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    servala had a life no 1 would wish to live. she was born into desperate poverty, abandond by her mother @ an early age, & was forced to become a child prostitute to survive. yes, it's shocking. yes, it's ugly. but it happens, even on thundera. (***note: i'm not condoning child abuse/prostitution/exploitation in any way. this was a terrible part of this character's life that explains a lot of her personality, feelings, & actions.) servala was 15yrs old (& very pregnant) the day thundera died & she became an unexpected passenger aboard the glimmer. it was the day her life changed completely. suddenly, where once she was alone, she found herself w/in a pride. where once those around her only wanted to use & abuse her, she was now among ppl who would fight to protect & defend her. this is something servala has been very thankful for. thus, she guards her pride (& esp. her cubs) w/ such fierocity. servala doesn't often fight, but if she's forced to, she uses plasma claws (think wolverine's adamantium claws + star wars lightsabers).

    here i depicted a young servala, say about 15yrs old (pre-pregnancy, pre-end-of-thundera). & yeah, it was a coincidence that her color scheme looks a lot like lion-o's. but redheads wear blue so well, don't they?

    art to accompany my fanfic ("the drifting pride").


    a salty disclaimer: this story/art work/design/creation is my contribution to thundercat fandom & is strictly for thundercat fandom only. all characters, names, places, & situations depicted here (except those from the original thundercats animated series) are my own original creations. they were created for the sole purpose of free fandom enjoyment, so no, i am NOT doing this for profit. yes, i realize i've created these characters in the context of some1 else's idea (big ups to ted wolf, leonard starr, & the rankin-bass crew, yo!), but please give proper credit to all creative parties involved.
    so let's review shall we?
    1) please give credit where credit's due (aka don't claim **** that ain't yours). >:(
    2) & if i'm not making any $ off of this, then neither can YOU. so nah! >:P

    thank you, & have a nice day! ~~saltygirl >:)
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