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    The next few weeks we're (finally!?) covering one of the biggest shows from the 80s, He-Man and his female counterpart She-Ra. A

    This week we're covering the establishing episodes of the 1990 He-Man sequel, picked by Mark M. This week's episodes are:

    - A New Beginning
    - Quest For The Crystals
    - The Heat
    - Attack On Onnor
    - The Ultimate Challenge

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
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    I prefer The New Adventures of He-Man to the Filmation cartoon. There I said it. :D
    Yes I had some of Masters of the Universe toys but I only seen a couple episodes of the cartoon on TV.
    This is the He-Man cartoon I grew up with. I had some of the toys, books, comics and recorded lots of episodes off the TV.

    As for the origin story I knew the story from the comic, the annual, the cassette tape that came with the He-man figure and also the mini comic that came with some of the figures.
    Main difference, in the cartoon He-Man and Skeletor travel tot he future. In the comic they just travel to space. I personally prefer the latter of them just going through space to a different galaxy.

    As for these origin episodes I originally seen these back when they came on TV. They were originally shown as a movie on ITV. My Dad recorded it. The title card during the commercial breaks still used an image of the Filmation He-Man.

    The New Beginning.
    I really like this origin episode but I recall the first time I seen it I was a little disappointed at how different it was compared tot he comic and cassette tape story. Compared to the Filmation cartoon the animation in this is really beautiful. No recycled rotoscope animation. The animation is much closer to Thundercats.
    Slight nit pick I wish Skeletor's eyes were red and black like they are on the toy and throughout the rest of the cartoon from episode 6 onwards.
    I always loved the scene with He-Ma and Skeletor emerging from the time vessel still fighting as they were when they left Eternia.
    King Randor and Queen Marleena look quite like their Filmation designs but with different colours.
    Prince Adam's design is great and looks far better compared to Filmation.
    I also really like He-Man desing but I do wish it had matched the toy a little more...or vice versa, but then again the second or third version of the He-Man toy looked a lot more like the cartoon.
    Skeleotr's design is great. The cloak and Helmet gives him more of a regal evil overlord look. Shame about the eye and nose colour in these 5 episodes. It's also a shame that they never included the cybernetic enhancements the toys had and that the character got in the comics etc.
    I didn't have the Filmation Skeletor growing up but I had the New Adventures one and He-Man before I got the Filamtion based He-Man figure. I do like the Filmation toys but I definitely prefer the New Adventures, they were all unique sculpted and different from each other.
    A good opening episode.

    Quest For The Crytsals.
    This episode is a nice introduction to how different, and Star Wars like the series is. We get to se Denebria, the aliens and the Starship Eternia. I always really liked the fight in the mine.
    I have a strange memory related to this episode. I always recall watching it on VHS one Saturday night after coming back from the town having got a He-Man chocolate bar. The bar had caramel in it, something like a Cadbury's Freedo The Frog. The packaging on the bar had The New Adventures logo but on the chocolate it had Filmation character designs.

    The Heat.
    A good episode but maybe the weakest of the 5 episodes. It was interesting to see how devious Skeletor could be. I really liked how the Terror Claw as in this episode as I was lucky enough to have the toy of this that my Mum and Dad got me. :D

    Attack On Onnor.
    It was pretty cool seeing the Quagmire Swamp. I like how He-Man uses a plan to out smart the Mutants to free his friends rather than rely on super strength.
    Actually thats one thing I really liked about this series as a whole. He-Man doesn't really have the super strength he had in the Filmation cartoon. He relies more on his skill as a warrior to beat them physically and out smart them.

    The Ultimate Challenge.
    I always thought this was a really cool episode and really enjoyed the finale.
    Skeletor luring He-Man into a trap was very interesting.
    Interestingly I believe this is the only episode in the series that features He-Man using his shield.
    Coincidently the sword and shield are both coloured like metal whilst the toy had them a clear green making them look more like crystal and giving the sword more of a lightsabre look.

    Like I said I really like this series. These 5 episodes are a great introduction to the series. The series gets even better. I would argue episode 6 Sword and Staff is even better than all of these 5 episodes and would highly recommend everyone checking them out. Perhaps eventually we will cover some highlight episodes from through the series.

    A really interesting thing about this series is that in the beginning design stages, one of the concepts for the series was for it to have more of a G.I. Joe inspiration, and I think overall that element can still be seen in it with the unique characters of the Primus Space Force/ Galactic Guardians. Aside from He-Man there was Flipshot the pilot, Hydron the diver, Nocturna the martial artist, Artilla with his various weapons, Tuskador with his strength etc. Same for the mutants with their very different abilities. Slushhead was always one of my favourites along with Hoove and Tuskador.
    It's a shame this series didn't have better success, but it was mostly ignored due to Turtlemania at the time. Unlike the previous Masters of the Universe figures these figures were far better articulated and proportioned along them to fit better into vehicles and incorporate better battle actions.
  3. LiamABC

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    I've just seen this show for the first time. Given that I'm not a fan of the original He-Man, I found it hard to stir up enthusiasm at the thought of any furtherment of the story. And I was right.

    The trouble is, the show doesn't feel like He-Man. Maybe because apart from the brief scene at the start with Randor & Marlena, only He-Man and Skeletor are here from the originals, all the other characters are completely different. They might as well have just used a brand new main hero and villain and given the show a different name.

    The premise of bringing He-Man forward through time from their world's past is basically the reverse of King Arthur And The Knights Of Justice, the next show DIC made as it happened. In that show, Merlin took some 20th century heroes (of sorts) and brought them back through time to Camelot to stand in for the real Arthur & co. The time travel element there had a little more resonance through the series but didn't get in the way of the show. With this new He-Man cartoon it's just so completely random.

    Some of the other designs are reminiscent of Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, one of the shows DIC made a couple of years earlier. I can't quite put my finger on exactly how though. I don't mind the change in animation style, as Filmation were always a bit . . . well, we've covered that already.

    The voice cast were mixed. Garry Chalk in the title role was a welcome soundbite for sore ears, but with someone else as Adam, why have two different actors voicing the same character? Makes no sense. Also Skeletor's voice is too much like a comic pantomime villain. I know that's the way 90s shows were taking their villains, to get them laughed at rather than feared, but it was never a good thing. Seriously, how many 90s villains can people name now? There's no-one can hold a candle to the 80s villains.

    The rest of the good guys do serve rather a more active purpose in the show though, so that's something, but having those four scientists arguing all the time - seriously? The four finest brains on the planet and they do virtually nothing but bicker?

    The situation in general on Denebria is somewhat reminiscent of She-Ra, which is a nice touch.

    I just can't accept this as a He-Man cartoon. If it was a completely brand new show with no ties to the original I might have taken to it better. Seriously, why bother using He-Man and Skeletor if you're just going to transport them to a completely different world? Either use enough of the original characters to keep the identity of the show, or else just use all new characters. This is too in between.
  4. Mark M

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    Coincidently King Arthur and the Knights of Justice would also have toys made by Mattel and design wise were very similar in design to the original Masters of the Universe action figures and I believe even re-used some moulds for the toys.
    I admit it has some faults and is very different to Filmation but in terms of the series as a whole it is superior to Filmation. I would still say overall the 2002 cartoon is the best He-Man cartoon series.

    Interestingly the plans for the second season would have seen He-Man return to Eternia where Duncan/Man-At-Arms had been corrupted and taken over as an evil overlord. There would have been a battle between three factions.

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