Season 2 revealed at Powercon

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  1. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    So, according to Thundercats NOW, Dan Norton finally spelled out what was going to happen in season 2 during Powercon. SeanxLong is supposed to upload a vid of the panel soon. Just giving everyone a heads up so they know to look for it. The vid isn't up yet as far as I can tell. Expect back stories on Lynx-O, Slithe, and Pumyra too.

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    ok so correction. He didn't reveal everything in the panel, but promised to reveal it all in a podcast.
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  2. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I saw that also. I am very interested to see the video once posted. I would love to know the details of what season 2 would have brought. Hopefully at some point we get more than a few sparse details...
  3. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Interesting news indeed. At this point I just want to hear what would have happened. It'll at least bring some sort of closure to the story. On a side note, I can't believe people still think they can save the show.
  4. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    Looking forward to the video. I wonder if Bengali was scheduled to show up.
  5. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    On one hand, I agree with what hammy0924 said; this will definitely help give us, the fans, some closure. But on the other hand, with my luck, this coming information will likely torpedo my season 2 fan fiction ideas. Just had to get that out of the way.
  6. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I'm interested in seeing that video. And don't worry, srebak -- I trust you'll get your fanon second season under way again. ;)
  7. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    I thought the same thing. But I'm sure you can incorporate thier plans for season 2 into your story. Ether way, can't wait to read more of it.
  8. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    At this point I would like some closure. Though that don't mean I will ever stop being angry at Cartoon Network for how TC and all there other good shows have been treated over the years. I do hope he goes into some detail.
  9. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    I agree. But the problem is if cartoon network doesn't own the show they don't care about it. Some of the crap that's on there is just mind numbingly stupid. But apparently it's making them money.

    As for closure I would love that but I have a feeling it will create more questions.
  10. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

  11. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Well, i just read it, and despite what you said, cougar, i don't think i can incorporate those ideas into my fan fiction, as they seem so dark and leave a bad impression. Yeah, i know, having some darkness in some shows is what makes them good, but based on what i just read, i think my ideas have more of the "happy ending" vibe. I'm sure many of you will debate with me on this, but still, i think i'll continue with my more happier season two
  12. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Just read up on it. The Soul Stone must be the blue power stone's name.
  13. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    Interesting but all it tells us is..
    -Pumyra's fate
    -Lynx-O's fate
    -Slythe's fate
    -Soul stone(blue stone?)
    -Snarf is an experiment

    It would have nice for cheetara's backstory, Wether Grune would come back as his ghostly incarnation, Bengali?, etc..
  14. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    I know i just posted my opinions, but i have to do it again. Just as i feared, what was intended for the second season makes what i had planned impossible. Now that i know what was supposed to happen to Lynx-O, Pumyra and Slythe, all of my fanon ideas regarding them have become nothing but an incorrect fantasy. And now that i know that my hopes and ideas were never going to be, it's going to be harder to work on my fanon season two. I'll try to push forward, but, like i said, now that i know that they're wrong, it won't be easy.

    I was really hoping that Pumyra would return to the light, but it looks like that was never going to happen, nor was Limyra. I guess the creators really wanted Lion-O to stay alone
  15. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Aah, more salt on the wound.

    Maybe Hammys and Gold Lions fan comic which was supposed to wait for any info on what S2 would be about can go into production now. Not as much info as anyone wanted but enough to start working.

    Well it would have been an awesome second season but what strikes me weird is that i've always heard there were just going to be two seasons for a total of 52 episodes but they mention 65 episodes. Wha..? Would there be a final third season with fewer episodes or would S2 had extra?
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  16. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Hmm... Interesting info. A couple ideas I like, a couple I don't. Some I wouldn't have expected would get past the censors. Still can't wait to hear about the rest on the podcast.
  17. Tygrastripes

    Tygrastripes Barbarian


    WOW. I was stunned they would go there with Pumyra and the taking of her life by Tygra deepening that painful rift of theirs and Slithe's backstory wow, it makes it a bit difficult to look at the Cats as heroes.
  18. chique

    chique Thunderian Legend


    Sounds like season two would have been tough on the heart strings.

    So it looks like Lion-O and Pumyra would have some sort of back and forth. I mean at the end of the first season no love was lost, but it sounds like some feelings would have still been there between them.

    Oh man Tygra. Killing another Thundercat :( Shame, this would have sparked some interesting conversation.

    I don't even see how the two would have remained in the same group. That's one of those things that probably takes years to come to terms with. If ever. Even if you believe he was right to make such a choice, that doesnt mean it wont be unbearable to have to look him in the face after it.

  19. Tygrastripes

    Tygrastripes Barbarian

    I hear ya chique! I would have been interested to see the group's reaction to that as well, I'm sure such an event would have the cats feeling like they had to pick sides and look at such a cat that killed another Thundercat differently, the group will all be faced with tough calls but I'm sure that one would have all the cats on weird ground with Tygra, despite him doing the right thing to save his brother, I mean even if you agreed with the decision you are still going to have an awkward time of coming to terms with someone who could go there. There's a hinted natural trepidation cats seems to have about tigers, whether the group voices it or not, I just wonder too if the group would fear a growing darkness/coldness in Tygra maybe over Tygra's guilt of the killing, the plans for the series seemed dark enough to further cause a spiraling into that darkness similar downward spirals of Shane Walsh in TWD tv series or even Anakin Skywalker, Tygra seems the type to be willing to do what he deems necessary to protect everyone and wants no chance of group harm or risk (an impossibility), perhaps the lesson of trust and chance and faith in Lion-O growing harder. Would have been very exciting.
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  20. chique

    chique Thunderian Legend

    No Cheetara information?? I remember Dan saying something about having plans for her in season two .

    For the sake of discussion I would hope he would stay on the path of light. Both of them were going to go to extremes to protect something sacred. Lion-O by preserving life and Tygra by taking it away.

    From what Dan said, it seems like Lion-O would have for sure died if Tygra didn't intervene. So while his choice seems like the "bad" one, its not at all that clean of a cut.

    Both realistically would have been changed drastically by it. Someone Lion-O cared deeply for was murdered by his own brother. Tygra killed someone his brother cared deeply for. There is no "return" from this. You have to build a new house.
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