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Discussion in 'Funko ThunderCats' started by Sebastiaan, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    After what I heard about how Funko only halfway release lines I was sceptical about getting these- but at this price I really can't afford not to so I preordered mine first thing this morning. I hope they get to release at least the other 4 AND maybe another wave or 2?
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  2. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    I'm excited about this upcoming figures...
    The card box looks like something I will not mine to ripped off...
  3. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I just read up on Funko's Savage World ThunderCats line. I think it's got plenty of potential.
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  4. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    Look for the pictures of the prototypes, because they have all the main characters done, mutants and Thundercats...
    Funko will release them in waves...
  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Aside from better paint applications the Savage World figures are not as good as the original LJN figures.
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  6. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    The derpy proportions kill these figures. I appreciate the effort, but they are just slightly off enough that I'm not interested.
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  7. 13977

    13977 Active Member

    This is why I've decided not to get them. The proportions are just not quite close enough to the vintage MOTU for me. They remind me of more of the Hasbro WWF figures then the vintage MOTU. Great idea but just not quite hit the mark for me.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The proportions remind me more of the knock off MOTU and wrestler figures.
  9. tone

    tone Vortex Explorer

    The criticism is fair, there is something off. I’ve pre-ordered anyway, but I get anyone else passing on this series. Honestly, i’ve seen worse, it’s just another deformation.
  10. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    Not a huge fan of these. The look of them is just off putting to me. That being said, I do think Mumm-Ra looks good. Maybe these will grow on me overtime?? Not sure. But I will support the line. With the newer releases, i try to get 2 of each (one loose and keep on MOC) but i think I am just going to get 1 and keep them MOC.
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  11. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    Where did you preorder from. Im thinking about preordering, but not sure where to get them.
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  12. tone

    tone Vortex Explorer

    upthread, Jabus mentioned toywiz as the cheapest price he'd found. I just went with that.

    I'm going the same route as Cap'n Cracka: getting them for completist reasons and to help the license stay viable. They will stay in the box.

    Upon further scrutiny, I think the main issues are the face sculpts are wrong for at least Lion-O and Panthro, and that the small hip, lower body ratio is weird. It's like an uncanny valley thing: it's just the wrong side of a faithful sculpt and not different enough to really feel like its own thing, so your mind keeps trying to make it work and failing.
    For contrast, the TLS series is enough its own thing so that your eye can accept the wrong colors, the wrong proportions, etc. Dunno if that makes sense, but I think that's the crux of the issue.
  13. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I just realised the promo pic says "COLLECT THEM ALL!" just like the rear card back of the LJN line. Almost the same font too.
  14. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    I like how they used a repainted Fright Zone for the background...
  15. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    MOTU compatible...
    I will get Thundercats and the Conan line to mix it with my MOTU collection.
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  16. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin Staff

    I ordered Mumm-Ra and Slithe, they look pretty good, though I do not understand the 2011 graphics on their cards.. I dont like Lion-O. The giant barrel chest, the dubble white trim on his boots. Terrible. Panthro looks okay, but thas not good enough.
  17. PKELL

    PKELL Barbarian

    God, I wish they had these when I was a kid.

    He-Man style Thundercats toys? I would have lost my mind.
  18. Fandabidozi

    Fandabidozi Junior Member

    I don’t often buy action figures anymore due to the crazy shipping costs to Australia but I had to have these so I’ve preordered - love them!
    I’m not holding my breath for more FH figures and I might not be able to afford em anyway judging by the MOTU prices.
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  19. tone

    tone Vortex Explorer

    I need to stop scrutinizing these, I just keep finding more and more puzzling design choices.
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  20. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Actually these really remind me of the MOTU-esque Thundercats knock off/bootleg figures.
    The knock offs even have better proportions.

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