SuperRobs Thundercat Collection

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Collector's Showcase' started by SuperRob, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. SuperRob

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  2. Lordore

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    Great collection SuperRob!

    I like how you have hang up the Thunderclaw and the Skytter, it makes a nice battle scene:thumbsup:

    The Batmobile..oups sorry;) i meant Thundertank seems to be in mint condition!

    Also, great Thundercats Comic collection!
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  3. SuperRob

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    Thanks lordore, Yeah I thought hanging them up would look pretty cool I also have the hovercat hung up as well but forgot to take a picture of that...but you can see it in the thundercats figures page,

    Hahaha :D i do have the batmobile as it goes, all 4 of them lol ....but yes the thundertank is in pretty good condition for its age its got all its tracks and doors!

    Yeah im working on my comic and book collection :) I need the sticker album also :)
  4. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I always preferred Tim Barton's version, so stylish and sleek, a pefect match for Batman!:cool: The Tumbler though has tank-like technial specifications for more functions!!

    Frankly speaking! Which one do you think would perform better in action: Panthro's Baby the Thundertank or Batman's Batmobile??? :panthro::D

    Hey Keep it up!!
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  5. SuperRob

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    Yes you cant beat tims version I love it its my favourite :)

    thats a tough one but I think I would pick panthros thundertank,...I cant see the batmobile drilling through rocks and fireing laser guns at giant rock monsters ....or falling over a cliff and using rocket power to get back up! panthros thundertank all the way ..... :D I hope they do a batman/thundercats cross over one day in a comic or something like they did superman and thundercats

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