The Five Components

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    Author: AirMuseServalia
    Status: in-progress
    Summary: Five Nations. Five Components. Five Species. Each one is different and unique. As guardians of the Vallie, they must face the challenges of simple government. That is until the fates unleash the chaos upon the Vallie that has been sealed up for centuries. It is up to them and some familiar travelers to defeat the evil. But in the end, will they have to option to join the travelers on their quest to save a bigger whole?
    Pairing(s): Warning Canon/OC, Tygra/Cheetara, Lion-O/Pumyra if you squint
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, EPIC, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Songfic (in the future)
    Warnings: Tobacco Use, Violence, Mild/Moderate Language
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit. I do however, own Servalia, Basil, Jyesh, Lobo, Aquarius, & Giri

    Chapter 1
    The Meeting

    The flames were consuming as each person he carried on his back let out a cough. The sound from the black and brownish gray cat with faint black stripes hollered out “Follow me!” while waving the signature red bandana. Small groups followed him as the fire consumed the wooden buildings and the stone pavement seemed to crackle at the shots and whistles of fire and lead from the outside forces—more than likely, catapults. The brave Thunderian was able to lead them on, while a familiar face part of his soon-to-be family was in plain sight—Lobo, the hunter dog. The cat’s fur was quite obvious that he was sweating, and Lobo had his share of fighting himself. “Is she safe?” the panting cat asked. “She’s ready for deliverance,” Lobo replied. They both dashed to the stolen vehiclular device of technology as a few refugees were hidden under cargo. One was his precious one. Out she popped despite the fire, “Fisher!” She stood on her knees of the mechanical transportation device as she was able to hug them. “Make this goodbye short before the lizards see y’all,” Lobo called out.
    “Wait, you’re not coming with us?” the female explained as her spotted golden brown locks of bangs with black tips wisped in the wind. A whistling shot came down and it bringing a stone building to a pile of fire and rubble. He shook his head as he ripped his bandana in two while struggling to get words out when ripping it. “I’m doing this because I want you and others to live.” As the female tried to speak, he kissed her passionately wrapping his bandana loosely around her arm. As she broke loose the kiss, she realized this may be good bye. “I love you.” He positioned her in a curled ball as the vehicle was given two taps, but she wanted to struggle to get out. “No!” she whispered. The sheets were put over her as the vehicle drove off while immediately shots of a catapult were shot towards her, and then… black. A flash of lightening and a storm appeared as she seemed to be floating over the entire city of destruction that looked as bad as the underworld itself. A maniacal cackle could be heard as she started to fall to her death with her screaming as the color red surrounded her and all she could see tumbling to her death.
    A gasp! Emerald cat eyes flashed opened while beads of sweat fallen down upon the face of the anthropomorphic serval. She wiped her soaked bangs upon her brow as she looked at the bed sheet cover upon her entire body. How did I sleep last night with that over my face? she thought. The bed sheets were removed quickly from her body by the face of the rescuer/kidnapper—Lobo. The light somewhat hurt as she squinted. “Again?” the black and grey timber wolf asked as he looked over her with frustration. “I thought the nightmares were no more, and you were doing so well. Master wants you downstairs in 5 minutes.” The dog sighed irritably closing his nearly black eyes more at the fact he had to go upstairs to go get her, and she was still suffering from the stress of the exodus that happened months ago, which some bandaged scars on his left shoulder that was covered up with one piece of shoulder armor hid. He was no different in having trauma but hid those feelings of war and the sadness of losing a friend under that thick coat of his.
    The place of residence was a beautiful castle of white stone in the mountains overlooking beautiful scenery and below being the nearby town and a valley not too far surrounded by the protection of the mountains and forest, much different than the Magi forest. It was rather a peaceful area and the only disturbance of the peace would be one of the students residing in the castle, which will be revealed in a moment. Inside the castle was the courtyard forest garden filled with a variety of plant and some animal life with a small pond and water brook as well as meditation stones which were designed to be sat on for students training. The wings were separated into four sections of the castle: the west wing for library and study, the north wing for education and classes, the east wing for dining and entertainment, and the south wing for storage of food, weaponry, clothes, and seasonal decorations. Underneath the castle was an underground training facility for practicing techniques until it would be time to test each student’s skills outside the castle walls. Underneath there were the hidden escape routes that would connect itself to the desert where the destination would be Dog City.
    The feline was rather sat up as she stroked her own bangs off her forehead as they rested back to their proper place. She arose while sluggishly made her way to her wash basin to clean up. Servalia was, of course, a cat who was rescued by Lobo during the fall. Her features were of an older teen around the age of nineteen. She bore the coat color of Spanish orange and white with green eyes and spots upon the bangs. Her bangs swept to the right as the tips of them were black. About a third down her back her manned fur turned from a yellowish-orange to a black v-shape, which went down to her waist.
    She quickly put over her white sleeveless shirt and black harem pants her light blue sleeveless open cardigan vest that went about her ankles. She put her brown belt around her flattering waistline, which concealed her medium sized gunblade knives. She put on her two pieces of jewelry-a pair of rings on her left fingers that was on her dresser and hopped down putting on her brown leather ankle and leg support braces. Of course, tripping a couple of times down the stairs is going to happen when one does what she did.


    “About dangling time!” a raspy Bronks voice said as her and an elephant, a fish humanoid, Lobo, and a goat stood around a round table with baroque chairs with edibles at the moment. “I’m terribly sorry if I’m late, sir,” as she bowed in respect thinking she was late. “You are on the dot, Servalia,” he replied as the morning sound of ancient bell ringing by one of the workers of the castle. She took her seat between the lizard and Lobo. Around the table were six creatures united under one cause that is only seen in the Vallie.
    There was Basil, the snarky and thin lizard who retired from the lizard army out of spite that Jyesh and Dobo only know more about. Basil was never really the friendliest type of lizard, especially to Servalia for obvious reasons, and to the other two which will be introduced. Though, very snarky Basil can get things done with her dependability and knowledge. She has been great with the weapons and armory that Yjesh actually trusts her with. She looked around middle aged, but that could be due to her smoking—a habit that everyone dreads. So, Basil has to go outside to take her “breaks” or “celebrations.” Her attire consists of the typical attire most of the lizard army lackey’s look like with the exception of rust colored bandana she has on top of her head to distinguish herself from the others as well as other weapon modification devices she has on her arms and in her small backpack. Though, of course, Basil’s insignia are her enormous big feet which she has hidden talent to run on water.
    Lobo was the hunter dog that was a stoic type who has lived off the land outside of Dog City with his tribe when he desired a change of scenery, which is what so little his dear friend, Servalia, knows about him. Lobo was good friends with Servalia’s mother, Fel. And like any of his kind, he is fiercely loyal to his family. He was considered the type to be self-sufficient and capable of surviving out in the most terrible conditions on his own. His attire consisted of a belt with a magnetic sheath to keep his large gunblade, called Wolf’s Bane, in its place. He also wore brown baggy pants up to his ankles, and his feet and hands had leather straps bandaged around them for energy support.
    Aquarius was a fish and the youngest of the six and a prodigy to them all. He kept the problems of his past all to his own self. However, there is a desire to seek the attention, approval, and love of his deserting father after his mother died. He was blue skinned with the usual biology of fish people with big, deep blue eyes. He is the most exotic among the group since his thick accent can throw others off. This never stops him from not talking to others, of course since he can be a rather chatty little fish. His accessories consisted of simple armor with a metallic gauntlet that concealed his glaive that expanded with a push of a button that can channel electricity.
    Giri was the elephant in the entire of the Elephant village wears—the orange and red robe to symbolize the spirituality, simplicity, and size of his kind. His nature was gentle, but like his species, has issues with memory as well as his bits of naivety at times. Giri felt a deep calling to another area where he was needed, and with the blessing of his leader, he traveled blindly with the spirits to guide him, which led to where he found Aquarius near dead on the road and would nurse the poor boy back to health. He wore a chain around his neck with a ring around the loop since his thick fingers were way too big for them.
    All five of them wore each an individual ring to symbolize the authority they had in the town.
    Jyesh was a ram who was the guide for the five to train in his art of the elements he designed to stop Luna and the Lunatecks centuries ago. Strangely enough, Jyesh was one of great antiquity given the power to not see death unless someone knows the secret to his demise. Jyesh’s age shows in his wisdom, kindness, and soberness with those close to him. His attire was a simple white robe with a white linen scarf with blue white and gold thread design with white tassels. Jyesh also bore his signature staff that was more for a weapon and less as support.
    What was rather discussed around the table after breakfast the distribution of food among the townsfolk as well as discussions of disputes among the people. One particular issue was between the foreign Thunderians that took refuge in the town and the residence who do not want them there in the first place. Of course, the disputes of such xenophobia or a radical stereotype of cats is rather ironic since the five around the table are just as foreign. As guardians of the Vallie, there must be some way to maintain the peace of the intolerance since travelers do pass through, and the thought of the Vallie being full of distress troubles Jyesh.

    Chapter 2
    The Decision of Ostracizing Monarchy
    “Wha’ are we t’ do?” Aquarius protested. “I thought th’ speech Jyesh gave ‘may have sti’ th’ hea’ts.”
    “Some animals are just very close minded, my young friend,” Giri replied.
    “Close minded?” Basil questioned in a jeering fashion. “Many of the cats are very much as greedy and even worse now that they now know what it’s like to not have little to nothing.” Those narrowed bulging yellow eyes shown bitterness by Basil’s own kind’s mistreatment from Servalia’s.
    Lobo spoke up about the issue. “There should be a less threatening vibe about the cats considering that Mumm-Ra isn’t chasing them. The refugees have placed their tents outside of the town, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem now. If, however, the lizard army would make their way to the Vallie, it would be because they are tracking the young Thunderian king and his crew. However, I am very sure they would not leave one stone unturned even if there was a bargain to spare the city by betraying the king and information of his whereabouts if in hiding in this area.”
    Servalia’s blood boiled at the statement even though there was some truth in the last phrase Basil said. But Lobo’s last statement seemed to hint at something. “Do you think Lord Lion-o should not be welcomed here then? I would think he and his crew are intelligent enough to not get caught and have enough gall to defend the Vallie with us all,” Servalia said.
    “I am not implying to insult the intelligence or strength of his majesty, and I understand that defeats the purpose of the town’s belief of keeping arms open to travelers for marketing and cultural reasons, but these are dangerous times. It takes lots of gall to have survived many months and hear the tales from travelers of him and the defenders of the crown--impressive, yes. However, he is still a young, naive king who had the reputation of being a goof off in the past.”
    “But” she interjected. “I believe he would be able to solve the grievances we are having with the cats, my people, if we were to work together with him about the issues.”
    “Bu’ th’ real issues” Aquarius said. “a’e th’ townspeople and th’ cats. If he be stalked by th’ liza’d a’rmy then it’s best solution is t’ keep th’ people safe from them. They be followin’ them, we’e sure of. Besides, we wo’k out th’ problems on ou’ own without a king.”
    “I’m with the little fishy on this one,” Basil replied. A fume of anger came upon the serval as she tried to keep her peace.
    Jyesh stroke his somewhat lengthy beard upon that long face of his until he finally spoke, “I can see that you all are reasonable and emotional about ideals of this debate considering the both of you,” eyeing Lobo and Servalia “...came from Thundera. I do believe the call goes to whether or not Lion-o, lord of the Thundercats, and company will be welcomed in the Vallie in the future.” Jyesh then continued, “I do believe that this needs to be put to vote. Giri, what says you about this?”
    “About what?” Giri asked.
    “Oh for god’s sake,” Basil said frustrated “about the stupid king not coming here!”
    “Of course we don’t need a king. Are we deciding to be replaced?”
    Basil face palmed her visage in irritation. “Just vote ‘aye.’”
    Jyesh gave a slight chuckle “or ‘nay,’ Giri.”
    “Nay what?” Giri asked.
    “All in favor of preventing the Thundercat lord from coming into the Vallie say, ‘aye.’”
    Four “ayes.”
    “All who oppose?”
    One “nay.”
    “The ‘ayes’ have it. We will discuss the issue between the cats and the townfolk more this evening. In the name of our Lady, you all are dismissed.”
    The diplomats got up from their seats and returned to the other duties and matters within the castle.

    Chapter 3
    The Refugees
    The large, baroque doors to the outer courtyard blasted opened by the winds as a quiet storm of a cat briskly walked towards the meditating stones with the small gusts allowed her looser parts of her garments danced in the swift walk. The state of the political issue on her mind was the people and the attitudes of the locals. It breaks her heart to see the people living outside the town and the negative vibes from the townspeople are exhausting. What is she to do to even bother uniting them and their sense of security together? What is the council supposed to do to solve this problem? Self-sufficiency and independence was such a valuable commodity to the political culture of the Vallie since its death of the queen all those centuries ago.
    Her feelings were mixed about the issue. She simply asks Why? In those moments of deep thinking as she sat upon the stones to meditate upon the issue in which she was exhausted and frustrated with the ordeal and needed to calm herself down before she would deliver the message to the camp. There has been so much negativity about the trouble with the cats telling townspeople off or starting violence between the townsfolk, which probably wasn’t totally true. She also had to be the daily ambassador to bring the news of its kind’s treatment. She was a higher authority, but still have gotten some of the same mistreatment and judgmentalism as the cats outside of the town. It does certainly humble a lowly animal and she certainly didn’t need to be any more lower than a pregnant ant with the night terror she had. More than likely the news will probably anger them.


    Outside the southern outskirts of town were the refugees of Thundera. The usual routine for Servalia and every other week, Lobo, would go down and discuss the news and update with the cats. “The king has already abandoned us. We don’t need him anyways,” one called out in the camp as an uproar came from them. One side divided over the whole issue that the king was ostracized from the Vallie. “This is completely unfair for our majesty to be banished from this place.” It was as if it was her fault that she needed to do something. The uproar was getting a bit rowdy, and the typical thing she usually did to shut the crowd up—pull out the gunblade knife like lightning, a ping will go off as it charged as she click the barrel back, took the trigger, and shoot it up in the as air a boom went off leaving a hole in the tent ceiling. Be thankful it was not raining. Next time, it will be regrettable, she thought. The crowd was now silent.
    “… …”
    “Please!” she called out while on top of a homemade crate and podium within the larger camping tent while putting her gunblade knife away. “Whatever your belief is about this issue, it can affect whether or not your living conditions will change. The decision about the living conditions and harassment from the townsfolk will be addressed this evening. Jyesh hates the fear that came upon the Valliens and is trying to reason with them more. This is all I have to address.”
    One cat questioned, “Why is it that that lizard is part of the components? She is more of a threat to the livelihood than the rest of us are!”
    “I know. Jyesh’s reasoning is that she officially turned her back on the lizard army and living among her own kind proves that she is loyal to the cause of bringing peace. She is more open-minded and considers herself “not brainwashed” like the rest of the mutants. Her loyalty can at times…be questionable, but Jyesh trusts Basil even though she causes a ruckus.”
    “What about the elephant’s memory and incompetence?! They have been known to be forgetful. Why is he on the team,” another asked.
    “Giri has much vision and spiritual insightfulness to be able to rule and represent the elephants well for the Vallie. He has given much of his time to when we had trouble growing food for the rest of the others.”
    More questions were asked and suggestions were made to ask as it was put into her memory bank. This went on about 15 minutes until she really wanted to just simply walk among the people. Some have demoted themselves to thievery in order to survive. It broke Servalia’s heart to pass by to see the sick mother lay in the open tent while one little brown and white kitten ran to the serval tugging on her cloak with an open palm. “Can you spare some more food, please?” came the sweetest little voice that choked up Servalia. All she can give was one gold coin and that would be it, but it was unsafe to do in camp. She then knelt down to the little boy’s level and said, “I will go with you to the village and we will buy food for you and your mother. We will buy medicine if we can.” This was one of many daily routines as a philanthropist/humanitarian deeds Servalia did for the cats.

    Chapter 4
    Night of Omens: A Lover and The Fears Bestowed

    "I'm here for you" she said

    and we can stay for awhile,

    my boyfriend's gone,

    we can just pretend.

    Lips that need no introduction

    Now who's the greater sin,

    Your drab eyes seem to invite

    (tell me darling) Where do we begin.

    Was this over before

    Before it ever began

    Your kiss

    Your calls

    Your crutch

    Like the devils got your hand

    This was over before

    Before it ever began

    Your lips

    Your lies

    Your lust

    Like the devils in your hands

    Failure is your disease

    You want my outline drawn

    You were my greatest failure

    Discourse your saving song

    ~Anberlin “The Feel Good Drag”

    This sweet little fling of joy of being in love was wonderful as the landscape didn’t seem to exist, just him and her. A kiss from her was an emotional torrent--a wonderful rush. A sin that was so lovely--from the strong and lovely Pumyra it was intoxicating in the past, but on the lips were then poisonous to Lion-o as there felt a sudden rush of death. Then those memories of the caressed cheek of that wicked hand the affectionate kiss of loyalty bestowed upon it. Was that a dream or a reality? Black. There was the war among the animals destroying one another as Mumm-Ra attacked one-by-one a mind game of animalistic violence among themselves until finally all the armies of Mumm-Ra stood, including the Everliving himself. While his comrades fallen in battle. Mumm-Ra was the puppeteer and they were on strings by their own primitive, hysterical specist civil war. The enemy was a giant compared to the tiny, incompetent little king. All foes became giants in his eyes. The Sword of Omens Lion-o possessed was held up as he began to fight his way through these monsters which each useless struggle until he seemed consumed by them all. The last thing he felt was the brutal verbal and physical attacks from his formal lover…but it was as if everything paused as he looked into the Eye of Thundera with his very own. It was the image of a figure.
    “Fear not what these enemies will do to you, Lion-o. Guard your heart and let not you find love, but let love find you.”

    Chapter 5
    Night of Omens: The Spirit of an Orphan
    A flash came upon a dreary landscape as he stood before each individual of cub that was asleep, dazed, sick, or dying. All were shabbily dressed while there were those of other species who looked down on them as they passed them by.
    “What is this?” Lion-o asked.
    “These are they who have the inoculated spirit of an orphan. It has consumed your people who have been sheltered under my cloak after your kingdom fell. Those who are the passer-bys are my people.”
    “But why are they not helping them?”
    “Because they believe that they are plagued with a disease and deserve what was coming to them.”
    “But what can I do?”
    “I have done all I could to get my people’s ears to hear, but they will not listen nor understand. They are guarded in their way of thinking—this generation, which is why I need you. The day to war has come, your majesty, who knows mercy and compassion, and they will die if they do not change their way of thinking. They need not a monarchy, but they need a voice of reason and compromise. Hurry, before you see a martyr among your own!”
    A large wall appeared around the people, and the same figure within the Eye of Thundera appeared in the white hood with red designs. It was a feminine figure. “Know that you are banished from this kingdom,” the hooded figure spoke “-- but I will work for your benefit. Enter and break down these walls, King of Thundera. For you are a cat of will understand. Disguise yourself and your crew, and speak of your dream to Jyesh.”

    Chapter 6
    The Quarrel

    Lion-o stirred in the interior bed of the Feliner’s chambers. With this dream on his mind, which seemed so clear and vivid, it must be a true sign. Though, he was awakened by something that smelt very odd, and a little heavy on his chest but really he ignored it as he laid there pondering about the dream. That is until a little red with a white fuz actually got him to open his eyes realizing he was staring at not only the tail, which then suddenly rested on his face and tickled the lion’s nose, but the butt hole of Snarf. It didn’t smell pleasant to say the least. “Ack! Snarf!” Lion-o hollered as he swiped the red creature off his chest. Snarf let out its signature cry of shock, but was able to land on its feet near the edge of the bed. “That was a bad place for you to lay down at,” the young lion replied as he sniffed and wiped his nose. The side of his face was rather attractive. A small trail of dried drool was upon the side of his face and the stain from the pillow considers the trail of a small soaked stain. Of course, if the snarf could reply of Lion-o’s habits, he would make the complaints of the king’s chainsaw snoring.
    The automatic doors slid open as the brawny gray panther, Panthro, barged in the doorway without thought of privacy. “Lion-o--,“ the old cat slightly hesitated at the sight of the king, who looks like he fell out of a tree with his epic bed fur. “The other animals are fighting…again. Get cleaned up and help out quickly.” As he was about to exit out of the room, he poked his head in and commented. “By the way, you look like crap.” Panthro’s frankness was rather not well received this early in the morning though the truth stared at Lion-o in the face when he looked upon his visage in the room’s mirror. Panthro exited as the doors slid closed. Thus, the typical male straightens his hair put on his armor and was out as quickly as he awakened while the little red, nervous creature exited the room to find the twins after Panthro’s urgent message came.


    Cheetara was leaving her quarters when all of a sudden a pair of digits seemed to wrap around her bare mid-waist. This did startle her as she let the air out of her mouth. A deep seductive chuckle came out as she felt being pulled towards a warm body from behind. “I knew I take your breath away,” the male voice replied. “Tygra,” Cheetara chuckled softly as he phased back visible with now one hand around her with his whip flung over his shoulder. “Shouldn’t you be operating the ship?”
    “Don’t worry,” the tiger replied, “it has an autopilot device so it can navigate us to the next stone. So…it gives us time to be alone.”
    That romantic moment was interrupted by a series of yelling back and forth within the hallway as well break room by a dog and the fishmen throwing things at each other while the elephants were trying to be the mediators between them, which unfortunately were making things worse. The elevation of the fighting has gotten closer to the ****pit room. A fist fight broke out between Dobo and one other fishman. Both cats were dumbfounded at first by the fighting, but Panthro became a cat of action as he began running towards the action to break up via extendable arms. “Don’t just stand there,” he called in front of them to reach a little farther out as he was turning his head around to glance at them. “You can have your mush later. Now break them up before they break something!” Tygra’s whip was already out, so he decided to take the fishman out by wrapping his whip around him as the fishman struggled out of the non-harming flogging weapon, but he was pulled back to the ground meanwhile Panthro grabbed Dobo from behind holding the doberman’s arms back. “Let me take him,” Dobo barked and growled struggling amongst his cat friend’s mechanical arms. “What is going on here?” Lion-o exclaimed as the slight disruption from the young king seemed to not totally calm the two fighting animals down.
    “This ‘guppy’ over there called my species ‘a bunch of *****es.’ That’s a specist slur!” Dobo said.
    “Well, I would not have said that if you called my species nothing but a bunch of sandy fish living on the wrong side of the dunes like you’re so much better than we are!” the Fishman said.
    “I tried to calm them down,” Anet said. “But the advice I give them was not working.” Surprisingly enough, the memory recall for the elephant spiritualist was mainly because of the adrenaline and emotional turmoil between the two. The fish people eyed the only dog, which were a bit more passive, but became more elevated in their aggression as the quarrels came upon Dobo, which Cheetara had to step in and hold them back while the elephants made a barrier between them.
    Wily Kit and Wily Kat entered into the area more curious about what was going on. The commotion was rather more out of the dire need to help in case the older cats needed any sort of assistance in their resourceful nature. Both took a peek around the corner to see what was going on in the flyer’s area of the airship. It was a quarrel, and Lion-o seemed to get the things under control once he had to raise his voice, but then it just got worse when it just made him look too pushy and the fishman with his mouth, shot a bullet to the cats, calling him “*****,” which just made everyone stop for a moment. The tension in the room could be cut like a knife at the sound of those words. The twins did not understand those words due to the innocent standpoint. The streets of Thundera has been known to have their sense of trash talk and street lingo in the slums, but when it came to specist slur words, they did not understand nor did they never see an animal’s species as much at their age. It was rather something bad and frightening, though they have seen violence and other battles, but this was something they innately understood something that was very bad. Tygra, graceful in how he handles his actions, felt such a temper flair. The primitive snarling cat growl in which his subspecies is known for came about as he tightened his grip on the whip, holding back his irritability. “Mumm-Ra and his army is going after the stone, attacking villages, and even killing other innocent lives of every kind to take over all of Third Earth and you have the nerve to go on about name calling to see whose species is better than yours?! This problem is larger than all of you!” his majesty barked. A deep sigh came from the young king and Lion-o had to lower his voice realizing he must remain calm as a king and not as one whom to hold a sword. “We need to stop fighting and arguing about whose species is not as good as the other. We had our share of issues seeing the lizards as a weaker species, and I feel terrible about how our people ruled with a sword to grab their land and food,” Lion-o continued. “But we will not tolerate this fighting, and I will not tolerate speciel slurs on my ship. If any of you still have a problem with each other, we can turn this ship around back to your homeland so you can leave. Do I make myself clear?” His stern tone and gaze is what represented the authority. But his reasoning with the other animals seemed to cool their brash nature towards each other down. The arguing fishman demeanor softened as the Doberman also cooled down as well. The fishman shared a glance at the dog and Dobo nodded in agreement. One could say the body language meant for an apology.
    “Are you two going to play nice or do we still have to hold you guys back all day?” Tygra asked.
    A pair of eyes stared intently at his opponent as one of them finally broke. “Call me or my kind that again and I’ll break you,” the fishman said.
    “Likewise, fish,” Dobo replied.
    “The name’s Karper,” the fishman retorted.
    “Dobo…” the dog growled as Panthro slowly released his friend from his grip. “First time I ever have to hold you back from a real personal fight,” Panthro commented though it did not ease the tension from the room.
    Unfortunately, Tygra refused to let go of Karper, not just yet when Lion-o came into his direction standing in front of him, which there were hard feelings for calling his brother that which caused him to have the whip bind him tighter. “Treat me and my crew with respect and we’ll treat you with respect, Karper. Call my own species that name again and we will drop you off in the middle of nowhere…Release him, Tygra.” The fishman understood realizing it was a mistake. Due to the lion’s kindness in the past, he was capable of apologizing to him personally for his words. “It will not happen again,” the fish replied. Likewise, Tygra retracted his ancestral whip from the fish’s waist as well as his arms together and the three red poppers were placed back into back on top of the handle while the tiger placed it back into its holder. Now both species walked away sternly and still with some hard feelings towards one another, but it was a will to help out with the incredible cause. The lion then commented to his adopted tiger brother, “Reminds me of the days when we fought a lot.” “We do at times, Lion-o,” he replied landing a hand on his brother’s shoulder "And FYI, I say it's mine." Tygra patted it with a wink and he walked off as well as the crowds of fish and elephants and a dog began to disperse from the fight scenario.


    Cheetara let out a sigh of relief in silence as two little cats with the little red creature approach. “What happened and what was the name calling about?” Wily Kat asked. Cheetara’s facial expression of concern was rather inside a form of being uncomfortable about explaining the situation to cubs, but for maturity’s sake, she had to. Once the crowd did disperse and it was quiet enough to explain, she let them have a seat in the flight area so it could be understood. Snarf rested peacefully in the little female kitten’s lap as it also listened intently to the cheetah’s words.
    “Kit. Kat. You know how it is when name-calling can hurt another person’s feelings. Right?” Both of them nodded. “We do it with each other at times,” Kat replied. “Well, this is a little…different. What if you weren’t related and one of you tease each other because you’re of a different species?” The twins looked at one another as they looked back at the young adult feline. “I would never do that,” Kit replied. “Mean either,” Kat said also. “Well, there are words that can go too far to where it hurts deep enough to where a creature is and trying to make others out into something very bad by putting them into a box. Some don’t like other species because of how they’re made. They may have scales, fur, or something other people don’t like about them because something very horrible happened to where a species is labeled as bad. Many times, some just don’t like another species because they feel they are beneath them. This is called specism.”
    “Specism?” both questioned as Snarf tilted his head from the side.
    “That’s really dumb!” Kit exclaimed.
    “Yeah, every creature are who they are,” Kat added.
    “I agree,” Cheetara said. “The sad fact is, other species and individuals don’t know how to be open-minded.”
    “Like how we were with the lizards?”Kit asked.
    Cheetara was silent about that part as she got up and then said, “I’m glad you two understand now.” Both of them nodded as they got up as well and the snarf jumped down from Kit’s lap pawing on the floor.
    “Thanks Cheetara,” Kat said as they both ran off.
    Meanwhile Kit made a comment afterwards. “She didn’t really say if how the cats were to the lizards like specism.” The reason was Cheetara felt more like a hypocrite with the idea towards the lizards. This made her put in perspective that she needed to put what she said as well into practice.


    After the ruckus was handled peacefully, Lion-o then was able to talk to Anet before he exited from the king’s perspective. “Anet,” Lion-o said as the large, wise elephant looked at him. “I need to talk to you about a dream that I had.”

    Chapter 7 Shot Down

    Panthro was still present in the room speaking quietly to his friend about the incident before he walked off. Of course, the elder cat was not comfortable in these situations but he sure did not want his comrade off the ship over a quarrel of words. They spoke quietly about the situation as the gestures of nodding and grunts went about.
    Meanwhile, the Thunderian king looked up at the large elephant. “Oh?” Anet questioned. “About what, sir.”
    “A dream.”
    “Ah~” the elephant replied as his words dripped with enlightenment. “Dreams are the realm into another world. What did you dream of?”
    “Do you know of a woman with a white cloak and hood or heard of someone by the name of Jyesh?”
    The elephant pondered as he stroked his chin staring off into the ceiling as if Anet would receive some radical sign of knowledge. “We have hardly ever left our village before, but we are familiar with the white-hooded figure you speak of, Lionel,” the Anet said. Still cannot get the name right—a rather irritable memory lapse as the lion shook his head and sort of discarded the forgetfulness at the moment. “Who is she then?” Lion-o asked. Anet was hoping to roll his eyes up as if searching for the data above his forehead, or a signal in the air above him. He spoke up and said, “I don’t remember.” Lion-o facepalmed his visage while. “As far as the one named Jyesh is concerned, I cannot answer your question.”
    After the fight Dobo was still fuming over it, but the truth of Lion-o’s reasoning was invaluable. Overhearing the conversation after Panthro’s pep talk, and feeling the weight of his own conscious, Dobo was able to be useful to answer Lion-o’s question. “I know of Jyesh,” the dog replied. “Since that little incident that happened I think this is best I make up for it with information. He’s the high councilman over a land called the Vallie. I am familiar with that area when my people traveled through there looking for goods and to take their prisoners away for a price,” Dobo said. “Valliens have zero tolerance for trouble makers and they’ll get rid of them as peacefully as they can.”
    “But what about the hooded figure? Do you know anything about her?”
    Dobo just shrugged. Panthro, was a little late on the conversation about what the two were talking about. It was more than likely, the spiritual side of life in which Panthro found such things quite impractical and useless within what he could only see.
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