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    I remember these very vividly! Even though I never owned one I always wanted to get one. The insects had really nice and shiny designs. :)

    Here is the full article:

    Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Even if you grew up in the 1980s, you still may not remember the short-lived Sectaurs toy line of action figures that sat atop a variety of giant insect creatures. Launched in 1985 by Coleco, the toys were supported by a five-episode animated series and an eight-issue tie-in comic published by Marvel, but failed to achieve widespread success.

    Nevertheless, Sectaurs did develop a small, yet passionate, fanbase. Now Zica Toys is looking to revive the brand, releasing its own versions of the original eight Coleco action figures with a further two “army builders,” based on characters from the comic books.

    To that end, Zica plans to launch a Sectaurs Kickstarter campaign in early July, and roll out details of each of the 10 characters in the proposed “first wave” over the next 10 weeks on its Facebook page, beginning with Dargon, a “heroic Sectaur of the shining realm.”
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    I never owned any Sectaurs toys when I was younger. Although I did have a knock oversized figure that used the basic body of Prince Dargon that came with a Guardian Patrol robot. The figure and robot was one of my favourite toys. :D
    upload_2017-4-27_15-14-58.png upload_2017-4-27_15-15-21.png
    Sectaurs was definitely an interesting toyline. I think had the characters been a bit more different in appearance to distinguish them from each other like Thundercats and the cartoon been more than five episodes the toys would have sold a lot more.
    Secataurs did have one of the coolest 80's playsets though. The Hive. Not as iconic as some, like Castle Greyskull etc, but as a toy with various features it definitely ranks as one of the best.

    Some other company is making new Bucky O'Hare action figures.
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    That's a great figure, Mark! :) I always loved the metallic colors of the Sectaurs.
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    He really was a great figure. He had a great sword that could be stored in the sheath on his back. You can see the handle on the box pic. The figure was definitely inspired by He-Man. It's interesting they made a He-man looking figure on a body based from another toyline instead of the generic MOTU type bodies a lot of knock off toys used.
    I will tell you how I discovered my figure was a different size compared tot he Sectaurs figure.
    One evening when I was about 10 years old I was playing with it but I left the figure a little too close to the fireplace while I was having my tea. When I returned to the figure I seen a lot of the plastic on his boots had melted so my Dad had to repair it with car fillers. Sadly those fillers were a pink colour and in doing so the texture pattern on the boots was lost. I don't know why but I never bothered to repaint it. Probably because the colour was too difficult to match.
    When I was on the internet around 2008 and discovered Sectaurs I instantly recognised the figure so found a loose incomplete one on eBay which I planned to use to repair my figure. Needless to say I was annoyed to find the Sectaurs figure smaller than mine.

    It's really cool these new Sectaurs figures are only 4" scale. The will look great next to the vintage insect toys.
    I rally hope the Kickstarter reaches t's goal and they make these figures.
    Maybe I will get a Dargon and a Super 7 He-Man and make a custom 4" version of my figure. :) Of course I would have to track down another robot for that figure lol. ;)
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    I remember those. I actually have one from a lot of figures I picked up a while back. Not bad toys at all.
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    The five episodes of the cartoon mini-series are on YouTube if either of you are interested in watching it.
  7. adssse

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    I might have to take a look when I get time.

    I find the return of Bucky Ohare figures quite interesting as well!
  8. Mark M

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    It would have been cool though if they had been made in the vintage style for people to expand their collections and maybe they could get the moulds from Hasbro to reissue the original figures.
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    May check out the new Sectaurs toys - we'll see.

    This really brings back memories. I had a couple of Sectaurs figures back in the day, but have no idea where they are now. I remember them being very elaborate w/cool accessories, and were about the size of MOTU figures. I also remember the comic, and may have had a couple of issues of that.

    Also agree that many of the '80's toys were great in that they weren't based on already existing movies/TV shows. MOTU, Sectaurs, Power Lords, etc. were all original lines that may have had comic books/cartoon tie-ins later, but started off as toys.

    Here are some links to the original line:
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