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    Did anyone at TF ask Super 7 bout thundercats or ask Funko if they are now the offical Thundercats action figure license owner?

    I saw an interview from IGN published on the 17th and if you forward to 8:10 they ask bout thundercats and Brian kinda maybe perhaps...

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  2. Cheetoro

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    These sure came out of left field. They don't look like good versions of ThunderCats though as they don't match the style at all. And we know better figures can be made today, so why go back to older figures in another toyline's style? And if these can get made, why can't we at least finish a Classic collection of the main cast?

    Very strange. I want to like them, but they look like squat overly toonish versions too deformed to pass for a main line.

    It is very frustrating to be a fan of this brand. They just seem to throw the license about one minute and then withhold it the next. Their approach makes no sense that I can see.
  3. Serval

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    Aside from Monkian (possibly) and Slythe, I don't think these super-deformed figures will fit in too well with the Matty/4H toy line.

    It seems the TC license isn't as hard to acquire as I've originally been led to believe by Super 7 and NECA. There's a bunch of companies that already have their hands on the TC license. What's holding back Super 7?
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    Your comment reminds me of the running joke in "Tangled" whereby they can never get Flynn Ryder's nose right on his wanted posters. It seems the TCats action figures are suffering the same fate. :biggrin
  5. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

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    When I saw these I didnt get excited, I felt tired. Tired of more of the same. Tired of the 80's nostalgia business model all these companies seem to follow. FUNKO has 4 lines that include ThunderCats; POP!, Dorbz, VYNL and now Savage World and on the one hand I think it's cool ThunderCats is getting more figures/collectibles, but on the other it feels like a scam, like a cash-grab, you know? People will buy these, and thats great! But where does this end? How many times will people buy the same thing, the same idea? These are fun, but they add nothing, they offer nothing new. Is this really the result of Super7 losing/not getting the rights to TC? These are 5-6" action figures so it must be, right?

    As far as the figures; they just dont look right. The "sculpt" is good, colours are nice, but the "80s Mattel" buck doesnt fit the characters, with some exceptions like Cheetara, maybe Monkian.
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  6. Booshman

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    Very well put mate.

    Each time some novelty line like this is released its like another punch in the gut. I'm fed up of this stuff and the obligatory key chains and belt buckles. I want some proper product. Number one being a release of the full soundtrack.
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    I dont get a good vibe from the SUPER 7 guy..hes always been arrogant and seems like hes become more of a jerk as time has gone by. He has this attitude of "if you like it good, if u dont fine"..."soon" and "its coming" are his favorite phrases. His explanation for the different shade of green on triclops was ridiculous....he never wants to admit he is wrong... poor customer service many excuses....If i hear the word "tooling" again in gonna puke....funny how no other companies have "tooling" problems....there never seems to be any problem or delays with the Reaction line tooling....the truth is that SUPER 7 bit off more than they can chew with MOTU. They are tackling too many franchises in too many formats. On the other hand we have FUNKO with does things right and even though their thundercats look a little funny they got it done..license and someone else here mentioned...seems the TC license is not as hard to get as my Brian led us to believe. Oh how I wish the MOTU and Thundercats line had been passed to Hasbro instead of SUPER 7. And finally I was very disappointed with Pixel Dan this time. Poor interview..didnt ask any tough questions...
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  8. Roadpigjohn

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    I think Funko is coming with a great option since Mattel dropped the ball and Motu 5 inches figures are also coming back with more coloring details... Love it!
  9. Wilycub

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    Considering the number of different companies that have made TCats figures, and many stopping or abandoning the line after a few core figures, I'm just curious as to how many different Lion-O figures have we gotten so far? I'd love to see a picture of all of the different Lion-O's standing together. :)
  10. Mad Bubbler

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    The fact that some collectors out there might (yet again) have a chance to get their favourite figure is awesome. It is hard to get excited about any of these new releases despite how good or poor they are after the 4horsemen figures were done so well. Depending on the price of these figures I may only collect my favourite characters. I am so sick of seeing another freaking lion-o released. It is nice to see some villains being produced for once.

    On a positive note these figures don't look that bad compared to some of the other ones released.

  11. Sebastiaan

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    I think they're cool. They're a vintage interpretation of the characters we love. They're not Classics figures, but I still dig them. I still believe that S7 will get the license based on hints in the interview above and more, their decision not to show any new MOTUC at Toyfair - which I interpret as "we'll show new product when we're already satisfied with the product you'll get after tooling etc". Anyway, back to the topic - I'll buy these. They're cute!
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    Funko is doing a great job bringing these line to the public... Retail will build the exposure to the Thundercats brand and plant the seed for future cartoon or movie adaptations...
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  13. This is the best Thundercats update on the recent months. Following the scale of the current motu figures us the right way to go, they are popular being diaplayed together.

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    Agree with your statement...
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  15. I like some of these Funko Savage World ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living especially.

    This scale does look odd on some of the characters though, so I am still holding out for the return of ThunderCats Classic by the Four Horsemen.

    In the meantime, glad Funko is exploring this scale, giving us something to fit the original Masters of the Universe. The Conan line is really cool. I would love to see a Thundarr the Barbarian in Savage World as well, and maybe even the Pirates of Dark Water.
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  16. Daremonger

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    The possibilities are quite endless.
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  17. Serval

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    Not a huge fan of any of these interpretations (I really hope 4H returns to finish the core characters). The only other style that I am in favor of is "Filmation". Yeah, a TC Filmation line would be awesome.
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  18. T-Cat

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    I see no reason why they cannot complete the whole Thundercats universe!
    With Toy R Us closing down across the USA, I wonder where we could possibly find these figures?

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  19. Daremonger

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    Funny thing -- I imagined Rankin/Bass "loaning" the ThunderCats characters to Filmation for a two-hour Masters of the Universe crossover special while both companies were still active in 1986. A Filmation-style ThunderCats action figure line I wouldn't mind. :)
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  20. Cheetara76

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    Wow, this actually look really cool! Might have to track some of those down.
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