Super 7 Should Reboot Thundercats Classics.

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Mark M, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    If Super 7 get the licence to make Thundercats figures I think they really need to reboot the Classics line and start fresh.

    A lot of fans wanted Mattel to make Thundercats Classics back in 2009 along with MOTUC but sadly Mattel did not get the Thundercats licence until 2015...and didn't release any toys until late 2016 and cancelled the line before the first subscription figure was even released. Another failed Thaundercats line.

    One massive point that concerned me about the Mattel figures was the re-use of the MOTUC buck body.
    The MOTUC buck body really hasn't aged well compared to other action figure bodies. The buck was even somewhat dated in terms of it's articulation when it was first released at SDCC 2008. The body back then and even now still can't compete with the Marvel Legends or even the Mattel WWE Elite figure bucks.
    But I wont complain about the articulation too much.
    What I think is more important is an accurate sculpt. And that is the big area where the Mattel Thundercats have a problem. Granted the 4 Horsemen put in a lot of sculpt detail etc. But when the base is wrong is it worth while? Any artist knows that if the basic construction is wrong, no amount of detail will make it look 100% correct. It will still be wrong.
    For true cartoon accurate Thundercats toys we need unique sculpts instead of parts being re-used on the dated MOTUC buck.
    DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series/New Adventures toyline has each figure with a unique sculpt and accurate in size to one another.
    The MOTUC buck was fine for MOTU as the original MOTU figures were all made with the same basic bodies and looked very similar to one another. The same goes for their look in the Filmation cartoon.
    Even Mattel's WWE line has every figure in the correct scale to one another! And that's a low end mass retail line.
    Looking at the seven Thundercats figures Mattel released they are all in the wrong scale compared to one another. With Mumm-Ra kind of being the exception being the exception, I am not saying is correct but we need to use someone to measure the others against...and Kit and Kat being generous but still a bit too big compared to Mumm-Ra.
    If we use Mumm-Ra as the measuring guide then Lion-O is way too short, Panthro and especially Pumyra and Jackalman are too tall. Then of course aside from height there is the build and proportion issues. Aside from being way too tall Jackalman is way to bulky to be a proper representation of how Jackalman looked in the cartoon.

    I understand a lot of people (scalpers especially LOL:roflmao) invested in the Mattel line but considering the dated MOTUC buck, scale and price issues...and let's not forget the quality control and design/engineering issues, do you really want Super 7 to continue the Mattel Thundercats line?
    I for one would love Super 7 to start over and correct Mattel's mistakes and give Thundercats the respect it deserves and make proper cartoon accurate action figures.
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  2. Serval

    Serval Crabman

    Sounds good, but, in actuality, the fans would risk another chance of having an incomplete line. It would, in effect, open the doors for Super 7 to create the first batch of characters, and then abandon the line midway, just like Mattel (seemingly, but perhaps not really) and Bandai before them. The Mattel Thundercat line is a mixed bag. Panthro, the Kittens, Mumm-Ra and Jackalman are more or less perfect. Lion-O and Pumyra look a bit off but are decent. Overall, I give the line an 8/10. Bandai had a better Lion-O, though.

    If they do decide to REBOOT the line, they should consider a Filmation series.

    P.S: Perhaps, you should consider picking up the line before the scalpers really jack up the price (with the advent of Series 2)
  3. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    No I have no interest in getting the Mattel Thundercats figures. Not a fan of the MOTUC buck or how the majority of the figures turned out.
    I have to disagree. I think Jackalman is way to bulky and tall to look like he did in the cartoon. Panthro looks fine aside from his height.
    I prefer the Mattel figures head but the Bandai body and accessories.
    That is a good point though and what I was getting at. Would the fans just prefer the line to keep going in the MOTUC style or with new unique sculpts.
    They way I look at it is they should strive to make the best and most accurate figures they can. Mattel's DC Universe figures are another good example. All those figure were made on the basic buck and they all looked so generic compared the vastly superior figures DC Direct/Collectibles make with unique sculpts and varying heights.
  4. Chase W

    Chase W Junior Member

    I don't see S7 taking on all that add cost for new sculpts for figures that just got released a year or so ago. I would be happy if they kept the core team figures (Lion-O, Panthro and Kittens) available for sale as they issue new figures. At least they should do one time reissue of the Mattel line.
  5. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    I dont think the entire line would need to be redone. Lion-O and possibly Pumyra (she is to tall) could be reworked but I think the others work just fine. given that the 4 horsemen would most likely do any future figures. I think we're ok.
  6. Gerrit

    Gerrit Berserker

    I dont agree with this. I think they should just continue this line we were waiting for for so long. The figures are good enough and I for one like the ones we have so far. Yes there can be some improvements, but even Heman had more than one version to get him right. Hehe ... also the line is now so far that restarting will just break the speed now even more. Lets get Tygra and Cheetara so we have a long lost TC team at least !!
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  7. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I second that Gerrit.
    I don't think this line deserves another reboot, and to be honest, I LOVE these figures. Yes, even with their flaws, I think this is the best version of the cats ever. Sure Pumyra is a bit too tall and the kittens' eyes a tad too big, but I really think these are great representations. Saying they're not good enough and expecting the 4H to redo them is like telling them your first try wasn't good enough. They did a fantastic job. Scale will always be a problem and that's something one has to accept. QC issues will also always be part of the package. S7 can continue this line as is. Granted, they can give us new heads down the line if it becomes a demand from fans, but I'll die a happy man if this is the last TC figures we'll ever get in my lifetime lol. (Obviously, it needs to continue...) I do however hear you Mark M. With respect though, I think it's purely a matter of taste I guess. You have some good arguments but I'm not one who cares about much of them purely because I love what they've done and would love for it to continue in the style it currently is being made.
  8. TCatsfan

    TCatsfan Glass Walker

    I agree. I like how these look. Id rather let S7 continue rather than starting over which I dont think they will do. I cant wait to add Cheetara and Tygra. I think they will look amazing.
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  9. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    Agreed, they really do look amazing. And I think Tygra and Cheetara will really be awesome figures. Just look at how well Panthro turned out :panthro
  10. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Well...yes that is exactly what they need told. Sadly that is something all professional artists have to put up with. Sometimes things have to be redone to please the client etc. They already had to redo Lion-O and Pumyra's head sculpts because they were not good enough. Hasbro, NECA and other companies have all had to listen to fan feedback to improve their products so I really don't understand why Maattel/4 Horsemen should be any different.
    Sadly the standards of the toy industry today has changed quite a bit since the launch of MOTUC...and even prior to that and scale is something that really should not be a problem anymore. Numerous other lines have taken steps to insure they have correct scale. Hasbro's Marvel Legends line has invested in several different bodies to insure specific characters are built on the right proportioned body. Same for Mattel's WWE line! Yet in the 8 years of MOTUC Matty did not really invest in any new bucks.
    I understand a lot of you have invested in the line but I really think you should hold companies to higher standards rather than falling into the 'I'm just grateful they are being made' mentality.
    Hopefully for those of you collecting the line or those wishing for better versions Super 7 can do a Lion-O and Pumyra 2.0 that address the height and QC issues. With those two fixed the line would look a lot better when displayed.
  11. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    I dont think telling 4H to redo them is necessarily a smack in the face. They were forced to used the MOTUC buck. if they were able to create a new buck that would be acceptable without stepping on anyones toes. I'm completely ok with what they have already done. but if they were going to redo some things, I wouldnt mind a leaner Lion-O and shorter Pumyra....but thats nit picking at this point. I would rather they just continue the line and possibly do re-issues later.
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  12. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I think you missed the point I tried to make. Besides that I'm grateful that we got new TC, I am actually very pleased with them. I don't think they have to be told that they didn't do a good enough job. They actually did a bloody good job. Everybody will have their own gripes and issues with it, which is fine, I too have some small issues, but that doesn't put me off the figures. I love them the way they are as these are according to me the best representation we've ever had and I don't see how it can be improved on. I'm a satisfied customer. I understand you don't like it, and you've mentioned it long before the figures came out that you won't be supporting the line, but if you want a new batch of figures made, I doubt S7 is going to be your answer here. This is the type of figures that the 4H design, and this is going to be the type of figures S7 will be releasing. If you don't like that, that is totally your prerogative and I respect that. I want S7 to continue this line in this style as it's exactly what I wanted. If Bandai SH Figuarts make figures, they will be much different and perhaps in a style that you prefer. I just like this. It really is a matter of taste in the end. (no offence meant)
  13. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Better cartoon accurate proportions and improved articulation and less quality control issues! :biggrin
    No I get what you meant Sebastiaan. I hope they continue to please all you guys collecting the line. Who knows...maybe if the Super 7 figures look good I may end up getting some. As much as I am not a big fan of the MOTUC buck it was good on some MOTUC figures. With Matty and Digital River no longer involved that's already a step in the right direction. :thumbsup
    Considering how unsuccessful and dated the Thundercats franchise has become, almost as much as MOTU, I really doubt Bandai Japan will ever bother with it in the S.H. Figuarts line.
  14. catgurl

    catgurl Moleman

    Why should one HAVE to accept QC issues and scale problems? Numerous other toylines don't have such issues. I'm sure there must be some who have them but most big and reputable toy companies do not, and Mattel is a big and reputable toy company.

    The Bandai 2011 TCats figures for example did not have any problems with their scale nor did they have any QC issue at all, and these were produced in mass retail. So why should toys that are produced in limited amounts for adult collectors and are almost twice the price of other toys their size have so many QC issues? There's no logical explanation for that.
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  15. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Surely by now you should know that the logical explanation is that Mattel made all the high quality adult collectibles on such as MOTUC and Thundercats at a loss and made barely any profit. The fact they made the lines at all was a gift to the fans, and those fans should just be grateful they were made at all.;):rolleyes::roflmao
    It's odd how Mattel's collector lines where never up to the quality standards of their excellent mass retail WWE line.
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  16. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    While I agree that with the subscription model we should expect the highest standards of QC with the figures. Saying the 2011 figures had no issues just isn't true though. I bought a lot of the Tygra and Liono-O classics and I'd say only about one in five had the eyes done perfectly. Most where a bit off, while a few were completely wonky. I also got a Liono-O with 2 right arms.
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  17. catgurl

    catgurl Moleman

    So a line that is constantly incurring a loss is still kept on going by Mattel for 8 years??? ;)

    I feel that if there is something wrong with a product, people should speak up and not be afraid that it would result in cancellation of said product. Didn't fans complain about the look of the first prototype Lion-O that Mattel released? That one was just Lion-O's face painted on He-Man's head.

    Mattel heeded the complains and changed it to a brand new sculpt with a different face and hair which is a lot closer to the cartoon Lion-O. Now if folks had just been grateful, they would have ended up with "He-Man cosplaying as Lion-O". :biggrin

    The face of the Mattel Lion-O is beautifully sculpted, probably the closest likeness to the cartoon than any other Lion-O figure. But what's the point of going through all that trouble if in the end it is just going to have goops of paint thrown onto it and the eyes painted like Ed the Hyena from "The Lion King"?

    Mattel's love and dedication for the line is visible from the poorly written bios on the back of the boxes. Seriously they couldn't have taken a few minutes to write that properly? The answer is, they could have, but they don't care because "fans" are going to be grateful and buy the figures and love them nevertheless.
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  18. catgurl

    catgurl Moleman

    I'm sorry, I wasn't actually referring to the Bandai Classics but rather the figures based on the 2011 cartoon line. Though technically the Classics were released in 2011 so I can see how my statement sounds that way. I should have phrased it better. Apologies for that.

    I was referring to the 2011 cartoon based figures, which didn't have QC issues and which were in scale. Lion-O wasn't taller than Panthro. That would have just been odd. And the paint application is pretty darn good too.

    Whoa! A Lion-O with two right arms? That must be quite a sight! :biggrin I'm guessing you buy multiples of these for your custom projects? I LOVE those!!! Best customs I've seen in a long time. If you don't mind me asking, what figure are you working on next?
  19. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    The hands were correct, just the forearm and bicep were off, so it didn't look too bad. Just frustrating to not be usable.

    I'm not working on a custom right now, but the next one will be Lynxo I think. Once I get my Matty Pumyra I'll only need him to complete the lineup of good guys, and luckily with the size of Pumyra, that's should all be in scale.
  20. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Bandai's 2011 Thundercats were far better in scale than Playmates 2012 TMNT figures. In the cartoon the huge Leatherhead figure is the same as the smallest turtle Michelangelo. After the first series of figures the scale went all over the place with the larger characters being greatly reduced in size. Granted though that is a cost saving measure for children to collect the line as that is the main audience it is aimed at. The lack of paint apps also really hurt the look of the TMNT figures.
    No Mattel never had any losses from MOTUC, they just never made a huge profit, what with having to pay for such high quality control standards. ;) MOTUC was a super successful line from start to finish constantly selling out (it's not like all the sold out characters would mysteriously appear again in a sale or on Mattel's sites and still be available :D ) in minutes. Of course the fact they were selling out in minutes had nothing to do with opportunistic fans trying to get as many as they could to sell at a profit, they just had to show how much they loved the franchise. :laugh :roflmao
    That first Lion-O head sculpt could have been a SDCC exclusive. Lion-O disguise He-Man.
    I like the Mattel head sculpt. It is a work of art compared to the Mezco head.

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