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  1. HeMan

    HeMan Glass Walker

    i tried watching the new teen titans go and my goodness, i can't believe DC comics entertainment actually green lit this show and chose to end young justice. and if i could ask, what is up with the kiddy/toddler tone instead of the original mature tone of the series?
  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    That's the new show's intent.
  3. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    To drive old fans away, reducing the possible viewership? Seems like a good idea. Not.
  4. HeMan

    HeMan Glass Walker

    well i am definitely not a fan of this version of teen titans. i am also confused as to why they would bring this show back just to change it and take away the things that made the show so popular during it's original run.
  5. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Ugh I saw the Teen Titans travesty this morning. They go on an epic quest....To make a Sandwich!

    That's it. Some mythical sandwich from one of Raven's books. With sandwich guardians. And magic lettuce, tomato, and bacon.

    Seriously were they high when they thought that up?
  6. HeMan

    HeMan Glass Walker

    they must be high if they think this series is gonna be much more successful than Young justice and Green lantern. the way things are going, i'm scared about the new batman series that's coming soon too.
  7. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I actually liked the Teen Titans, Go! series premiere. I'll be sure to watch the show every week.
  8. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I think the first episode of it will probably get extremely good ratings just due to the amount of people curious, but due to the vast amounts of negative comments I've seen online, the ratings will most likely drop after that. It won't be getting any more views from me. I think the show ultimately fails because they're essentially dumbing down a show already aimed for kids. If their excuse for making it this terrible is to attract younger audiences, then why would they change it from the original show, which did a fantastic job of getting kids, teens, and even adults to like it? And I will state again Cartoon Network's horrible business plan of catering to only one age group instead of having shows that can be entertaining for everyone.

    I'm hoping the show gets axed after the first season, much like the other action shows. Considering it only holds about a 5/10 on IMDB and a 4.7/10 on TV.com, they may want to re-think their choice with this series.
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  9. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Just watched it myself and my god, what were they thinking ? T__T
    They basically took the original show and dumbed it down so 2 year olds understand it.
  10. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    It doesn't matter what it's score is on sites like imdb, etc. it's the ratings and it did really good and if it continues to do really good then were stuck with this crap.
  11. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    The ratings dropped from 5 million on the pilot to 2 million this week. Normally shows do lose a few hundred thousand viewers after the pilot, but not 3 million people, which is more than half of the original audience. Seeing there is no real merchandise yet, a 2.0 will not keep a show alive. I guess using Adobe Flash instead of decent animation is pretty inexpensive, though.
  12. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    Well the ratings drop is good news but your right the cost to keep something crappy around isn't nearly as high as any of the good shows that ended on CN.
  13. AirMuseServalia

    AirMuseServalia Berserker

    I just saw it today. OH MY GAWD! IT'S AWWWWWWWWFULLLL! PG for parental guidance? The original was Y7 and it sort of had a more solid storyline. What's CN's problem?! I thought it was supposed to be kid friendly the way you guys talked. The humor, storyline, and I can't say how much I dislike the art style. It's just terrible. I understand the direction they were sort of going by making a cute chibi version of the show like how the Japanese do, but...just no. Almost like they were trying to rip off the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show's style or the Powerpuff Girls. It didn't work and it doesn't look good in Flash animation.
  14. Originalthundercatroar

    Originalthundercatroar Vortex Explorer

    I never really watched Teen Titans much, but I respected its humor, and the nods to the DC comics that the characters came from, and the stories were quite well written.

    How could they go from that, to what they have now? It's a pale imitation.

    If you enjoy this new Titans show, I'm happy for you, and that something that you loved lives again, which is few and far between in the world of animation- but I don't think that I'm the demographic they're shooting for.

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  15. Ideal

    Ideal Glass Walker

    i asked my kids (5 and 7) which they preferred, Teen Titans Go or Young Justice, and they said they prefer TTG

    i think it comes down to the fact that the show is fun for kids to watch.

    while YJ had great animation, action and a storyline that i was willing to follow for a few more seasons, it was a very serious cartoon. great for the older crowd, but not so much for younger crowd

    its kind of hard for a 4 year old to comprehend that Miss Martian just lobotomized Aqualad even though he is really a good guy, and it isnt the funnest trying to explain it either

    as a fan of the first Teen Titans, and an even bigger fan of Young Justice, this show IS a slap in the face, but it appears that, at least on my end, DC is hitting its new intended audience, whether we like it or not
  16. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Apparently it isn't hitting too hard. It only got 1.4 million viewers last week. For a prime time premiere that's unacceptable. Judging from the patterns, it's probably going to drop further as the series goes on.
  17. MarianaTCdreams

    MarianaTCdreams Barbarian

    Maybe it's only on at prime time in only one time zone. Nevertheless, I know that the children where I am are still at school and may not have time to watch television at prime time. Maybe the show will get better ratings after school lets out for the summer.
  18. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Hopefully it won't. This show needs to die faster than any other series out there.
  19. Hammy

    Hammy Junior Member

    Slightly off topic. But it's in the DC vein. Have any of you ladies & or gents checked out Injustice-Gods among us?

    I was on the fence about it. But when I actually played it, it's quite good. And really, it's great for DC fans. As far as teen titans, it has Cyborg & Raven in there (in their adult form).
  20. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I've had it since the day it came out. I'm not huge on video games but I really liked it. Kind of sad when a Cyborg in a video game is closer to the one in Teen Titans than the one in the new show.

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