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    WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE FOURTH DISCUSSION IN THE NINETEENTH STRAND OF "R.O.C.K.S." - REWATCHING OLD CLASSIC KIDS SHOWS! A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    The next few weeks we're (finally!?) covering one of the biggest shows from the 80s, He-Man and his female counterpart She-Ra. A

    This week we're covering some individual episodes of She-Ra, picked by Mark M. I asked him twice for picks as I'd forgotten that he'd sent me them the first time. As three of them were the same both times I'll take his first selection and say this week's episodes are:

    - Of Shadows And Skulls
    - The Stone In The Sword
    - The Price Of Freedom
    - The Price Of Power

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    Ironically I picked Black Snow on one of the lists as it is an episode I recorded on VHS off TV. I never seen any of these episodes growing up.

    Of Skulls and Shadows.
    I really enjoyed this episode and it was nice seeing Skeletor make a guest appearance. Shadow Weaver was a really great character. Her plot to get rid of Hordak by using Hordak's enemy Skeletor reminds me of something Starscream from Transformers would do against Megatron.

    The Stone in the Sword.
    This was a really great episode with Adora being unable to become She-Ra. She has a rather interesting quest to fix her sword. Most notably the Indiana Jones inspired boulder scene.
    I really wish Light Hope and The Crystal Castle had featured in The Secret of the Sword.

    The Price of Freedom.
    Really enjoyable episode with He-Man guest starring. It was quite interesting seeing He-Man in the supporting role rather being the main hero of the story. The theme of the price of freedom has been done very well in other cartoons such as Visionaries and Transformers. No doubt @LiamABC will elaborate a bit more on Visionaries episode as it was an excellent episode. But this episode is a bit more in line with the Transformers episode and the basic message of having to stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in as living under the Horde's rule isn't freedom.

    The Price of Power.
    I really liked this episode as it explores more of Shadow Weaver's origin. This is somewhat consistent with the 2018 reboot as in it she is also a good magician that turns evil.

    She-Ra is a really good series and I really will have to watch more of it. :biggrin

    Although whilst watching these episodes something occurred to me about the toys.
    Shadow Weaver is a very prominent character throughout the series yet Mattel did not make an action figure of her! I think that might be to do with Filmation creating her and Scorpia rather than the toy designers at Mattel. Considering Mattel would make a King Randor it's extremely strange they did not make Shadow Weaver and Scorpia could have been a rather fun toy...gimmick wise at least...but considering how Mattel made the other characters she would probably look nothing like the cartoon character design. At least both got made in the MOTU Classics series.
    Another point is Hordak is a really cool character but as cool as his toy was it would have been nice if he had, aside from looking more like the cartoon, a feature similar to his abilities in cartoon. Perhaps he could have had interchangeable arm accessories like Trap Jaw. Granted there was two other versions of Hordak made. Hurricane Hordak and Buzz-Saw Hordak. It's a shame both of them were not featured in the cartoon.
    In fact there was a lot of really cool Horde and MOTU characters that should have been featured in the She-Ra cartoon but sadly some of the coolest toys were released after the She-Ra toyline ended like Dragstor and Mosquitor etc.
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    Saw these episodes - not sure whether I've ever seen them before or not.

    The Price Of Power is very a interesting glimpse into the origins of Shadow Weaver, it's the old cliché but done well enough here.

    The Price Of Freedom does indeed share its name with an episode of Visionaries, and the basic concept of things being important enough to fight for is explored in most cartoons: BraveStarr did Showdown At Sawtooth, King Arthur And The Knights Of Justice did Quest For Courage, and all these episodes have moments of revelation where the guest characters realise they have no other choice but to take a stand.

    Of Skulls And Shadows showing Skeletor was an interesting idea, an inevitable that the show would do something like it, of having Shadow Weaver use Skeletor to dispose of Hordak - only for Skeletor to dispose of her too. The enemy of your enemy is your friend is a mantra that got used in both directions here, as Shadow Weaver was quick to realign herself with Hordak after Skeletor's betrayal! This too is a theme that crops up in various cartoons, with villains betraying each other - Thundercats, Defenders Of The Earth, Transformers and Spiral Zone all did it. Visionaries didn't quite get around to it although I've written a story myself featuring those characters that did.

    The Stone In The Sword is possibly one of the most important episodes this series has to offer, showing the perils Adora has to face without being able to become She-Ra. BraveStarr did a similar episode called Strength Of The Bear, and of course Thundercats had the Anointment Trials, as well as Tight Squeeze, and also Spiral Zone had the episode Back To The Stone Age. We all have to learn to manage without things we take for granted.

    Overall, yes, OK show, although again never a favourite. I do wonder if I had never seen Thundercats as a kid and tried to get into it now would I love it? And part of me suspects not, for the same reasons that He-Man and She-Ra were never favourites growing up.

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