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Discussion in 'Super7 ThunderCats Toys' started by balgus82, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I like his transformed form as it is so much more interesting and toyetic.
    Having said that though I like his pre-transformation head design, but the rest of his design is very boring looking.
    Super 7 should include the pre-transformation head with the Mon*Star figure to capture the Kenner toy look.
    Regadless of opinion on Super 7 or their products that digital rendering/prototype of Mon*Star looks amazing.
  2. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones Barbarian

    The head is the main reason why I like the design and he looks more like a monster as opposed to looking like a robot. I never really watched the show but I know that it's set in space so the transformed version does look as though he would work well as a space villain. However, I could imagine his original form on Third Earth. I also think that version of his design would work particularly well in the Thundercats universe.
  3. mjw41

    mjw41 Berserker

    Silverhawks Wave 2

    SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2 - Set of 4 Figures with Mon*Star’s Throne (Pre-Order)

    Regular price$265.00


    The balance between the crime-fighting SilverHawks and Mon*Star & his mobsters has the Limbo Galaxy on a razor’s edge, and Super7’s newest wave of SilverHawks ULTIMATES! may just tip the scales of power! Wave 2 includes Steelwill, Bluegrass, Windhammer, a fearsome new Mon*Star AND his Transformation Chamber Throne, ready to power-up your collection! Pre-order now!

    This set includes the four SilverHawks Wave 2 figures and Mon*Star's Throne.

    The pre-order window for the SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2Figures opens on Wednesday, October 27, 2021at and will close on Monday, November 29, 2021.

    Figures can be ordered individually. We are offering a payment plan option exclusively available for orders that include the SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2 Figures Full Set. Individual figures can be ordered with a Full Set. FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE PAYMENT PLAN CLICK HERE.

    INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Fans outside of the U.S. can order from our International partners. Click HERE for a list of our partners by territory.



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  4. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I think I'm a heck of a lot more likely to get that version of Mon*Starr. Looks pretty awesome. Will and Bluegrass look great as well. Windhammer is....Windhammer. lol It's a good fig of him, but not really interested in the character. He's my least favorite of the Mob design-wise. Wish they had given us Melodia, Mumbo Jumbo or Mo-Lec-U-Lar instead. Or even Yess-Man or Hardware.

    The throne is a hard pass. Way too expensive for what's essentially just a chair.
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  5. mjw41

    mjw41 Berserker

    The Transformation chair is a separate purchase

    SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2 - Mon*Star's Transformation Chamber Throne (Pre-Order)

    Regular price$45.00




    “Moonstar of Limbo, give me the might, the muscle, the menace, of Mon*Star!” When Mon*Star transforms into his mighty armored state he becomes truly frightful, but without the Transformation Chamber Throne to enable the metamorphosis, reciting the triggering incantation might just make him come across as another boastful despot with a penchant for alliteration. The SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Transformation Chamber Throne is highly detailed and is an imposing 8” tall and 9” wide, and deep enough to allow an ULTIMATES!-sized figure to sit in it proudly. Seize your opportunity to get the ULTIMATES! Mon*Star’s Transformation Chamber Throne before it returns to the Limbo Galaxy!

    Figure not included.

    SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2 Figures and Mon*Star's Throne can be ordered individually. We are offering a payment plan option exclusively available for orders that include the SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 2 Figures Full Set. Individual figures can be ordered with a Full Set. FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE PAYMENT PLAN CLICK HERE.
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  6. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Yes, I know. That's why I said it was a hard pass. Why would I pay almost $50 for a toy chair?
  7. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    They especially wasted no time in releasing Mon*Star's normal state in figure form. Bluegrass's colors should be a little deeper, though.
  8. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Berserker

    A very nice looking set of figures, that's for sure. This line is so tempting...must resist!
  9. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I love these figures! That Mon*Star is my favourite if all 8 figures so far. So I got 2!!!!! He is stunning!!!!!! The throne is brilliant. If they do this for SH, what can they do for TC?!?!?
  10. heero_yuy2

    heero_yuy2 Moleman

    It's actually easy to resist if you don't have the money on hand or budget. ;):laugh
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  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Have accurate sculpts and colours. ;):laugh

    It's crazy that they are actually releasing the throne for $45. They should have got rid of some accessories and just included it with Mon*star.
    At least Super 7 learned from Skeletor's throne with Snale Mountain. Mon*star can actually sit properly on his throne.

    Mon*star and Windhammer look really good.
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  12. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Mon-Star looks like the Ancient Spirits of Evil ditched Mumm-Ra and corrupted Lion-O.

    These look cool, if I cared about Silverhawks I'd be all over them. Why do they have so many more accessories than the recent Thundercats figures?
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  13. Ridetofight

    Ridetofight Berbill

    All ordered except windhammer and throne. I love the idea of the throne - having relevant dio elements to give a figure display context - like a good rug, it could really tie a display together. But i just don't plan on having mon-star displayed seated.
    This pre-transformation mon-star is brilliant.
    There are a handful of secondary 'hawks that I love the look of, especially flashback and moon stryker - that i will be sorely disappointed if we don't get. Looking forward to mumbo jumbo on the mob side as well. Super7 delivers on the bigger figures, him and buzzsaw are going to be imposing side by side, let alone 11' mon-star.
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  14. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    This is soooo funny, but sooo true!!! Never realized it until you said it. He does look like a corrupted Lion-O! That’s probably why I like Red Lion-O so much lol.
  15. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones Barbarian

    Yes, that new Mon-Star looks excellent.
  16. ArcticRoar

    ArcticRoar Junior Member

    Yeah, they seem to come with an awful lot of accessories...

    I was wondering if maybe they are paying less for the Silverhawks licensing, so they can throw in more accessories. I've read rumours that Brian Flynn also owns Silverhawks, LLC so maybe they had the one time fee to acquire the license and now they can license to Super7 cheaper than what they pay for Thundercats or Turtles.

    Another idea I had is how the cost evens out over the wave. It's hard to tell without having things in hand, but my gut feeling is the throne is not worth what they are asking, maybe it is subsidizing some of the parts with the other characters. In Thundercats wave 4, Snowman looks huge - his budget is probably borrowing from some of the other figures and maybe that's why Lynxo is coming with almost no accessories?
  17. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Does anyone know if WB have movie rights to Silver Hawks?


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