The Driller MOC on Ebay

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by MrBlue, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. MrBlue

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  2. Booshman

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  3. MrBlue

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    Great! Happy to hear someone could make use of this offer.

    Got myself one too earlier ;-)


    This was probably the last of three he had

    They can be a lot more expensive...
  4. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    They said they have a case of them that they found. They've sold 5 and still have 1 for sale. Not sure how many came in a case but that could very well be the last of them.

    Was yours well packed?
  5. adssse

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    Looks like I already missed out. I am happy to see that those who got them will truly appreciate them! Congrats
  6. MrBlue

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    @Booshman: Don't know how it was packaged; my girlfriend received it. I'm currently not at home.

    @adssse: I send you a PM
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  7. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I won't be getting mine until I'm back in the UK, which may well not be until next summer. :(
  8. MrBlue

    MrBlue Junior Member

    It was packaged quite good; a relatively big box with bubble plastic on the inner sides of the box. The Driller itself was also surrounded by bubble plastic.
  9. Booshman

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  10. adssse

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  11. krazycp

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    LOL!!! I was the guy who bought the driller, opened it from the card, and sold the card to recoup some cost.

    I'm all about keeping items MOC, but the driller I bought was the cheapest of the bunch because the card was in the worst shape. I've been looking for a loose Driller for a long time because I don't collect MOC. As someone mentioned, these are so much cheaper than many loose figures.

    I'm not sure if everyone would agree with me, but there are enough high-quality Drillers MOC that opening mine was not a big deal. Now I have a MINT driller in my collection.

    Trust me, spinning the drills made me feel like a kid again.

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