SilverHawks Silverhawks coming to DVD!!!!

Discussion in 'Other Cartoons & Collectables' started by MannysCollectibles, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    At last we get Silverhawks from Warner.


  2. AlexofThundera

    AlexofThundera Plun-Darr Legend

    While I am supper happy they are coming out on DVD, again we get treated to WB's over inflated prices. They'll stretch this awesome (My 2nd favorite 80's toon next to Tcats) but short series on to 3 or 4 volumes, and charge us $45.00 each.

    I'll do the same thing for this as I did for Thundercats on DVD... Download the DVDrip's online, and then buy them for much less later on eBay.

    Silverhawks coming out on DVD:thumbsup:

    WB's pricing:mad:
  3. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    I agree 100% or as dancot would say 200%, lol.

  4. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    I think the price will be worth it, SilverHawks is one of those toons I find to be a rare treat :)
  5. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Shop here:

    I really hope sales for Silverhawks DVDs are big, if this happens WB might reward fans w/ a new tv series and who knows a new movie(should be live-action by george lucas)!This show has more potential now,then it did back in the 80's(Silverhawks failed b/c it was too similar to ThunderCats).
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  6. AlexofThundera

    AlexofThundera Plun-Darr Legend

    Looks like 32 episodes for $30 bucks. Thats a little less then a $1 per episode. Not bad. Much better pricing this time around.
  7. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    yes!!!! Silverhawks!!!! can't wait
  8. Originalthundercatroar

    Originalthundercatroar Vortex Explorer

    Oh thank goodness! I was reading all the talk about $44.00 and up and getting sweaty monkey paws! :eek:

    I hope that The Comic Strip is next!!!!!!!!! Love the Tiger Sharks! :thumbsup:

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