The Mountain

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  1. shigsy2003

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    I really liked this episode when I first watched it...about an hour ago :)

    But something confused me. While Lion-O and Jackalman (who seems extremley nefarious in this ep) are fighting for the Sword, Tygra, Panthro, Slithe and Monkion are trying to get out of that cave. Now, Tygra and Panthro (as well as the mutants) are worried about running out of oxygen, now unless I missed something I came to the conclusion that Thundercats didn't need oxygen. This theory came from watching Sword in the Hole, where we have Lion-O and Snarf in open space it looks like getting into that captain's ship with no visable assistance from any breathing apparatus.

    Did I miss something or what?

    Chris M
  2. blackiecats

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    I'd have to watch Sword in a Hole again, but they definately do need oxygen as it's stated by Panthro and Tygra in Exodus. They select to travel to Third Earth because they say they can breath the air on that planet. Third Earth is supposed to be Earth 1000 years from our present day.

    Back to your question, I'm afraid that kind of slip up happens alot in 80's cartoons. I believe it also happened in an episode of She-Ra too!
  3. shigsy2003

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    Oh yes I remember now.

    Hmmm oh well I guess keeping full continuity and no mistakes is going to be pretty impossible.

    Chris M
  4. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    "The Mountain" is a beautifully-animated episode, one of my very favourites from the latter half of season 1. I also love the bestial roar that Lion-O gives when enraged by Jackalman! :D

    Yep - just for one example, in the She-Ra episode "Friends Are Where You Find Them" you see She-Ra and Swift Wind flying in space quite freely, whereas in "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday", She-Ra has to convert her sword into a helmet in order to breathe in Etheria's outer atmosphere! :)

    Take care... :)
  5. shigsy2003

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    And don't forget, the Christmas Special, having He-Man, She-Ra and Swiftwind chasing Man-At-Arms Skyspy in outerspace.

    Chris M
  6. Captain Shiner

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    For me. This is my number 1 episode
  7. Captain Shiner

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    Just watched this one again to cap off my rewatch of season 1. Truly a phenomenal episode. Original, absorbing and totally compelling. Seeing Jackalman, not Slithe, be the one to go toe to toe with Lion-O, and Mumm-ra’s (unheeded) thread to banish them makes him shift his cowardice aside and for the only time in the series, probe himself to be a worthy adversary. The underwater tussle is fantastically animated, especially any close ups of Jackalmans eyes, and the bit where all three mutants eyes flash is brilliant too.

    And the stuff in the cave, finally addressing the fact that when there’s no air, you can’t breathe, I guess Overgard was never going to script this one. Brilliant stuff between Tygra, Panthro, Slithe and Monkian

    The exchange towards the end of the episode is my favourite in the entire series

    Lion-O - Why you miserable, cowardly...
    Jackalman - Don’t come any closer
    Lion-O - I saved your life!!!
    Jackalman - Hehehe...never do a favour, for a favour
    Lion-O - ROOOOAAAAAR (his best roar in the series and it was Jackalman who drove him to it!)

    Interesting thing though, Lion-O tells Jackalman that the sword can’t be used for evil, but surely rescuing the near-dead quartet in the cave including two Thundercats was imperative and far from evil

    This episode is wondrous, my personal favourite and by far Jackalman’s greatest hour, very much the star of the show, to make up for his bufoonery in Jackalman’s Rebellion
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  8. Daremonger

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    I like "The Mountain" as well. The episode eally gave Lion-O and Jackalman a chance to shine.
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  9. Wilycub

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    Totally agree! "The Mountain" is a great episode. Both the plots (The Cats and Mutants trapped in the mountain, and Lion-O and Jackalman's conflict) are equally gripping. Neither one is favored over the other.

    And Jackalman is great in this! It would have been so great if we had seen this side of him in more episodes. The line, "Never do a favor for a favor" was actually first used in "The Time Capsule", though slightly modified. In it, Tygra says, "Never expect a favor for a favor".
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  10. Captain Shiner

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    Which again highlights Lion-O’s egotism in enforcing the code of Thundera, it’s so brilliant to see the main character of a series have character flaws.

    It’s the delivery of the favour line too, the way Jackalman wags his finger in a ‘naughty naughty’ way, no wonder it infuriated Lion-O
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  11. Tygra_Rules

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    I really liked this episode as well, one of my favorites.

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