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    Good point! Come to think of it, why Ro-Bear Bill and Belle? I mean if the people of Third Earth came under any sort of attack, would the Berbils really be able to fight for them or protect them? Highly doubtful considering their gentle, non-violent nature and crude weaponry.

    But I guess the thing is that there aren't really many "warrior-ish" Third Earth natives to begin with. Apart from Snowman, the Warrior Maidens, and the Tuskas, most of the other natives (Wollos, Bolkins, Molemen, Brutemen etc.) are always the ones requiring protection and incapable of offering it to others. Perhaps Mumm-Rana and Sondora might be a good choice to be the Guardians as well since they possess some magical powers. :)
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    Absolutely - I thought of that myself a while back but forgot to mention it, regarding the Berbils!

    You're right of course, that they aren't really capable in the fighting department - BUT look at how many times Robear-Bill has been the source of knowledge for them. The Berbils make up for their lack of fighting prowess when it comes to knowledge/wisdom.

    And again, I did think of, but forgot to mention, Mumm-Rana. Her magical attributes might well come in handy!
    Although because of my lack of savvy on the later series, I never thought of Sondora.
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    I don't know why the TCs took the time and work to rebuild the Tower of Omens in the first place. Just to have some place to leave Tygra at? At leats he and Pumyra could have stayed together in CatsLair.

    Can you imagine each of them, alone in those huge buildings? Not to talk about maintenance works...
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    Agreed. I think this was a simple case of the writers forgetting that the Tower had been destroyed.
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    Apart from which - if it was to be one per building, shouldn't it have been the other way round? Tygra in Cats Lair and Pumyra in the Tower of Omens?
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    Agreed. I always found the assignment odd as you think they would be more familiar with the opposite buildings.
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    I always thought that way too.
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    In my head, with the Tower of Omens destroyed and nearly all the ThunderCats on New Thundera permanently, Tygra and Pumyra would be working together at Cat's Lair.
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  9. In my mind, Snarfer remained in the Tower of Omens, and the Berbils took residence in Cats Lair. After all, they helped build it, and now that the ThunderCats are on New Thundera and are no longer around to protect them, they need a secure place to live on 3rd Earth since they will not be returning to Ro-Ber.
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