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    Developed by Noelle Stevenson and produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, "She-Ra and the Princess of Power" is the latest entry into the Masters of the Universe franchise. It is an animated web television series that is set to premiere on Netflix on November 13.

    Official synopsis:
    The savior of Etheria is here as DreamWorks She-Ra and The Princesses of Powerbrings to life a story of magic, friendship, loyalty, and an epic battle for peace. Inspired by the popular ‘80s series, DreamWorksShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power tells the story of an orphan named Adora, who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde when she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into the mythical warrior princess, She-Ra. Set in a world where women are unabashedly at the forefront, the series brings forth indomitable female characters each with their unique abilities and flaws to empower and entertain audiences everywhere.

    Official Trailer:

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    It will be interesting to see how this series turns out. So far as I know it is by the same crew that worked on the new Voltron series so hopefully it will be just as excellent as it.

    I know there has been a lot of criticism of this series already based on the trailer.
    Personally I only ever watched the original series a few times...and while I liked it I would never say it was an absolute favourite, just an extension of the He-Man cartoon.

    I will give it a watch and see what it's like but it really doesn't matter that much to me either way. If it isn't good I wont bother watching anymore of it.
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    @Wilycub I finally watched the new She-Ra series and overall I really liked and enjoyed it.
    I first watched the opening two parter. Which I personally found enjoyable although it is a bit daunting how different it is to the some ways. But the basic story element is there nonetheless.

    The first two episodes made me curious enough that I ended up watching more to have a better opinion on it.
    There is definitely a bit of an Avatar vide to the structure of the story and characters.

    Much like The New Adventures of He-Man and He-Man 2002 did with Adam, I really like how there is a very distinctive change between Adora and She-Ra, unlike the Filmation He-Man and She-Ra cartoons.
    Which also brings me to another point. While a lot of people have criticised the designs of the characters....and I must say there is some aspects I am not too keen on...overall I like them. I especially like how distinctively different they have made each character. They are all different heights, builds and colours.
    As much as I love the Filmation He-Man cartoon I will definitely admit the animation design models in both He-Man and She-Ra are very generic with basically all the males and females looking the same. In terms of their faces and facial features and especially their bodies.
    For example in Filmation aside from their outfits there is very little difference between She-Ra/Adora, Glimmer, Catra, Angela, Sorpia, Mermista etc.
    In the Netflix series there is no way anyone could mistake one character for another. Compared to Adora, She-Ra is much larger and muscular. Glimmer is shorter and heavier. Frosta is much shorter and younger. Catra is slightly leaner with more cat features. Scorpia is much larger and the largest of the characters.
    As for the male main characters Hordak, Bow and Seahawk they are also done very ell. Bow's look is quite different from the original but easy to recognise.
    I really like Hordak's new design. He still looks menacing and like a ruler/sorcerer. Seahawk was definitely one of my favourite She-Ra characters in the original and I think his new version is quite true to the original and very funny.

    Not giving away any spoilers but one of the best and most interesting characters in the new series is Shadow Weaver.

    I would actually say the Netflix She-Ra reboot is a far superior reboot compared to the Thundercats 2011 series. The story is close enough to the original and most importantly above all else the characters are interesting and likeable, both the heroes and villains. This was the biggest fault of the 2011 series.

    The show has a good story arc that continues through all 13 episodes. Even including the few stand alone episodes. Again another fault the 2011 had, which was far too many filler episodes.

    Lots of nice references to things from the She-Ra and MOTU cartoons.

    She-Ra is not over powered or invincible, nor can her power sword solve and do everything.

    I don't want to go on and on about it but overall I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend the series to anyone and fans of the original especially. Hopefully the series continues and the second season is even better than the first and it would be really cool if this leads to He-Man becoming a guest/recurring character or even his own show.
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    I've seen all 13 episodes of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It has flaws, sure, but I liked it overall. I pray it gets renewed.

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