The Ironic moments within the Thundercats reboot

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by srebak, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    I'm just gonna come out say that i have noticed a few ironic moments and aspects within the TCats Reboot.

    1. In "Ramlak Rising", the Thundercats were almost eaten by the Fishmen, do i even need to explain the irony within that premise?

    2. Lion-O was quite entranced by Cheetara, but in nature, Lions and Cheetara are natural enemies and Lions always kill their enemies

    3. In addition to the obvious irony of the Thunderian Monarchy consisting of Lions, there is also some irony in the fact that Tygra wanted to be King, as Tigers are, in the Asian wilderness, essentially what Lions are to the African wilderness; the dominant predator and, in a sense, the ruler of that territory. Also, it's a little bit ironic that Tygra wants Lion-O's position, when African Lions and Tigers never meet in nature.

    4. It is a little bit ironic that both Tygra and Lion-O are smaller and weaker than Panthro, since, in nature, both Lions and Tigers dwarf the panther in size and strength.

    5. Mumm-Ra is out to destroy the Thundercats, but, that is a little ironic, since Cats were sacred to the Egyptians

    6. Lion-O and Tygra are both clearly no match for Kaynar or Addicus in direct combat, which is ironic since, in nature, Lions and Tigers are more than a match for any one Jackal or Monkey, hence, why the latter two would be more likely to retreat than face the former two creatures head on.
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  2. TMNachoT

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    cool ones! I wanted to add something regarding the technology, but i don´t remember it now :/ (Just in case, I LOVE this toon)
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  3. Lion-O-hearted

    Lion-O-hearted Junior Member

    I found two more ironic things:
    1. Cats, with the exception of lions, are mainly solitary hunters. However, the Thundercats work together in a group.
    2. In “Ramlak Rising”, Tygra becomes seasick, even though tigers like the water.
  4. Lion-O-hearted

    Lion-O-hearted Junior Member

    There is another thing I want to add: Whenever the Thundercats are in trouble, they say "Whiskers.", even though they do not have any.
  5. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    Makes me wonder if them making Tygra seasick was because of tigers being the only cat that likes the water.
  6. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    1. It's a little bit ironic (and sad) that Lion-O's apparent distance from his father is perceived as bad, since, in nature, male lions are not known for being great fathers and the male cubs will often even try to oust their fathers when they get big enough. At least that's what i've heard.

    2. It's also a little bit ironic (and very sad) that Lion-O has such bad luck with women and that people seem to discourage him from pursuing relationships, since; A.) Male Lions are known for mating with more than one female within their own pride, and B.) Because, as King, Lion-O is technically supposed to be required to find a suitable consort, seeing as he does have a family lineage to preserve.
  7. Lion-O-hearted

    Lion-O-hearted Junior Member

    Here is another thing: In "Between Brothers", Tygra says to Lion-O, "You took the Sword.", even though Tygra never owned it. What is more ironic is that when Tygra became King in the "Trials of Lion-O" episodes, he still never possessed the Sword. At least he knew what it felt like to have it when he was in the Astral Plane.

    In response to #1: That would have made the early scenes in "Sword of Omens" a lot more interesting. Lion-O versus Claudus, with the winner becoming the King of the Thundercats.
  8. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist Staff

    Well usually the upbringing of cubs in a lion pride is the job of the females. The males' job is to procreate and protect. Yet male lions are often very tolerant of cubs, even letting them play with their manes and tail. In contrast, they can be very aggressive towards the females.

    From what I have heard, read, and seen, male lions usually chase out their male offsprings once they reach adolescence. This is to prevent them from mating with their own mother,aunts and sisters so it prevents inbreeding. The young males sometimes form coalitions to try and take over another pride by chasing out their adult male(s). The adolescent males are usually not mature or aggressive enough to try and challenge their dad. :)

    That seems like an interesting concept. But it doesn't look like a very fair fight. If the challenge takes place early on, then Lion-O is young and inexperienced and it would be "a grown man beating up a kid" scenario. If the challenge takes place later, then Claudus would be old and it would be a "young man beating up an old man" scenario. :biggrin
  9. Lion-O-hearted

    Lion-O-hearted Junior Member

    Here are a couple more things:

    Lion-O is treated by others like an outsider, even though Tygra is an actual outsider and he receives the better treatment.

    Also, this series is written very methodically, revealing just enough information but not so much as to give something away. Ironically, after this series was cancelled, the staff gave away certain plot points, some to the level of them being spoilers.

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