or three episodes featured Scotty, and he also had another regular character, the three-armed and three-legged Lt Arex, he probably got double pay on several episodes.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I read Lou Scheimer had to use a harmonizer to alter his voice and didn't record his lines with the other cast members. Using a small cast is good when the actors have a good range but in Filmation's case nearly everyone really sounded the same. At least with Bravestarr they did a few actors with greater range of voices.
  9. LiamABC

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    Most animated shows had the voice actors doing their lines separately. That's why in the bonus material for Transformers The Movie, they talk about voice director Wally Burr and his perfectionist nature of getting the cast to say their lines exactly the way he pictured it in his head with the storyboards in front of him. He went to that extra effort and it worked. Look at the shows he directed, they're good, and the voice acting is solid. Good casts too. In those instances, where the voice director paid attention to the script, it didn't matter that the cast were in the booth separately. Thundercats was a rare exception of the whole cast being in the booth at the same time.

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