The Thunder Whammy or any of you watched Press Your Luck in 1980's?

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    Beside Thundercats,any of you watched Press Your Luck in the same 1980's decade? There are a lot of Press Your Luck sites as well as videos online counting You Tube on Press Your Luck. Particularly the Whammies that get in a lot of hilarious fail situations trying to swipe prizes & money from the contestants.
    I'm thinking of an idea for a Whammy that is a victim of the same fail situations that he gets into called the Thunder Whammy,who is dressed like Lion-O.
    I have Press Your Luck Expert Edition in which you can modify the visual theme & appearance (I bet you're thinking a Thundercats themed Press Your Luck)
    Or even something like No Whammies,Stop! Stop on a Thundertank. (A Press Your Luck square showing the Thundertank) Stop on the Thunder Whammy!
    Also the usual Press Your Luck intro but for for a Thundercats theme in Press Your Luck Expert Edition as follows:Today,Lion-O,Tygra & Panthro are after big bucks,but they'll have to avoid the Thunder Whammy as they play the most exciting game of their lives. From Television City in Hollywood,It's time to Press Your Luck![​IMG]
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    I remember watching this show growing up. My mom always had it going. Pretty funny and entertaining.
  3. Lion-O-hearted

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    I remember watching PYL in syndication when I was younger, and sometimes catch it on GSN. “No whammies! No whammies! Big bucks! Big bucks!” :biggrin

    BTW, someone created Flash versions of games shows, including PYL, a few years ago. If anybody is interested in downloading these games, this is what you do:
    1. Type in a search engine “BigJon’s PC games.”
    2. Click on the result “Secret BigJon Link NGC: Net Game Central”
    From there, you should see a link in a post that will lead you to all of the files.

    Also, and this is a slight spoiler, did any of you watch the episodes where one PYL contestant won over $117,000?

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