The "ThunderCats" Challenge!

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    I have been reading a lot of posts lately about the 2011 series and how a lot of you have said “This did not work.”, “That did not work”, etc. So, I was inspired to come up with this thread, “The 'Thundercats' Challenge!” This is how the challenge goes:

    Let’s say the 2011 series never existed. You have been approached by a studio executive to bring the series back for the first time. Here are the elements you must consider:

    Production: Would you go Western animation, anime, or some other direction? Also, you can specify how many episodes this series would be.

    Art: Would you want it to be completely 2D, completely CGI, or a combination of some sort? Also, how would you want to design the characters, backgrounds, etc.?

    Writing: What would be the main storyline? What other storylines would you include? How would the characters be written? Also, you can list which characters you would want to bring back as well as any new characters you would like to introduce.

    Sound: What would you do with the music? Also, who would you want to voice the characters?

    Remember, this is your series. I encourage you to be as detailed as possible. But, the most important thing is that the series you create must work.

    With that being said, who is ready to accept the “Thundercats" challenge?
  2. Dragon78

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    Production- Anime style, I would plan for 26 episodes a season with the hopes of getting 3-5 seasons.
    Art- I would go 2D anime style, in fact I would use the same designs or close to it as the 2011 series.
    Writing- I would make it closer to the original story but there would be aspects I would use from the 2011 series.
    Sound- Classical orchestrated music plus rock music and if I could use music from the original series.

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