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  1. LiamABC

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    WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE SECOND DISCUSSION IN THE TWENTIETH STRAND OF "R.O.C.K.S." - REWATCHING OLD CLASSIC KIDS SHOWS! A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    The next few weeks we're (finally!?) covering one of the biggest shows from the 80s, G. I. Joe

    For this show, owing to the sheer number of characters involved, we're doing something slightly different to the usual format. Instead of the usual "establishing episodes/highlights/feature-length adventure", we're going to cover all the 5-part storylines, including the movie. This week we're dealing with the second 5-part adventure, "The Revenge Of Cobra".

    The individual parts are called
    - In The Cobra's Pit
    - The Vines Of Evil
    - The Palace Of Doom
    - Battle On The Roof Of The World
    - Amusement Park Of Terror

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these episodes, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full episode online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the show in whatever manner you want.
  2. Mark M

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    I really enjoyed this 5 parter. Probably a lot more than the first as it introduced a lot more of the iconic characters.

    The opening intro video is the G.I. Joe intro I remember most growing least the footage anyway. Growing up here in the UK G.I. Joe was marketed as Action Force so the show had a different theme tune but they used pretty much all of the intro for Revenge of Cobra. Of course the episode had a slight edit made with ''G.I. Joe'' and ''Yo Joe'' re dubbed to ''Action Force'' and ''Full Force''. Thankfully though that didn't last too long and by the late 80's all G.I. Joe VHS, comics and toys were released unaltered as G.I. Joe.

    Although I must admit the capture of Duke along with Snake Eyes and them having to fight in the pit is quite similar to the first 5 parter.

    Amusement Park of Terror is quite similar to an issue of the Marvel comic which also had Flint and various Joes battle Cobra at an amusement park.

    I like how the Cobra Stinger 4x4 was featured. I had the toy of it growing up. Funny story it was a Christmas present I got around 1991 except I got it around February or later lol. The present fell behind the sofa and it wasn't found until one day we were cleaning and had to lift the sofa. My Mum and Dad said Santa must have left it for me as a surprise. I got quite a few presents that year so my Mum and Dad didn't notice that it was missing with the other presents from Santa lol. ;)

    I had good few of the figures featured in these episodes, Duke, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Flint, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Trooper, Gung Ho etc.
    I also liked how the episode showcased Zartan's skin colour changing just like his toy when exposed to sun light. I recall the first day that happened when I was playing outside and didn't know it was supposed to do that. I recall coming in telling my mum and dad he was blue then noticing later he went back to his normal colour.

    My only criticism of this 5 parter is the quest element again to stop Cobra from making another device to take over the world. So it feels quite similar to the first 5 parter. I don't recall that much about the third 5 parter as I only seen it twice about ten years ago so it will be interesting to see if it is any different. I know the fourth 5 parter also consist of them going a quest to obtain objects for something they are making.

    As much as I like G.I. Joe due to the sheer number of characters we really have to cover the 5 parters first but we really must eventually cover some stand alone episodes as I think they are far superior and better represent the cartoon as a whole.
  3. LiamABC

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    This second GI Joe 5-parter does have a lot of parallels with the first - a routine operation gets hijacked by Cobra, who also capture Duke in the process (and this time also Snake Eyes), they are building a device with which to control the planet, and the two sides have to effectively quest for various bits of it in three wildly different locations, then the finale involves a big Joe raid on Cobra's HQ. It's hard to tell which one I prefer of the two as a result.

    This one introduced more characters, including key ones like Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, Roadblock, Mutt and Recondo on the Joes' side, along with Zartan and the Dreadnoks on Cobra's. Zartan and his gang are an interesting addition, a group of mercenaries with a slight loyalty to Cobra but also out for their own interests as well. Zartan is also the master of disguise, Cobra's male counterpart to the Baroness - in the first 5-parter, the one brief time they needed a man in disguise the role was taken by Major Bludd. As for the Joes, Flint is not really that different to Duke, so why they needed to bring in an additional field commander is unclear. Lady Jaye is a more interesting character as she's less conventionally feminine than Scarlett or Cover Girl. Roadblock is a fun one, you get the feeling he's a wannabe rapper, but also very able to look after himself in a fight. And of course Shipwreck is sort of a good guy mercenary in his first appearance, but like Zartan quickly takes a more official stance in terms of permanent loyalty. Mutt and Recondo were more minor, specialised characters but still useful. Mutt is a bit like Bowser in C.O.P.S.
  4. Mark M

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    In the comics one of the most interesting story threads is the story of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Yet they never did anything with the two of them in the cartoon. Aside from the brief clip in the intro to Revenge of Cobra and one episode in which Snake Eyes and some other Joes were prisoners and they stare at each other they had no interaction in the series at all. Just think how awesome it would have been to see them having fights in the cartoon. Instead in ROC Storm Shadow had a fight with Spirit Iron Knife and in other episodes Quick Kick.
    Zartan is another character with a very interesting back story that involves Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
    I guess having Flint allowed for him to be in charge of some missions with Duke in charge of others. I believe Flint though appeared in far more episodes compared to Duke. I first seen Duke as the ''leader''/main character in the movie, but most of the other episodes I seen had Flint and I had the action figure of him first around 1990. A lot of those figures were not in production anymore but some shops still had the older figures along with the abundance of newer figures.
    Strangely enough I got the first Duke and Cobra Commander figures around 1994 a decade after they were first released...but even stranger they were the Japanese releases on the Japanese cards!
  5. LiamABC

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    Ah yes, Storm Shadow and Spirit, that was an interesting relationship in the series, two warriors on opposing sides who always treat each other with the greatest respect. I liked that.

    And at least this 5-parter, like the first one, was a proper 5-parter, there's no element of "they could have easily cut some parts" like there are with some shows' feature length stories.
  6. Mark M

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    I liked the respect between Spirit and Storm Shadow.
    Of course SS personality from the comic may not be cannon in the cartoon. But SS isn't exactly a bad guy and still an honourable warrior. He is only in Cobra and doing whatever is necessary to uncover who was behind the murder of his uncle The Hard Master...who was mistaken for Snake Eyes. It was a very interesting plot. I would highly recommend reading the Marvel G.I. Joe comic.

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