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Discussion in 'Funko ThunderCats' started by Sebastiaan, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Crabman

    If it's marketing, it's bad marketing. Also what happened to wave two of this line? Looks like ThunderCats sold out everywhere I've been going lately (Gamestop, F.Y.E., etc).
  2. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I have heard that one of the Funk designers says that wave 2 is defintely going to be released eventually.
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  3. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin Staff

    I take the interview with S7 with a bag of salt. I'll believe it when I see it. As for Funko, the quality of the first wave of figures was absolutlly terrible. Perhaps the delay of Wave 2 has something to do with QC? I do hope they get a release, as much as I dislike the designs of Wave 1, the second batch looks pretty good, especially Cheetara!
  4. Sword Breaker

    Sword Breaker Moleman

    Interesting theory.

    Originally, I had planned on getting Lion-O and Panthro, but then I heard about the craptacular plastic so I skipped them. I really don't want to pick up anything from Wave 2 since I own nothing from wave 1. Sadly, I can't picture them re-releasing Wave 1 with quality plastic, so I guess I won't be getting T-Cats in that style. :cautious
  5. tone

    tone Berbill

    Luckily, I didn't encounter these issues. I bought two, and took one out of the package for display (gingerly, lol). The other I put in a box. eBay is flooded with these so I think there was a lot of speculation rather than actual collectors like us.
  6. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin Staff

    You think the news of Super7 releasing a ThunderCats Classics line has any effect on Funko's ThunderCats figures? Do they still have the licence for articulated figures?
  7. Sword Breaker

    Sword Breaker Moleman

    Personally, I would love to see some T-Cats done MOTU Origins style, but there's pretty much zero chance of that happening now.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's hard to say.
    I have heard a rumour that one of the Funko designers said wave 2 is going to be released.
    But I have also heard other rumours that they are definitely not getting released because of the quality control issues and suppliers not wanting the hassle and also that there was an issue witht he licence.
    I could be wrong but with Super 7 getting the licence I definitely think that means there will be no more vintage style Funkop figures. Again that is just my opinion, but since Super also make vintage style MOTU figures I can't imagine them buying the Thundercats licence and not wanting to be able to release all manner of Thundercats merchandise like Classics, Vintage, Re-action, M.U.S.C.L.E., vinyl etc.
    It would be cool but I doubt it will happen but you never know. Maybe they could work a deal out with WB/Super 7 eventually.

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