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    I called and spoke to a toywiz person, because I hadn’t gotten a notification of delay and she says there is a first run that is going out but that the second run is delayed. I am choosing to believe that this is indicative of unexpected demand. Lol probably not the case but that’s what I’m going with!
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    lol I called back this morning to ToyWiz and they gave me that January line, meaning the previous person had basically BS'ed me.
    And seeing as how people were posting the damn things, I cancelled my pre-order, and just went to two nearby GameStops. I think each GameStop store only got one set each, so I just broke two sets. Here's my regret face::panthro

    Especially since my original order including shipping from ToyWiz was 28.59 and the figures were actually on sale in GameStop for a combined total of 24.48.
    Anyway, here's a pic:


    Now to figure out which one I'll open for the display and which one I'll keep MIB.
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  5. Mcaseres

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    I just wish Panthro’s nunchucks had an actual chain, I hope someone makes a custom or the original fits alright
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    I have been hoping that these would grow on me since pictures first popped up on line of these. It hadn't. But I picked up a set of these at Gamestop and again was hoping that after having them in hand and seeing them that the look would grow on me. And so far, still not growing on me. I will say I do think Mumm-Ra looks great. Slithe looks good too. Not a huge fan of the look of Lion-O or Panthro. Monkian and Jackalman look decent with Wave 2. I think Tygra looks pretty good.

    I have been seeing a lot of Panthro's with broken legs in the bubble and with people opening him and it breaking very easily, so be careful anyone thats whats to have a loose set of these on display.

    But overall I am not too into this line. I am going to be sticking with my original thoughts of only picking up 1 set and keeping them MOC instead of my normal 2 sets for MOC and loose.
  8. Booshman

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    I'm surprised they went with the reboot version of the logo, and not the original one, or even the redrawn "Classics" version we saw on newer stuff like the Bandai figs.
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  9. Mcaseres

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    Yeah, the packaging is not very desirable at all, but I bought a set just to open up and display. I think they are great. The one thing that drew me to them that nobody has mentioned is that Mumm-Ra finally comes with a toon accurate sword of plundar. We got that sword with the minimates but never with any other figure. The weapon was such a big part of the latter two seasons that it’s so refreshing to get a figure with that sword. They are a bit quirky, but I think these are much better then the pop figures and right on par with the loyal subjects. I think they pay a good homage to the spirit of the original characters, in a fun new way. I wish Panthro’s nunchucks had an actual chain. Maybe we can make a custom for that? Overall, for 45 bucks, I am very glad to have all 4.
  10. tone

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    Yep, having now gotten a close look, I think the issues I have are few but significant, but if I can deal with stuff like the minimates and dorbz, and even the original LJN line Panthro, which let's be honest, wasn't very series accurate to his build, then I can deal with this MOTU tribute deform. I think the two most off putting things are his head sculpt has his eyes too small and too close. And the second thing is, his chest sculpt at where the head swivels is wrong and makes it feel like his head is on backward.
  11. Alluro Fan

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    Slithe is the only figure I got from the first wave. Looks pretty good next to my Mattel Mumm-Ra and Jackalman. Only real gripe is he's a lighter shade of green than I would have liked.
  12. jabus

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    Gamestop running a deal right now on these. They are ringing at 11.99 - Slithe rings at 8.99.
  13. Sebastiaan

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    After loving the reveal earlier this year, then cancelling my preorder after seeing Mattel’s prototypes, I fell in love with these guys again after seeing them released at last. So I also ordered my set of “Funkocats” (as I call them) and await their arrival in the next week or so.

    Any idea when wave 2 will see the light of day? Toyfair?
  14. Mark M

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    Hard to say with Funko. They don't seem to rely on showcasing products at the major events.
    Just last week they showcased the new Disney figures of Gadget, Gizmo Duck, Launchpad and Louie.
    Maybe they will get Pixel Dan to show them off first like the DC Primal Age figures.

    I might even get some of these since I no longer have my original LJN figures.
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    Received these yesterday. As mentioned above my Panthro also came with a broken left leg in the bubble. Opened up the package and gently tried to rotate the right leg and it fell right off.

    Kind of disappointed Lion-o's belt and boots aren't a different shade of blue from the main part of his outfit as they were in the cartoon.
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