The Official Toy Sightings Thread!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by He-Fan, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    Guys, as and when you guys find them in retail stores, please feel free to post up in this thread when and where you find them, it would be great to see what turns up where! :thumbsup:

    If the new cartoon hits UK TV screens in September, I reckon another month or so and the new toys will start popping up in UK toy stores too! :)

    Take care... :)
  2. luketommo2

    luketommo2 Vortex Explorer

    I sure hope so he-fan

    Just looked on kmart website and they are in stock!!!

    Just wished that they shipped overseas.

    If any thundercats lair members would get the new figures and ship to me please pm me and I will gladly sort something out-September is too far away!!
  3. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

  4. Bladecollector

    Bladecollector Moleman

    Some online retailers like Amazon are selling them for crazy amounts right now, like the 6" collectors editions for 32.99, etc.
  5. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    Hmm, according to KMART’s site, these figures have been available since Saturday. 6” Lion-O is already sold out. I couldn’t risk not finding Mumm-Ra (4” & 6”), so I ordered them right away along with the DX sword. has them all listed, but not in stock.

    I might try hitting two stores tonight if this report is correct. Although I was just in TRU on Sunday and saw no allocated space.
  6. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Guys please do not post links to stores other than BBTS and, as the others do not support this site ;)

    We are fine with folks chatting about where they found stuff in general eg. eBay, Kmart etc... just no links to the items on those sites! eBay links are cool if its your own item your selling and not a toy store on eBay (but again those belong in the marketplace) :)
  7. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Did you order your figures yet, "Blackiecats"?
  8. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Yep! But unfortunately I won't get them for a while as they are going to a friend first in the US (with them unable to be shipped overseas) :( I ordered from BBTS a month or so back :)

    Some I do plan to pick up in a brick and mortar store when they hit the UK though.
  9. daroga

    daroga Moleman

    Kmart is listing the 6" figures as in stock. I ordered the 3 this morning, and they're supposedly shipping from a store not a warehouse...?

    Anyway, I'm not holding my breath. I check Amazon a few times a day to see if they'll get them in stock as a first-party item, but thus far no luck.
  10. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    I found 6" panthro, mummra, and lion-o, plus the tank at a local comic book store in Ottawa, Canada. So it won't be long now before they're everywhere I imagine.
  11. daroga

    daroga Moleman

    Nevermind, I cancelled my Kmart order. Evidently they just ship out figures based on case number. So if you order the 3 6" figures, they'll send you 3 figures from the 6" box, which may or may not be the 3 individual characters you ordered :P

    Comeon Amazon, get those things in! :)
  12. daroga

    daroga Moleman

    That was the report from guys over on that have had really issues ordering figures from Kmart in the past
  13. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    (curses up a storm)

    MAN, seriously? @#%&*! K-Mart!!!
  14. Booyah!

    Booyah! Moleman

    Looks like people in PA are finding them in K-Marts. Personally I couldn't wait, or risk not finding the whole team in one shot, so I ordered from Amazon and got mine around a week or so ago. The case pack outs on these are really uneven with Panthro, Cheetara and the Kittens only showing up one per case, thus leading Lion-O's, Mumm-ra's and Tygra's(to a lesser extent) to build up and peg warm, not allowing shipments to come in as often. Anyway, I love the rebooted updated looks and have to have the whole team, making the 4" line the one for me to collect:

  15. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member

    I found all the 4'' figures and 6'' Mumm-Ra and Panthro (already had Lion-O) at K-mart in Decatur, IL. I don't live there, but I was just passing through and took a chance (the K-mart in my town closed down.) I was so excited! Also got the Sword of Omens. They are actually quite fun. I'll take pictures and post some reviews in my thread.

    I went ahead and ordered the Thundertank from Amazon as it was the standard price and I get free shipping. Can't wait until it shows up!
  16. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member

    Tru have pretty much everything in-stock on-line now (and free shipping for orders over $75) but they are more expensive than K-mart.
  17. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    Thank you so much for posting this! If you were in the flesh, I'd kiss you!

    This would have been my ultimate haul, but they did not have the Deluxe Sword. NUTS!

    I got Classic Lion-O, 6" Mumm-Ra and Lion-O, and 4" Mumm-Ra.

    And I didn't have to drive 30 miles to the nearest Kmart! And Kmart online doesn't even count as they cancel orders. I speak from experience.
  18. upinout

    upinout Active Member

    The Official Toy Sightings/Purchases Thread!

    I stopped at Toys R Us on my lunch break today and JACKPOT!!!!

    I got all 3 6" figures, doubles of the 8" figures, all 7 4" figures, 2 of the deluxe 4" figures (Mumm-Ra and Grune) all 3 4" figures w/ Vehilces and the thundertank.

    $300 at the check out, but I got everything I wanted.

    I'm not sure if they had more cases in the back, but I cleaned out the 8" figures on the shelf, and bought the only 4" cheetara, Panthro, kit & Kat and Grune that they had. There was still one each of the 6" Mumm-Ra and Panthro figures left.

    This is in Milwaukee, WI (Toys R Us on South 27th if any other locals are reading this)
  19. Booyah!

    Booyah! Moleman

    Congrats, bro! That must have felt great! :thumbsup:
  20. dammagededdie

    dammagededdie Junior Member

    That's awesome man. Where were they located, meaning what toys were they next too? I haven't found anything in Illinois yet, but I'm close to you so I hope soon.

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