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    I don't think Super 7 go after master toy licences because they can't be relied upon to deliver a product on time to capitalize on demand. They can't even get a small number of niche products on time to customers just selling them via pre-orders.
    One of Mattel's biggest recent mistakes was not producing action figures for the new She-Ra cartoon.. Instead Super 7 made 2x action figures and didn't even release them at retail.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Mattel still had some retail licence for Thundercats. I think they may still have some involvement since Super 7 are using the moulds etc for Thundercats.
    NECA do have retail presence though with their various Aliien, horror and video game licences.
    NECA made some awesome Conan figures several years ago...but they were basically statues. Just imagine what they would be like now with their more articulated Ultimate toys.
    At least Nickelodeon are smart and let more than on company produce merchandise to keep fresh interedt in the TMNT brand.
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    Finally got my first Savage World Thundercats, Mumm-Ra. He will stay carded as I look out for Lion-O and maybe the rest of wave 1 and hopefully wave 2, locally of course.

    It seems I'm more lucky in DC Primal Age than Savage World...


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