The toysandtoons 8 backs are on ebay

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Andrew, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Andrew

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  2. Lord LionO

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    Hey drew! Its a shame your selling these but WOW, thats a LOT of money!! Hope you sell, good luck.
  3. mesepher

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    I recently speced out a BMW that cost a little more than this... :thumbsdown:
  4. Andrew

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    I hope I sell them too...animation production is expensive even if you pull in all of the favors you can :(

    Those "extremely low budget" shows on adult swim (like aqua teen hunger force) have budgets of $50,000-$100,000 per episode.

    I don't know how to respond to that one ;)

    They're premium items at a premium price. If you want a high grade spider-man number one comic...or x-men, or whatever, its going to cost the big bucks too. These are in my "collection". If they don't sell, they just hang out with me for at least a little while longer.

    The submit an offer button is there. I'd certainly be willing to find a price that works for us should an interested person come into the picture. As I said, producing animation is expensive.
  5. MannysCollectibles

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    I think that a lot of folks tend to forget that some items will not be replaceable ever again. Especially when you have the best of the best and the rarest stuff. I mean how many top grade Lion O 's with battery are out there or Tygra 8 backs. I mean $47k is a lot but the replacement value for all of them is almost impossible. There is still an offer button so its not like you HAVE to pay 47K to get it.

    Thundercats are some of the rarest toys out there and with the movie coming out you aint gonna find any better graded stuff like this. Matter of fact in my years fo collecting I have never seen an auction with as many high grade and rarity all in one offering
  6. Andrew

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  7. AlexofThundera

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    Andrew, if you don't mind me asking, just how much "time" does $500 get you with a voice actor? Is it just one session, episode, or is it in minutes?

    Just curious.
  8. Andrew

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    We're just starting out and we are getting some really cool people who are giving us some deals...but its like anything totally depends on the person. Some people will beg you to be given a chance to show their stuff and have an oportunity to be part of something that could grow because they're just starting out...some people have the extra time and think its fun so they are less motivated by the money...some people are seasoned pros and won't talk to you unless there is money in hand. One person who I have spoken to (who I doubt we will use in the first season just due to costs) gets $125 an hour, but he has his own recording equipment. Give him a script, and you have the recording the next day. Somewhere in that range of $0 to whatever top-level voice tallent costs, we're trying to aquire everyone we need for as low a cost as possible.

    One actress who is AWSOME said she will record for free, she can access a booth/equipment for free, and would want to be paid when we're picked up and requires that we continue to use her in future seasons. (We're producing a "season", not a "pilot", right now). We can connect up to her in LA through an internet connection and direct her without being in the same location...and she is really into the concept. That was an amazing offer. We've had regular contact with her for a few weeks and she is preparing voice samples for specific characters to nail the right voices.

    The person who I am mostly concerned with bringing in will record for "free" provided we pay his "expenses", which can become costly since it seems plane tickets and hotel stays are involved...And, we still need to get him into a booth which will charge an hourly rate...but he is a tallent that would give us instant credability and it would be cool to record with him.

    In upstate NY, we have recording for free through a hookup, but only three people (so far) are recording up there. At best, we'll add a few more people recording there for minor parts. In orlando (where I am) I don't have the crazy hook up for recording booth time, but one would assume studio prices are in that $35-$50/hour range on the low side. The best "hook up" I have found is just people telling me they'd give me a good price because I am starting out, but I have yet to talk serious numbers with them. I find its best to talk serious numbers when you're ready to make something happen. Like you can't ask for a deal today, but tell them you don't need the studio time until three months from now. Its also best to have the money on hand so if they give you a deal, you can take advantage of it. I need to record myself for sure, and I have spoken to a tallent here who is ready to get into booth to record for at least one major role...but providing the booth is still has that cost. Even if we go in there ready to knock out the work quickly and effectively, the clock is always ticking and we have a stack of scripts to get through. A couple of 8-hour days would add up quickly.

    We're finishing the script edits right now. The end of this month is our "deadline". We've talked to our voice tallent, we still have some holes to fill, but we intend to begin recording in march. We have no actor in mind for one our main cast members and that sucks.

    I'd like to think we can run through the process fairly quickly, but this is new for we'll see how it goes.

    That probably answers your question, but not in any simple way as you would have liked. Again, its like anything else...cost varies from person to person and the break down is complex due to the deals you work out. Some people have different requirements and there are those additional costs like the studio time.
  9. AlexofThundera

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    Thanks for the insight. I've always wondered how that went.

    Good luck on getting that one voice actor!!

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