Super 7 Should Reboot Thundercats Classics.

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Mark M, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Firstly, I have to thank you for being an adult and responding like one. Usually whenever I point out any of Mattel's flaws, a few thin-skinned folks attack me like little kids. It is nice to actually have a civilized discussion with someone like you. :)

    I totally get your point and your love for the Mattel figures. As far as sculpting and design go, they are definitely the most cartoon accurate Thundercats figures produced so far. The Mattel Lion-O is in my opinion better looking than LJN, Bandai, and Mezco Lion-Os. Even the other figures are very cartoon accurate. I too love their look. Pumyra is a little tall and Jackalman is a little bulky, but that's not a really big issue.

    My gripe is the QC. You are right that every product will have some QC issues. But we are talking about a few 100 defective products in a production of a 1,000,000. We are talking about a percentage of 0.01% defective. That is totally acceptable. But when we come to the Mattel figures, they are made in a much smaller quantity and yet the figures with QC issues are far too many. Whenever I point this out, Mattet fans' defense is that you can always return the figure and Mattel will replace it. That is not the issue. The issue is why are there so many QC problems in the first place?

    Every second review I see of the Mattel Lion-O and WilyKat, the reviewers point out the bad paint application, scratches, stains of different colors, dents. These shouldn't be there. And most of these QC issues are just because of plain laziness. I'm not talking about Pumyra's height or Jackalman's bulkiness. These are how they were designed, and while not ideal, I don't mind them as much. But painting the figures sloppily is laziness. Poor grammar and errors in the bio is laziness.

    If buyers have to pray before opening their figure, fearing that they might have to return the figures due to QC problems, then that doesn't paint a good image of Mattel.
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  3. Mark M

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    Well the only problem with Mattel fans making that statement is that it is only half true. Yes you can return said item, but due to the limited quantity of stock, the buyers always run the risk of not getting a replacement if there is no more replacement stock left. Sadly due the wait for international postage and the people who waited for all their figures to be sent in a single shipment, a lot of people lost out on getting their figures replaced.
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    Hopefully whatever comes next is better, at least in the business aspects. I agree that with high prices should come high expectations. With subscriptions should come benefits. I think there is too much hyperbole both ways. While the sky is not falling here, at the same time there are valid criticisms to be had and they are constructive. We will not live in a society of alternative facts, because there is no other way forward. I definitely like what I see from Super 7 so far.

    While I wouldn't mind seeing things redone as Pumyra's scale, Lion-O's build, and Wilykat's sleeve do bother me, and the articulation of these figures is not even as good as the Bandai ones, they are close enough that if it was going to be questionable again on whether we would get a full, well flushed out line, then I would rather just continue on from here.

    Considering that we don't even know if they line will continue yet, I wouldn't want to get greedy at this point. I think their best best is to find a middle ground on new figures where they are improved but not to the point where they make this first run seem out of place.
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    It's a pleasure Catgurl. :thumbsup
    On subject though, like Mark said, living abroad is very often the reason most of us shut up about it. Plus knowing that Matty shut down has meant for many others that their QC returns were refunded instead of replaced. Sad, very sad. I do however hope and think that S7 will be different. It seems like it at least so far.

    (And don't get me started on those bios. Some of them were really poor. Shocking to say the least.)
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  6. Mark M

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    From what I know and have heard of Super 7 it seems everyone dealing with them will have a far better experience than dealing with Matty Collector.
  7. catgurl

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    Well said! And I agree with you. I think S7 should start by completing the core line-up (Tygra, Cheetara, Jackalman, Monkian etc.). They should make sure that these don't have the QC issues that have been pointed out. Also try to make sure that these new figures fit in with the ones already produced.

    At this moment there is no point in re-making the same figures (Lion-O, Pumyra etc.) because pretty much everybody who collects TC toys has already bough the Mattel figures whether they liked them or not. Maybe later down the line, they could release "fixed" versions of these figures, maybe included together with a vehicle or playset.

    I'm quite curious to see how Cheetara turns out. Will they make her as tall as Pumyra? or use a different buck?

    That would be very good. I hope S7 handles the TC line with the respect that it deserves.
  8. Mark M

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    I agree. Judging by the pics of the first MOTUC figures Super 7 are releasing a lot of the MOtTUC fans are happy. The Filmation Hawke and New Adventures Quake look pretty cool. They seem to have already made a change by giving Hawke a diaphragm joint, something I believe was missing from all the MOTUC female figures.
    IF Super 7 get the licence I think the Thundercats line will do very well compared to how it was handled by Matty. :D
  9. Cheetoro

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    Wouldn't it be cool if Toonami on Cartoon Network starting showing the classic ThunderCats cartoon again for awhile? I find it ironic that Warner Bros. would be so fickle about licensing this out while making zero effort themselves to keep this great brand relevant.
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  10. Mark M

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    I don't think the issue was them being fickle. Just greedy wanting more than what the licence was really worth. Over the last 10+ years a few companies approached Mattel to make Thundercats figures based on the old cartoon but could not agree on a deal due to what WB were asking for the licence.
  11. Serval

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    I think the classic show has aged relatively gracefully. It could benefit from being digitally remastered with enhanced colors. Is there a way to speed up the frame rate? That would certainly help, as well.
  12. Cheetoro

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    It really stands out among the 80's cartoons made just to sell toys, that's for sure. The only real drawback to me is that continuity wasn't as tight as it could have been and a lot of the voices are too similar due to the small cast playing lots of characters. But other than that, it's a really solid show with high quality animation and a good message.
  13. Berserker

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    Which is so absurd from a business standpoint because you have a license based on a show and toyline from the 80's that is almost entirely based on nostalgia. I would think they'd want to take advantage of that and make the license easier to get. At least it seems they've softened there stance but man so many missed opportunities to get Thundercats stuff out there to the fans.
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  14. Mark M

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    I completely agree. Just think how things would be for the Thundercats franchise if several years ago NECA, Diamond Select or one of the other companies that were interested had started making figures during the time when all the other 80's [properties were making their comebacks.
    Funny how they never seemed to have a problem giving the rights for companies to make statues....which sell no where near as well as action figures.

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