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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Fan-Fiction' started by HillsHollow, Aug 28, 2011.

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  2. chique

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    Fleur D'Amour by fuuko no miko
    Vignettes on my favorite Thundercat couple. Spans the whole first season and maybe a little more
    Fills in some of the empty space regarding Tygra and Cheetara's relationship

    Synergy by Yumiko Kaze
    Cheetara asks some questions that make Tygra think about the relationship between magic and technology. Sometimes things aren't as different as we like to believe.

    Saving Face by Yumiko Kaze
    As a Cleric Cheetara feels unable to show her emotions in front of the group, so she goes off alone to mourn Jaga. One shot featuring some emotion I (Yumiko, not me:)) feel she lacks in the show

    Unity by Yumiko Kaze
    The WilyKittens manage to stir up an argument to which there is only one solution. Sparring. Everyone grows a little closer and learns that they've lost a lot, but they still have each other.
    The Better Cat by lyn452
    Lion-O questioned if the Sword of Omens meant to choose his brother – Tygra seemed to win everything else, after all, Cheetara included.

    Its really good! Interesting ideas. Its not a bash Lion-O or Tygra fic.
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  3. Lady Ocelli

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    I've read most of Yumiko Kaze's work and I love the one that explains how Tygra got his armor.
  4. chique

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    Moving Out of the Light by Idiosynthesize
    Set during The Duelist and the Drifter. Tygra needs to come into his own.

    Lost in Gray by idiosynthesize
    Takes place between the first two scenes of S01E09 Berbils. The Thundercats find themselves cold, wet and stuck.

    Paradigm shift by Yumiko Kaze
    Before leaving Thundera, Tygra comes to the conclusion that he needs to change his way of thinking. Also, my explanation of how Tygra got that Halo armor.
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  5. rae.keys

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    Sacrifice » by MadroxMR Lion-o has always felt inferior to his skillful and proud older brother. Little does he know that beneath Tygra's confident exterior lies a terrible secret that may shatter him for good. 2011-verse

    I really like this one; looking forward to the exploration of the brothers relationship and Tygra's past.
  6. Tygrastripes

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  7. chique

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    The Lion and the Lamb by VampireVixenchick
    When Lord Claudus and his men go off to check on a strange fire in a neighboring village outside Thundera’s walls they are greeted by tragedy and despair and a day that will change the king forever
  8. rae.keys

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    From Eldora with love- primarily about the kittens and their goal, but gives some nice insight into the others as well as world building - I just ignore the spelling error ;)
    Sink or swim - I terribly wish this was canon, even placed later would be awesome, because it gets into Tygra's head, moves him to a support role for Lion-O, and remains in character the whole time and has the Wilys.
  9. chique

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    Bedtime Stories by Anonymous
    Your life is the sum of the stories you grew up believing.

    I'm really growing fond of stories like this. The show is very action heavy, so fics about the group just lazing about and getting to know each other are great.
  10. Eclipse

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    I found it a while ago and it keeps getting better as each chapter is added. She's done an amazing job profiling the characters and depicting them as close to what we see on TV as could be hoped for.

    Well, need I say more? Go read it! :)
  11. Lady Ocelli

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    These are some of my faves. - A Thunderian cub, enlaved by Mutants, learns courage and worth. - the lioness tries to find her place amung the thundercats - Lion-O finds his long-lost twin sister in this fic. - Mumm-Ra trades brute strength for beauty and cunning for coy, in a new approach to defeating his feline foes.
  12. Daremonger

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    I've been reading ThunderCats 2011 fics written by the likes of Anzu Fan, chibimaker, Yumiko Kaze, Ice Krystal, Prairie24, and KaliAnn. Such stories are needed in order to keep the modern ThunderCats cartoon alive and well.
  13. chique

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  14. Daremonger

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    Just read that fic. A very interesting backstory for Pumyra.
  15. chique

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    Desert Sun by Two Lips
    Pumyra has a few things to show Lion-O, if he's willing to listen.

    Homecoming by Two Lips
    Years after they last left the elephant village, the Thundercats return.

    The fur on Your Tongue by Two Lips
    There are old silences between Cheetara and Tygra, and they are still striving to fill them.
    *Not nearly as graphic as the title might imply. Rated T
  16. Daremonger

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    I read up on those three stories, too. ^^
  17. chique

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  18. Daremonger

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    A great story that I'm loving.
  19. Tygrastripes

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    Clarity, Daremonger? Then I'm honored and thank you! And thank you chique, I'm overjoyed you find my tale good enough to rec it! ;) Chapter 6 up in a few days!

    I would also like to recommend

    Desert Sun by Two Lips
    Pumyra has a few things to show Lion-O if he's willing to listen...
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  20. Daremonger

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    You're welcome, Tygrastripes. :cool:

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