The Dark Knight Rises

Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by Movie-Brat, Dec 19, 2011.

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    pretty much the only thing i can think about when this movie comes up is how much that is NOT Bane in the movie.

    so far they have kept a realistic, yet faithful, adaptation of each of the characters. everything i've seen and heard so far about this version of Bane is 100% new, with the exception of him needing a stimulant to keep going (although it is an inhaled painkiller instead of injected super serum)

    im sure the movie will be great, but i will have to completely pretend that the little guy Batman is fighting is someone other than Bane
  3. CodeofThundera

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    I'm not a fan of the new Batman series. Batman Begins was ok, but overall, I don't like Christian Bale as Batman - a little too dark and serious for my tastes. Give me Michael Keaton as Batman any day. I absolutely hated the last one that had the joker in it. Wish I hadn't of wasted my money to see it. So not sure if I'll see this new one or not.
  4. Movie-Brat

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    Word is that Bane is pretty much a monster in the new film according to the opening prologue.
  5. KorbenDallas

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    Come on Code, at least Nolan's movies improved over Schumacher's crap.

    I'm looking forward to this one since it has Bane and Catwoman, i'm enjoying Nolan's take on Batman. I've been a Batman fan since 89 when i was 7 seeing Burton's movie 5 times in theaters, having merchandise, eating the cereal, having the VHS and NES game for christmas, reading the comics and watching the 60's show. I even saw the sequel 4 times in theaters, had merchandise including SNES game and VHS for christmas, ate the cereal and watched TAS religiously ever afternoon when i was 10.

    I still think Kevin Conroy is the best Batman.
  6. thegoldenjet09

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    Yeah, i'm not too happy with the way that Bane looks. Im even unhappier with catwoman.
  7. Lordore

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    I am a huge Batman fan and i've always considered Allan Moore's, Frank miller's, Grant Morrison's and Loeb's stories one of the finest examples which elevate the comic book industry into great artistic achievements.

    The Dark Knight was such a great movie and has rightfully earned the third place at the All-time USA BOX office. One of the best movies that i've ever seen.

    TDKR will close Nolan's take in Batman and i expect to be a major hit in the summer. However, i am really turned down by Anne Hathaway cast in Catwoman/Selina Kyle. I trust Nolan's tremendous skills in transforming his actors and actresses but i keep my fingers crossed if she can deliver. Actually i can't see her playing anything else than the Prada movies. I hope her choice won't be detrimental to the new Batman movie.

    I am also collecting the Hot toys Batman and i will be posting them sometime in the future
  8. Movie-Brat

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    Did anyone see the prologue that was attached to Mission Impossible 4 in the IMAX screenings?
  9. Lordore

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    i saw the movie but i don't remember a DKR trailer or anything similar
  10. Movie-Brat

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    Well, WB did say the prologue would come with the 70mm prints of MI-4.
  11. Lordore

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    talking about Bats,Well here's about Spiders, a new trailer of the AS has just been released:

    I think Marvel and Mark Webb are trying to do what Nolan did for Batman, give a dark as well as mature tone to the whole concept
    The trailer is very impressive and promising
  12. Movie-Brat

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    I'll make a seperate thread for Spidey if anyone wants.
  13. Lordore

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    Go on Movie-Brat!, No prob
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    *drools* That is so cool.
  16. Lordore

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  17. Movie-Brat

    Movie-Brat Berserker

    I saw it last night, it gets better and better with every trailer.
  18. KorbenDallas

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    Looks cool and Anne Hathaway looks cute as Catwoman.

    Will she live to other actresses who played the character like Michelle Pfefier, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Adrienne Barbeau and Gina Gershon and Elisha Dushku?
  19. MoonKnight

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    I can't wait for this movie :D I used to think the last one was overrated until I watched it and itgot me hooked
  20. Lordore

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    I am watching TDK for the 10th time. What an epic movie, Nolan really hit the nail in the head with this one. It's so sophisticated and has taken the comic book movie adaptations to another level.For me it's not just a great movie but one of the best in the history of Cinema. I can't wait for the installment in less than 2 months.

    Here is my Hot toys BATMAN Figure!!:cool::

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