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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by MannysCollectibles, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Hey everyone...lately Ive been selling bits and pieces of my collection. As many of you know I have a baby on the way so I need to clear space as well as have some extra cash flow. I'm open to fair offers from everyone for items missing in your collections. I currently have an original pencil drawing of Safari Joe used for the Tongue a Saurus box art with certifcate of authenticity from Hollywood Heroes, Thunderstrike Photo proof, a boxed Tongue a Saurus, carded Thunderwings Lion-O, Boxed Astral Moat Monster, 8 backs and many more.

    If you need it I probably have it...I hate to part form items in my collection but it is something that must be done. Contact me via PM if youre interested in some of my items. I also have many comics and general merchandise
  2. MannysCollectibles

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    My ThunderCats are still up for grabs...below is some of the items I have for sale and prices. If there is anything else you are looking for shoot me an email. I have almost all the ThunderCats so if you need it I probably have it.

    Tygra with Wilykat young(14 back)- $165 shipped***SOLD***

    Tygra with Wilykat old(14 back)-$165 shipped

    Pumyra-$140 shipped
    Jaga-$140 shipped

    Tongue-a-Saurus (MIB, no inserts)- $435 shipped ***SOLD***

    Cheetara no Wilykit (14 back foreign)- $140 shipped***SOLD***

    Mamutt- $60 shipped

    Wilykitt- $40 shipped***SOLD***
    Lion-O (14 back)- $135 shipped ***SOLD***

    Cheetara with Wilykit
    (8 back, slightly resealed card)- $115 shipped ***SOLD***

    Jackalman (8 back)- $40 shipped ***SOLD***

    Thunderstrike Photographic Proof (used for LJN catalog)- $125

    Items above are MOC/MIB unless otherwise noted.Any other characters youre looking for let me know. The above prices do not include insurance which will be extra, shipping outside the US will be extra. Items do have shelf wear. Cards are not overly beat up and are very nice for display purposes. Most of the items I have offered are the same items photographed for our Toy Section so you may get an idea of what you will be receiving
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    Hey Manny - PM sent :)
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    Hey Manny,
    I sent you a PM.
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    r u selling the lion o thunderwings
  7. MannysCollectibles

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    Its been sold for a while...

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