The Crow (1994)

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    This year is the 20th anniversary to one of the coolest comic book films, one of the finer 90s action films and a nice mix of gothic horror, realistic crime drama and dark fantasy.

    This is Alex Proyas's best film with Dark City and what a nice cast this has like Brandon Lee (RIP), Ernie Hydson and David Patrick Kelly, atmosphere, gritty dark themes, grim violence and good storytelling.

    I saw this movie 4 times in theaters when i was 12 and loved it, i even bought the graphic novel with the cards, t-shirt, mug, poster and CD soundtrack as it became one of my favorite movies ever.

    The film has became an influential cult classic after being a box-office hit and critical hit and some directors like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Guillermo Del Toro and some others liked this one.

    Who thinks this predates Nolan's Batman trilogy, Sin City, Watchmen etc. in terms of dark gritty atmospheric comic noir films?
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    if you want to get technical, of course it predates those other films. it literally came before the others

    however, it terms of influence, both Sin City and Watchmen are almost exact translations of the comic source material, and both comics predate The Crow, so i dont think The Crow really paved the way for anything as far as those 2 movies are concerned

    The Crow was special because it came during a time when everything was "dark". movies, comics, everything. but in the midst of all of that, it managed to find purpose behind how dark and gritty it was, instead of being dark for the sake of being dark

    the film holds such a unique spot that it has pretty much taken on a timeless aspect, not just as what a comic movie could be, but a movie in general. it had action, emotion, story, and great acting. thats a combination that is rarely achieved, even today.

    the worst thing they could have done was try to capitalize on the first movie and make all the sequels
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    I still have not seen the original 1994 Crow movie.
  4. KorbenDallas

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    And would you also compare the film to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy? it is similar in aspects
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    The Crow is one of my all-time favorite horror/action movies, as well as being one of the best films of the '90's. A great film to watch at anytime, but especially around Halloween. I like how most of the film takes place at night, which really adds to the brooding atmosphere. The city may as well be another character in the film, i.e. the gothic cathedral, old & run-down buildings, etc. Also love the early '90's hard rock/alternative/goth/industrial soundtrack - superb, and really adds to the movie; this is definitely one of my top five favorite film soundtracks. And, The Crow Blu-ray was one of the first Blu's I got after I first got my player about 5 years ago.

    It's also worth noting that long before the theatrical release of The Crow in late Spring 1994, the film had a lot of buzz because Brandon Lee had been accidentally killed during the filming. So, if he hadn't, I wonder if the film would have done as well in the theater, and/or if it would have gotten as much of a cult following as it has. I know that this gives the film an extremely creepy tone/vibe that it wouldn't have had otherwise; i.e., the movie is about a guy who comes back to "life" to exact revenge on an injustice that happened to him - and, the actor who plays that role died a violent death on the set of that very film (yes, it was an accident, but that doesn't change what happened). Very disturbing.

    I saw some of the Crow sequels that came out later, but they were not even close close to being as good as the original.

    Also wanted to mention the great Crow b&w comic book, that the film is based on. Excellent, and worth checking out if you haven't done so already.
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